Hello & welcome, I’m Mia, founder & creator of Inner Alchemy & The Akashic Training Academy

If you are here, I intuit that you are either seeking deep soul level transformation, growth, expansion, a deeper purpose, or looking to learn how to incorporate this powerful higher frequency work into your own spiritual practice to help others.

I’m invested in teaching people how to do their own shadow work & heal themselves. I believe the deepest most sustainable transformation comes from doing our own inner work, but I appreciate many need structure & guidance. This is what I love to offer. 

My Frequency Healing Bio Energy Regenesis programs are accelerator paths to help those ready to level up & re-align/re-attune their encryption to the higher dimensional Quantum that is available to all, to re-calibrate & re-activate each individual’s unique multi-level abilities.

I run advanced training programs for healers & spiritual teachers/coaches, teaching them how to teach others to clear the multi level shadow attachment distortions that prevent people showing up for themselves & living a sovereign, free, abundant life, creating a wave of shifts & quantum leaps to help to anchor humanity at large into our New sovereign Earth.

We all carry our own unique creation encryption based on specific codes & mathematical sequencing, & this sequencing contains the information of our multi level matrices – all of our existences/experiences, our expression, & determines our individualised abilities, gifts, & the magic available to us within our own realm.

All of this information is held in our 4th & 5th dimensional (etheric/astral) plane, known as the Akashic Record.

Our encryption becomes corrupted by both internal & external disturbances & interferences, creating shield/template distortions that can limit us from accessing or embodying our potentiality & connection to the ‘divine source’ that exists within each of us. These distortions create dis-ease within the four body systems, that when not addressed, can escalate, leaving us trapped/stuck inside negative spiritual, mental, emotional & physical disempowerment loops.

The Akashic Record holds the quantum frequency intelligence of both our personal & collective multi lifetime experiential matrices. It is an ‘etheric’ library of our very own encoded consciousness, containing our Soul’s multidimensional history/blueprint. When we access this information, & learn how to use it for our Greater Good, there are no limits to what we can do, be & achieve.

Over the last 25 years, since I have been on this spiritual path, I have witnessed so much stuck-ness, distortion, pain & fear within the collective, a result of dark agendas & control manipulation from those at the ‘top’, keeping people trapped inside unconscious trauma & slavery containers, default survival holding patterns, false limitations that result in lack/poverty & victim consciousness, & so forth. It became more obvious to me as I was healing from my own trauma pains, so after I had recovered & unplugged myself from the projections of illusionary holographic realities, I was called to help others to heal, self liberate & activate their own purpose & potential!

We ALL have this ‘creation design’ within. We are universal/source co-creators/manifestors. We do not need to be a ‘product’ of the 3D control matrix, or of the generational traumas of our predecessors & ancestors. Epigenetics has shown that an individual can re-program their genes & heal from anything, by thought alone. All that is needed is the BELIEF in YOU.

My goal is for all of humanity to live sovereign free abundant lives. I facilitate this goal through my training programs. I hope that you join me.


Mia, this reading was spot on! Everything, down to the timelines was 100% accurate! I thought I had healed all these issues, but after listening to you I realise I was still holding on to things. One of the past life blocks you picked up, I have actually dreamed about this, right down the the french/german past life you picked up. My grandfather had german roots, so amazing that you pick up such detail, I’m blown away. The issues you mentioned I have worked on for years, but nothing could clear this fear I had around the trauma. I’m so happy to have been guided to you, for the first time in my life, I feel hope that I can recover and be happy.

So grateful to you!  S


Theta Healer

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    Akashic Records Training & Akashic Reading.

    Wow Mia I’m so blown away by the training! This is an amazing program, it’s so powerful, I have cleared so much over the last week after the meditations & clearings, I am connecting so much to different energies as a result. My own practice is so much more powerful since connecting to my Records. I’m also feeling much more connected to others & to my body. I feel so aligned to your energy & teachings & I’m so grateful to have been guided to you. This work is truly next level as you said it was, I under-estimated your words lol

    I loved the alchemy course I did last year, didn’t think it could get any more intense, but it so did 😉 I’m feeling so clear & fully aligned to my purpose after working with you. And the akashic reading was the icing on the cake. So much transformation, right down to manifesting my new love. Please keep sharing your knowledge.

    See you next week for the next session. Love Anna.

    Anna - Lena

    Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Mentor