Hi, I’m Mia, founder of Inner Alchemy Akashic Transformation.

If I have to label myself then I choose to use the word, Mentor, as I am here only to help, guide, & support those who seek sustainable transformation, to really dive deep into their inner realm for soul level guidance.

What is truth & right for one, is not truth or right for another, so by helping you to tap into your own intuitive powers & your akashic blueprint, I can help you unlock your own intelligence & the individual path you alone need to take to acknowledge & leverage your unique gifts & potential.

The purpose behind inner alchemy is to hold space for you, to retain your power & flow at your own pace, in accordance to the information you will receive from your own higher, or spiritual, intelligence. We work together so that you can achieve your desired intention. 

I work through the Akashic Records, because the records are the gateway to soul consciousness, they hold universal truth. Your personal records will help you to unlock unconscious parts of you, to identify unresolved pain & trauma wounding, uncover ancestral patterns & the root of all the limitations, to work through your own inner processes, whether it is to begin or deepen your spiritual connection, to heal, to create, or to focus & achieve, by working through any abundance blocks within any area of your life. 

The essence of my work is universal law & consciousness. When we access the super intelligence of the quantum field, alive within our own consciousness, the illusions we get caught up in dissipate, & we align with our soul wisdom. Then, we can help others to do the same, & so it continues. 


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Inner Alchemy means, inner healing, inner transformation. No one person can heal another, the desire has to come from within. 

After many years of experiencing my own challenging awakening processes, of self study, research & trainings, I created Inner Alchemy, to hold a celestial space for others to unlock their own necessary inner processes for self liberation & expansion. 


Inner Alchemy Akashic Courses;

I structured these programs after working for many years with the Akashic Records & witnessing the accuracy & intensive alchemising processes with my own blocks, & with working extensively with my students & clients.

The reason we often fail in our intentions & achievements is due to the mental & emotional blocks we create as a result of unresolved pain & trauma, unconscious resistance, programs & beliefs we are running within our subconscious. These blocks influence how we express & interact with the world at large. We function at approximately 90/95% from our subconscious mind. Very little of our daily interactions are conscious. 

Throughout the courses, I guide participants through an intensive program of varying degrees, that you can dive deep into yourself & uncover the misalignments & limitations you are perpetuating that are incongruent to your true soul self.


The Akashic courses are suitable for those self invested in transformation, healers, teachers, coaches, & soulpreneurs;

  • Inner Alchemy – Soul Level Mastery & Manifesting;
    Tapping into your own akashic records, identifying & clearing your own abundance blocks; fears/beliefs/imprints/patterns & emotional misalignments that prevent you from manifesting/achieving your goals.
  • Akashic Records Practitioner Training Diploma;
    Learning the full Akashic protocols to identify root blocks & karmic patterns, & clear your own records, & for friends, family & clients, diving into soul anatomy, the levels of consciousness, soul life lessons, purposes & missions, ancestral healing, shadow work, & much more. A perfect addition to your other healing/coaching/teaching skills & practices.


*You do NOT have to be psychic to work with the Akashic Records, just an open mind & a willingness to trust & surrender to the guidance of your Higher Self.


Inner Alchemy Akashic Records Transformation – a 2 part session;

I recommend experiencing an Akashic Reading for yourself before participating in a course, that way you can feel into the energy of the work to see if it is right for you at this time. 

  • 1) The Akashic Reading; Our personal Artefact holds the sum of our Soul stories over many lifetimes – all the thoughts, words, feelings & emotions that have influenced the choices we have made at the level of action, that created consequences – karma – that show up in our current life experiences.
  • The Akashic reading protocol will give you a greater understand of who you are at Soul level, the divine gifts & energetic qualities that define you.
  • Your Records will show me all the unresolved or unconscious traumas/pains, root blocks – negative programs, karmic patterns & attachment mechanisms you are upholding that are restricting your abundance processes & influencing the challenging situations in your life, be it career, personal relationships, creative processes, health, or other areas within your life structures.
  • 2) Inner Alchemy – Healing &Transformation; I follow the reading with an intensive & wholistic healing & clearing of all the blocks that were identified, facilitating a system re-set, or a re-birth, as many of my clients liken the effects to. This also includes a 21 day self clearing process.


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Certified Reiki Courses

I teach Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth, awakening, & ascension. Reiki simply means, Universal Life Force, or Spiritual Life Force Intelligence.

The various levels of Reiki each serve a specific point of focus, according to where each individual is at in each given moment. Reiki will give the individual exactly what they need, at exactly the right time. The energy has its own intelligence.

Level 1 will assist an individual to facilitate their own healing & spiritual awakening processes.

Level 2 will assist an individual towards self transformation & mastery.

Professional Practitioner level.

Level 3 will assist an individual to gain a deeper understanding of universal law, & to experience self realisation, self awareness, & periods of enlightenment that so many seek.

Professional Master Teacher Level.