Hi, welcome to Alchemy & Akashic Wisdom. I’m Mia, founder & creator of these intensive healing & integration ascension programs.


I help people to activate & restore their original ‘Internal Creation template’ via my Alchemy & Akashic Record Programs so that each individual may unlock their  unique Higher energy body DNA template, naturally raising their frequency & activating their pure potential.
Most of humanity is only functioning on a limited 3 strand DNA template, which keeps people vibrating in low frequency ‘mode’, limiting ascension & growth. They are stuck in negative, limiting holding patterns, fear, trauma, survival, security, which keeps people vibrating in ‘lack consciousness’, thus preventing them from receiving the limitless abundance our magical universe has to offer.
In order to achieve this ‘return to source creation state’ we must shed all that prevents these natural ascension processes from occurring.
I created these powerful healing programs after liberating myself from my own fears, wounds & the self constraints I had created as ‘coping mechanisms’, a result of being stuck in a ‘trauma holding pattern’ which kept me experiencing repeat trauma, until I identified & released this ‘suffering’ pattern.
I share my knowledge, skills & life experience with others, because when we are trapped inside these holding patterns, it is difficult to identify what is actually needed to self liberate.
My programs are carefully created to help you to step outside of the limitations of the 3D matrix, & tap into your Internal Source Consciousness – your ‘Rite of Passage’. 
akashic records readings
akashic readings
Akashic Records Training.

Wow Mia I’m so blown away by the training! This is an amazing program & it’s so powerful, I have cleared so much over the last week after the meditations & clearings, I am connecting so much to different energies as a result. My own practice is so much more powerful since connecting to my Records. I’m also feeling much more connected to others & to my body. I feel so aligned to your energy & teachings & I’m so grateful to have been guided to you. This work is truly next level as you said it was, I under-estimated your words lol

I loved the alchemy course, didn’t think it could get any more intense, but it so did 😉 I’m feeling so clear & fully aligned to my purpose after working with you. Please keep sharing your knowledge.

See you next week for the next session. Love Anna.

Anna - Lena

Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Mentor

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It is my belief, through witnessing & observation, that a large percentage of the global population is still in a sleep state, limited & ignorant to their divine powers, & so my purpose is to help people to identify, awaken & actualise their unique gifts, abilities, & liberate themselves from the self doubt & limiting beliefs.
Having the tools to access your own library of wisdom via your personal records is truly invaluable!

The Akashic Field is expansive, it is simply ‘recorded consciousness’, the wisdom of our experiences spanned throughout all of our 3D lifetimes.

Accessing your personal soul records, I will help you to identify the root cause of all the restrictions, interferences & entanglements – unconscious or unresolved pains & traumas, soul attachments, inherited negative patterns & programs that result in self constraints & sabotages that interfere with any level of self expression.

I offer my 20 years of self healing knowledge, skills, experience & wisdom to help you to work through your own inner processes, be it to deepen your spiritual connection, to heal, to let go, move forward or to create abundance in your business, partnerships, or personal life & achieve your Soul desires.

The essence of my work is the re-integration of universal laws & consciousness. When we tap into the infinite intelligence of the quantum field, we expand & align with our True Self. We can then help others to do the same, & so it continues, collective awakening & expansion.

Please take a look around my website & contact me via the booking & enquiries page for a free discovery call to see if we are vibrational match to work together.