We are all empaths, its the nature of our human design.. we are merely an energy that emits & receives energy so it’s inevitable that we are affected & affect energy around us ..

How to help yourself:

When we are not grounded, our shield becomes compromised, we may leak energy, or our energy fragments & scatters all over, which can leave depleted, open for entities to attach to or suck that scattering of energy, or for us to absorb toxicity because our energy shield is fragmented/damaged.

If you ‘believe’ you always pick up other peoples negative energy, then it is so. What we believe becomes manifest in our reality.

This is what I teach my students/clients 👇

State the follow COMMANDS… dont ASK it, COMMAND it!
(When you ASK, you are giving your power away to an external source… think about it: who are you even asking?
God/Source/Creator is IN YOU, you are IT, so you are simply taking back power & commanding the changes in to your existence thus reality.


1. When you feel other’s negative energy around you 👇

“This energy/thought is not mine. Return this energy/thought to it’s sender/it’s source now! It is done!”.

Blow it out of your fields in to a body of water or through a blue or gold flame to be purified so when it returns to sender its no longer toxic.

(Whether its from a human or an ai force, it will be returned to it’s source)

2. Sovereignty Declaration:

Repeat this daily 👇

“I (name), universally state, by my own sovereign free will, from this day forward I absolutely refuse to take on other peoples negative energy, their untruths, false beliefs, including any of the above sent out by any synthetic ai structures & sources.
I repel & deflect any of the above as I stand true & sovereign, in my own power & authority!
As I speak it is commanded in to existence! And It is done!”

3. Affirming Protection;

Before you go out, or after meditations/healings where your chakras/fields are wide open👇

“I now close my energy fields down to shield, protect & preserve my own energy. (Imagine pulling your shield closer to your body, use your in-breath to pull it closer, & out-breath to seal it around you 360 degrees)
I block all negative entities, synthetic, inorganic or negative frequencies that may drain or deplete me. I allow in only organic energies that serve my highest path & purpose & LIFT me.
I am protected, grounded & strong as I stand in power in my own energy.
I CHOOSE. I am my own sovereign authority!”

Get in to a twice daily habit (morning before u go out & night before sleep) to declare the above protection command, & imagine a sphere of light inside of you & expand it using your breath to place a bubble of gold/blue/aquamarine/turquoise inner light around your body to support the declaration (the frequencies of primal light are inside of us, & very high frequencies that repels lower sources)
The more you command & imagine shielding the more you will strengthen your shield AND the BELIEF that you ARE powerful, strong & protected, until you dont need it anymore 💙🔥

If you want to go deeper & clear depleting, abundant/life blocking entities see info in tab below to purchase my 2 hours entity clearing webinar workshop 👇



Mia Renner

Akashic Ascension Academy

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