Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning – non-violence, non-harming, & compassion – to all living beings including with the Self.

Ahimsa in action, thought & speech. Be kind to all beings, beginning with the self. If you cant practise ahimsa internally, how can you begin to practise it externally?

Most teachers & practitioners of yoga (& many holisitic therapists & spiritual teachers) practise ahimsa by becoming vegetarian or making the transition to veganism, once they both understand & feel the love & compassion internally that yoga instills with daily practise of both asana & meditation. It seems to be a natural progression as the physical body changes, along with our ‘needs’ of certain food types, & once we begin to truly understand the reality of practising Karma yoga & living ‘a yogic lifestyle’. (You can find much information online regarding the Yamas & Niyamas, the first two yoga sutras (threads) from the eight limbs of Patanjali).


So personally, Im really battling with my Ahimsa out here in India. Firstly with the mosquitos! 😐 Its them, or me, is my train of thought at the moment. Secondly against some Indians who are hitting the cows, dogs & cats, even the small kids throwing stones at them.

I mean, I get it, to a point. Trying to keep the animals away. Rabies is still so huge out here, & still 20 to 30,000 people in India die from rabies.  I have friends here who have had to have the anti vaccine after being bitten my dogs or monkeys.

But for the most part, you can see a rabied animal as its crazed. The majority of animals here are pretty tranquilo & wont bother you if you leave them alone! So why do they need to hit them with sticks, or kick them? I have had many many challenging confrontations with the young & old locals here on my travels around India. Its difficult for westerners to come to terms with it, especially for myself, as an animal healer. Breaks my heart to see any animal suffering under any circumstance.


As for the mozzies, well, dengue fever, malaria, & chicungunya are still very serious diseases, can be often life threatening. My Yogi friends say frequently, whilst squatting a mosquito, ‘its them or me!’ I do feel the same if Im honest. I have a friend here in Goa who had dengue. It makes it quite real! I think the little critters have become immune to the repellants too, they are tough little things & this season Im being bitten through my clothing! 😱 So far, Im ok, but it is a worry…….

But then I worry about the Karma. If I kill one of Gods creatures, what will I reap? What is the point of a mosquito? Is it Gods population control? Hmmmmmmmm. I struggle to see any value in them.

Its a tough one.

But, whatever happens, I have faith & trust I will be ok. If Im not, well I guess thats my Karma ☺️

What daily challenges are you currently up against!? Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback here.

Happy to help if you need any guidance. 🙏


Have a yogatastic day my lovelies.

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Love & light blessings  🙏

Om satyam shivam sundaram 🕉

For ever truth, kindness & beauty 💖