The Witch Trials: Healing The Wounded Healer


So, I watched the Witch Trials documentary with Suranne Jones this weekend … very insightful, & triggered a much deeper comprehension of our past & our ancestry, as ‘healers/witches’, in the early centuries. I had many confirmations as it is related to the work that I do in the akashic field .. I also had many questions!

(A recommended watch to my witchy sisters!)

1. Was this part of our history the catalyst that saw the suppression of women & the rise of patriarchy in the ‘modern’ world? ..

2. Did the origin of patriarchy stem from this greater fear of women?

I believe so, since women have been subjugated & silenced around the world for centuries, the threat of imprisonment if they did not conform to these ‘rules’.
We still see this imprisonment in many middle eastern societies.

3. Was this patriarchy instigated in the 16th century, by just 1 man, King James 1, a paranoid misogynist … perhaps a result of being unwanted, neglected or abused by his own mother?

Or perhaps this began in the 15th century with the writings of a book:
‘Malleus Maleficarum’ written in the mid 1400’s by a disturbed German catholic clergyman, who himself appeared to be a misogynist with twisted views of something in which he didn’t have the capacity to comprehend.
His book was perhaps the catalyst of this fear, writing that witches were practicing satanism, worshipping the devil, & his book spread amongst the weathly across Europe & the Americas via the printing press, the equivalent of our modern day internet.

Witch hunts were mostly organised by wealthy tyrants, & saw the persecution, terrorisation, shaming & torturing of impoverished societies, because they appeared different, because most fear what isn’t deemed ‘normal’.

Many were innocent of witchcraft but were forced in to false confessions to stop torture.
The voices of these women pleading innocence were never heard despite the ‘trials’, & resulted in thousands of innocents buried/burned alive, or hanged for suspected witchcraft .. particularly targeting those who lived from the land & practiced folk magic, did moon or sun ceremonies to help cultivate their land/crops, & using plant potions as medicine .. nothing unusual in that, we are still practicing these ancient methods now .. & we call it ‘paganism’ or ‘shamanism’.

The irony is that these powerful tyrants & kings ‘hired’ (forced) witches & Sorcerors to cast spells on their competitors, spells to befall harm as a way of control.
(This is still happening now, but we call it mainstream media & uses more modern technology: subliminal messaging: internet/radio/tv).

I think many of women in our current reality are still healing from this centuries old persecution, the trauma of being hunted, accused, shamed, & ultimately executed.
I see this alot in my client readings, more so when reading for ‘repressed healers’, most having witch/healer wounds in their record.

We are still seeing this tyranny & radical subjugation today in our modern world, more so since the rise of social media, with women (& men) being targeted & shamed for being popular, beautiful, intelligent, confident etc.

Many are still experiencing persecution in the less developed countries where radical misogyny is prevalent… because these so called ‘powerful’ tyrants fear intelligent women.
(Perhaps they are unaware that they fear women ….. perhaps it is a ‘virus’ carried through the lineage genes, & so the instinct is to belittle, oppress & subjugate women, to ‘keep them in place’ ..

We have seen this throughout the last hundred years, most accept it as ‘tradition’ .. woman stays home & slaves over the house, children, husband, while man holds the power… still prevalent in many localities .. particularly in small towns & villages. Silenced. Oppressed by male dominance.

At school I was bullied & called a witch by the boys, they used to imitate me flying on a broom & draw pictures of me on my workbooks on a broom.. it was funny to others, but when i look back at this now, I see the mental distortions back then, the unconscious fear programming so deeply ingrained.

However, Women started to push back at this nonsense in the 80’s & 90’s, stepping back in to sovereignty, independence, power, finding the voice that was once suppressed through fear of being persecuted & shamed ..

We have a long way to go, as many women still have a fear of being seen, especially in the creative/healing arts. Myself included, hiding our gifts, through fear of being judged, shamed, told we are woo woo, fake, labelled witches (I personally am actually proud when someone calls me a witch, I carry this label with pride for all the sisters that came before me & chose to help change the world with their magick!)
I healed much of this trauma through my inner work. I saw myself hunted, executed, tortured in other lifetimes/timelines. I will NEVER BE QUIET! I found my voice in my mid 20’s…. 

I see glimpses of these past life traumas in my client sessions: the witch/healer/persecution wounds, hence why many healers today are still stuck in the safety of a corporate/9-5 job)

However: Many more women are healing from this & stepping into their witchy roles over the last 10 years or so as the energies shift .. liberating from the confines of the mental cages caused by extreme radicalism.

And as this happens, & we collectively liberate, what are we seeing now?

The rise of (toxic) ‘Divine’ masculine coaches, telling women they are emasculating their men, too much in their yang, & to soften in to their yin femininity, to be vulnerable, allowing their man to step in to his “natural protective man power” & thus allowing the woman to “receive so she may tend to her children”!?
It is passive aggressive patriarchy! 

So.. How Can We Heal All Of This?

Take a moment & honour your sister’s & brothers, all those who came before us who had their lives taken, just because they were in touch with our God given birth rite, our mystical abilities, our angelic gifts, intuition, & ability to transfer energy…

Forgive all the ignorant who had zero compassion through their own toxic fears, so we can all move on & dissolve this trauma & patriarchal ruling .. the tyranny that is still happening, where men still get to say what a woman can do with her body…
(Refer to the 2022 ruling in the USA where women lost their bodily autonomy..)

Lets dissolve ALL the fear & pain so our sisters & brothers can come together in equal stance, that we may all live in harmony & help each other, coming back to heart based living.

Happy Sunday

Mia Renner

‘Mad cat lady’ as stereotypically labelled by patriarch: “the old crone, witch, & her cats” 🐈‍⬛ 🖤

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