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Welcome to my Inner Alchemy Portal, I’m Mia, Creator & Facilitator

I offer Akashic Record Certified Facilitator Trainings / Akashic Record Readings / Implant & Entity Removal / Trauma Release / Multidimensional Embodiment / Quantum Healing / Inner Alchemy & Advancement

I LOVE to help Healers/Teachers/Way-Showers ready to advance & step into mastery & open portals to their own magic & pure potential, whether it is for personal alchemy & development, or professional advancement & expansion.

My aim is to help liberate those trapped in the confines of their own mind matrix: the mental constraints that get in the way of one stepping in to their sovereign power & spiritual authority, & showing up for their community.

My healing & training programs are more advanced accelerator pathways, carefully structured to achieve deeper level alchemy & monadic embodiment, to help we as a collective co-create & restore our original Divine templates & return to ‘Spiritual Symbiosis & Homeostasis’ to break free from the limitations of the slavery control matrix, to activate higher probability timelines within a collective unified field, where we are all in harmonic resonance with Natural Spiritual Laws.

Together we work to collapse the life/soul blocking programming & timeline stories that keep people phase locked inside survival/fear looping, to reconfigure our bio energy & spiritual bodies, re-coding our unique encryption, facilitating rapid shifts to pave the way to re-define & embody our own individuated TRUE PURPOSE.

From this newly embodied frequency, we become pattern disruptors, catalysts, natural facilitators of change, & as a result help those around us to transform & flourish.

My programs are pathways to re-integrate the Quantum available to all, to re-calibrate & re-activate each own unique qualities & abilities.

While my work is rooted in a metaphysical/esoteric nature, it is also very grounded, practical & rooted in the science of epigenetics, & the transformation of our mindset & cellular body.
My protocols work on Linguistic Template Recoding (LTR) & Linguistic Mental Body Reprogramming (LMBR).
We each have the potential to reprogram/repattern/rewire our neural pathways & re-create our reality, by the power of intention, imagination, & manifestation, which are universal/spiritual laws of nature. I have studied the work of Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton for many years, both pioneers in epigenetics & recreation.
Below Are My Core Signature Programs:
Akashic Record & Quantum Recoding: Advanced Facilitator
Training Diploma – For Healers:
I teach my comprehensive Akashic Record Reading & Healing protocols + Quantum Bio Energy/Spiritual Recoding®, a powerful combination to help healers create, expand & advance their own unique gifts/abilities, increasing their client community & financial goals, & to attain faster, yet deeper more sustainable results for their clients. The collective goal with this powerful body of work is to help to transform the multi level distortions that prevent people from living the sovereign, free, abundant lifestyles that is our natural birth rite.
Next Program starts 14 & 15 September   > HERE < for more info. 
Multidimensional Embodiment Online Study Course:
Inner & Alchemy & Self Mastery
This program works on restoring our 12 dimensional spirit & light body anatomy, To help healers to fully embody the inner alchemy & mastery they are offering their community, to master their own monadic creator potential.
Many healers come to me for guidance because they are stuck in their own mind matrix: fear & survival loops, inadequacy, imposter complexes, afraid to be seen & shine their light, or step fully in to their roles as healers, mostly because they are neglecting their own shadow work as they are too busy taking care of others. This Healer’s Portal is a carefully structured space to come & do the deeper inner work, so each may overcome their own life blocks & step out of the confines of the 3D control matrix & fully in to their chosen role, fearlessly & abundantly, & thus help their community with these powerful tools.
It is fundamental for we healers to do daily energy training & self mastery, to clear our fields of the spiritual parasites/entities that can prevent us from shining our light.
This GEM is just > £255 <
& consists of 12 x course sessions + a BONUS entity clearing webinar! Go to >  HERE FOR INFO
Akashic Reading/Clearing & Karmic Repatterning:
A deep dive in to your past/present life psyche/soul records for shadow body transformation, to help clear soul attachments/trauma blocks/karmic miasma/entity & implant intrusions/spiritual parasites/psychic attacks etc.
This is a combined 2 part session, the reading & karmic clearing +  light body reconfiguration.
Akashic Record Training: Beginner Level:
For indigos who are just finding their path & at the beginning of their journey, those called & ready to embody their mission & step up to assist the collective.
INFO > Akashic Record & Spiritual Alchemy Training For Beginners
Next 2 days intensive training starts Sat & Sun 29 & 30 June
We all carry our own unique encryption/coding which contains the intelligence of our multi lifetime matrices: ALL of our existences/experiences, our Soul & Human expression, & pre-determines our individualism & the magic available within our own quantum.
All of this information is held in our 5th dimensional mental body plane, known in Sanskrit as ‘Akashic Record’.
Through the power of this body, may each of you step in to your sovereign power & authority, & unleash all that is Divinely & freely available to you, so you may actualise & embody the life & role YOU CHOOSE.
If you are called, feel free to reach out to arrange a FREE consultation via the contact tab below, to see how best I may serve you.
Look forward to being a part of your journey.
akashic record training

Akashic Records Training & Akashic Reading.

Wow Mia I’m blown away by this training, it is so powerful, I have cleared so much over the last year since working with you after the akashic reading, & now with the training. The meditation journeys & clearings we have done are so incredibly powerful! I find I am connecting so much more to the different energies available as a result. My own spiritual practice is so much more powerful since connecting to my Records. I’m also feeling much more connected to others & to my own body. I feel so aligned to your teachings & I’m so very grateful to have been guided to you. This work is truly next level as you said it was, I under-estimated your words lol

I loved the first inner alchemy course I did last year, didn’t think it could get any more intense, but it so did 😉 I’m feeling so clear & fully aligned to my purpose after working with you, the akashic reading was the catalyst to so much transformation, right down to manifesting my new love. I am so looking forward to starting the Embodied Healer program to continue learning from you, & growing! Please keep sharing your knowledge, you are facilitating massive shifts for so many of us!

See you next week. Love Anna.

Anna - Lena

Yoga Teacher, Embodiment Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Akashic Record. Quantum Healing. Multidimensional Healing

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