1-2-1 Hyperdimensional Implant & Entity Removal Sessions

Hyperdimensional Entity & Implant Removal + DNA Template Reconfiguration


We will connect via a zoom call, where I will look in to your bio energy field & light body architecture for any trauma/etheric or alien/a.i implants, for spiritual parasites & lower astral entity attachments/discarnate beings, & together we will extract & neutralise what we can.

This includes looking at associated soul contracts, trickery, black magic, & other contractual agreements you have made with these entity interferences & intrusions, any soul hijacking/fragmentation & such, followed by a Light Body & DNA template restructuring to repair any distortions caused by the implants, thus restoring your bio energy body templates to optimum. (Some implants may need more than one extraction as some implants can return, depending on the nature of the implant).


As it stands, we as healers cannot always remove an entity or an implant for another, it largely depends on the nature of the implant, & how advanced the technology behind the entity/implant is.

What a healer often does, is to try & neutralise the attachment, & do some energetic healing & realignment around the area, at the core of the attachment to try & shift/dissolve/release the entity, some will release, others not as they are a more advanced technology.

It is also vital that a healer releases the associated threads/chords/plugs, & fills the void, otherwise the entity/implant will likely ‘grow’ back/return .. it can be quite a complicated process, each session is unique ..

It may take more than one session to remove an entity/implant before the implant fully releases as there may be contracts & other factors behind it.


During a session, I work WITH the client, to guide the client to release the entity, as it is a much deeper & more sustainable process when the individual releases their own intrusions.
I can then I can do some more targeted energy work around it..

I access your multidimensional body/akashic fields, to determine where & the nature of the intrusion, if its a self created implant/inner demon, or a negative astral/parasitic entity, or an AI/alien technology etc, & if there is any occultism/black magic involved, & we can work on releasing all of that damage.

We can determine how many sessions are needed after the first session, one may be enough, but may be there is a deeper level of work involved, depending on the soul contracts.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours, & can be intense, so I recommend to give yourself some free time afterwards so you can process & integrate the work we do.
akashic record


Rachael Testimonial

This is an amazing program & so powerful, I have cleared so much baggage over the last weeks, & it has helped me to look at the world & especially my parents through more compassionate eyes, I have seen a definite shift in my relationship with my mother, it has cleared some pain between us.

I have never experienced such powerful techniques in my life, & I’ve been a healer for many years.

Thank you Mia.

Rachael Davies

UK, Reiki Master Teacher/Quantum Healer


Anna – Lena Testimonial:

I am connecting to much higher energies as a result of our healings & the trainings Mia. I’m also feeling much more connected to others & to my body. I feel so aligned to your energy & teachings & I’m so grateful to have been guided to you. This work is truly next level as you said it was, I under-estimated your words lol….  I’m feeling so clear & fully aligned to my purpose after working with you.

Highly highly recommend Mia’s work, the trainings, the readings &  healings. She is a gem of wisdom & knowledge. Thank you so much!! Please keep sharing your knowledge.

Love Anna-Lena, Germany

Yoga Teacher & Somatic Embodiment & Akashic Record Practitioner


Our current 3D Blueprint is being upgraded, bringing up a lot of multi-level personal & ancestral wounding which needs to be alchemised as we transition through this intense ascension timeline, in order to embody the higher light/plasma currents that are assisting this planetary process.

As a result, I believe we are also experiencing alot of etheric & astral interferences from unseen forces that attempt to prevent the collective embodiment of this ascension timeline, in order to continue their nefarious self serving agendas, keeping humanity enslaved within the control matrix. 

In my experience, healing & transformation begins with understanding our own personal human design, our multidimensional & generational blueprint/DNA.

Science teaches that the physical body is made up of cells that have the potential to self regulate.

As Humans, we have the capacity to assist & deepen this process by understanding & healing our ancestral lineage.

We each have the innate intelligence, & capability should we choose this journey.

We can ‘inherit’ physical, mental, emotional entities & behaviourial patterns from our bloodline & societal environments that influence how we express & interact with the world at large, however, we are all born with a unique signature template, so we do not have to be defined by these conditions, nor do we need to ‘accept’ our genetic make up.

The body has its own capacity & ability to regenerate when given the correct environment.

DNA changes & our cellular system restores itself cyclically.

Each organ/cell having it’s own specific timeline of restoration & regeneration, & together with our intention to change, & tapping in to our unique powers, we can shift & transmute all illness & disease, & clear all external intrusions, if we CHOOSE to.

Our choices, are merely based on our perceptions & beliefs. Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you are right! 

The mainstream narrative is that as we age, we will become sick, so the collective accept & believe this narrative, & so what happens, we become sick. Of course the body will age, it is part of the human process, but that does not mean we need to accept illness as part of our process. We can all retain longevity & health & live long healthy lifestyles if we have awareness.

Likewise, we do not need to remain subservient to the control mechanisms that attempt to govern & enslave our planet.

Change starts with each one of us doing the inner work 

Acknowledgment is power, & fundamental in facilitating our own healing & re-awakening processes.

Acceptance is key to understanding where we are in this moment, & making the necessary choices to change.

Mia Renner