“I (name) in my Sovereign I Am Presence & the Highest expression of MY truth, fully open to the Divine flow of love, truth & wisdom.

I am an aspect of Divine Creation, in manifestation.

Divine love, abundance & creativity flows through me at all times.

The True One Higher intelligence works through me, with me, for me, for ALL.

I allow myself to surrender to my Highest Inner Sovereign Divine guidance.

I trust in my own Higher wisdom intelligence.

 I trust my Divine gifts.

I fully open, trust & surrender to the infinite flow of possibility.

I allow the infinite flow of Divine abundance to flow through me at all times.

I choose to re-write & re-create my story,  trusting the infinite power of Source Creation that exists within me, to embody the ALL of me, my true spirit body essence, to fully activate my super powers, to cultivate my own path of spiritual growth & expansion, to experience & express Divine Love, as I stand in my own truth, power & authority.

As it is spoken it is commanded in to existence, now, universally, here, & everywhere!

Thank you x 3”

Repeat out loud many times daily, until your subconscious embodies this new pogram 🙏

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