Hi, I’m Mia, founder of Inner Alchemy Akashic Transformation.

I’m invested in empowering likeminded healers, teachers, coaches & paradigm shifters to step up & into their own uniqueness, to fearlessly shine their gifts & message into the world. I truly love collaborating with those who are inner invested in diving deep into their chosen roles & selfless purpose.

My chosen role is to help humanity to re-connect with the parts of themselves of which so many have become separated through lifetimes of limiting matrix conditioning – our original template, the Light Body, & our Higher Self wisdom. 

I work within the realm of the Akashic Field, because the Akash is the gateway to the sum of our recorded consciousness, the memory spanned throughout all of our lifetimes.

Accessing your personal soul records will help you to identify the root cause of the restrictions & entanglements – unconscious or unresolved pains & traumas, soul attachments, inherited negative patterns & programs that result in self constraints & sabotages that interfere with any level of self expression.

I offer my knowledge, skills, experience & wisdom to help you to work through your own inner processes, be it to deepen your spiritual connection, to heal, to create abundance in your business or personal life & achieve your Soul desires.

The essence of my work is the re-integration of Universal Laws & Soul Consciousness. When we tap into the intelligence of the quantum field, the illusions of the density matrix dissipate, & we expand & align with our True Self. We can then help others to do the same, & so it continues, collective expansion.


spiritual reading

Alchemy means transformation. Turning rusty old metal into shiny gold.

Inner Alchemy is finding your own elixir, to transform & shine, working with Hermetics principals, or Spiritual Laws. 

I created Inner Alchemy, to hold celestial space for you to unlock your own uniqueness.

Inner Alchemy Akashic Transformation is a path to self empowerment, fearlessness, self liberation, courageous self expression & inner expansion.



Inner Alchemy Akashic Courses;

The reason we often fail in our intentions & achievements is due to the mental & emotional blocks we create as a result of unresolved pain & trauma, unconscious resistance, programs & beliefs we are running within our subconscious. These blocks influence how we express & interact with the world at large. We function at approximately 90/95% from our subconscious mind. Very little of our daily interactions are conscious.

Throughout the courses, I guide participants through an intensive program of varying degrees, that you can dive deep into yourself & uncover the misalignments & limitations you are perpetuating that are incongruent to your true soul self.


  • Soul Emergence – Alchemy & Alignment Mastery Program;
  • A transformational self investment course. 
  • Tapping into your own Akashic records for inner guidance, identifying & clearing your own abundance blocks; fears/beliefs/imprints/patterns & emotional misalignments that prevent you from manifesting/achieving your goals.


  • Akashic Records Training Diploma;
  • Become an Akashic Healer & Mentor
  • Learning to read the Akashic Records to identify root blocks & karmic patterns, for friends, family & clients, diving into soul anatomy, the levels of consciousness, soul life lessons, purposes & missions, ancestral healing, shadow work, & much more. A perfect addition to your other healing/coaching/teaching skills & practices.


*You do NOT have to be psychic to work with the Akashic Records, just an open mind & a willingness to trust & surrender to the guidance of your Higher Self.


I recommend experiencing an Akashic Reading for yourself before participating in a course, that way you can feel into the energy of the work to see if it is right for you at this time.


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