The purpose of this intensive process is Soul Regenesis, to clear all distortion & restore your original Divine Blueprint. 

Our multiple energy body templates have been distorted by past & present life childhood/trauma experiences (inherited & personal), the consequences of limiting social conditioning, & continuous collective fear manipulation that serves to interfere with our authentic self expression, challenging our integrity, & thus keep us stuck inside an energy loop of limitation that limits any soul expansion & potential to re-attune to our Divinity. 

In this intensive program, I journey into your records to access the core of the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issues that are disrupting your ability for pure  potential. The sessions are ideal for those who are truly invested in making conscious shifts, or those struggling with connecting to their Higher Self Wisdom & attaining higher levels of intuitive consciousness due to the trauma & energy blocks held within the 12 Dimensional Energy Body systems. 

All of our experiences, thoughts, feelings, memories, how we speak & express ourselves is recorded as consciousness & held within the mental or etheric body plane, otherwise known as the Akashic Record. We experience all the polarities within the 3D realm in order to learn & grow. This is part of our Soul contract.

When we identify the limiting blocks that weigh us down, we can alchemize the distortion held in the body systems, & open ourselves up to limitless possibilities, expansion, abundance & growth in all our life structures, business, finance, career, intimate relations, health, spiritual growth, etc. 

“This is the BEST reading I have ever had Mia, & I have had a quite a few Akashic, readings, wow I am blown away by your accuracy..I need to tell all my friends & clients about you, as it will help so many to move on & clear abundance blocks. Thank you so much”
Manda – Coach, Majorca

spiritual reading
spiritual reading

“This session was truly a full system re-set, as Mia says it is, I truly feel like I have experienced an ego death during the course of this month long integration process & had a total re-birth!

And I’m blown away with the accuracy of Mia’s reading, to know all this info is incredible! The same past life experiences she described I had, I ‘dreamed’ about during a past life regression session I had a couple of years ago. Just wow! It is totally relative to my current life situation too, so everything made so much sense, to understand that I was re-creating these patterns over & over due to the trauma energy of the program I was running, & now I’m aware, I can work to change them. I had no idea about any of this kind of work before this session, it was all so interesting & I’ve booked onto the Akashic training to learn more & help my family & my clients. 

Keep spreading your light Mia, you have transformed my life in ways you will never know! So grateful to you!”. Sian xx

Sian, England

Healer & Yoga Therapist


The Akashic Records are held within the 5th dimensional mental body matrix, so I access this level of consciousness to communicate with your Higher Self/Consciousness, to identify the root of any unresolved or unconscious negative past/present life blocks, wounding, contracts/agreements & inherited programming. Our root blocks evolve & create other symptomatic blocks which eventually manifest to become subconscious patterns, so by addressing the root, the hundreds of associated symptomatic blocks can be addressed & healed.

The physical body has its own cellular memory system (DNA template) that holds trauma & pain, & we carry that memory in our Soul/Energy Body (or Light Body) Template, it is recorded memory stored within our consciousness/quantum field, (or Akashic Record) & we carry the inheritance of our unresolved past life issues into our new life cycles, which can result in us experiencing unexplained fear, patterns & emotions.

This intensive healing program will serve to restore the physical & soul body templates by clearing lifetimes of pain & limitation that impact our lives & influence our self expression & the choices that we make that shape our reality. Alchemize the internal structures, harmonize the external reality.

Our subconscious mind influences 90-95% of our daily interactions, our behaviours, our thought processes, how we express ourselves, we are predominantly functioning on a ‘default’ program that has been heavily influenced & distorted by clever 3D control matrix systems, education, religion, politics, economic, social conditioning. Only 5-10% of our daily actions are conscious, so by identifying our subconscious limitations, bringing this information into our awakened consciousness, we are more empowered & able to tap into our own super intelligence.

When we are able to tune into our Soul or Higher Self intelligence, we make more Soul aligned empowered choices that serve us in a positive way, rather than making fear based choices from a limited state, our lower (ego) self, which has been programmed by the control matrix to be concerned with survival = security, safety, love, which is limiting in nature.

Each of the program sessions are an inclusive 21 – 30 day integration program.

Each program consists of 2 sessions;

First session: The Reading:  

A look into your record to identify the root of the blocks & distortions – past/present life energetic interferences/disruptions/entanglements, negative karmic patterns, soul contracts & agreements, soul attachments, implants, imprints, psychic attacks/hooks, unresolved trauma wounding, vows, self sabotages/punishments, & constraints.

Once I have completed the reading, I will send you the information via a detailed voice recording, & once you have had a few days to process the information & understand what it is you are perpetuating, we will arrange to connect via zoom to answer any questions you may have about the reading, & anything further you wish to explore before the clearing process.

Second session: The Healing & Clearing; 

You will be required to lay down & relax while I run energy & work to clear & re-program any of the blocks & entanglements from your body systems, upgrading your Higher energy body matrix & Quantum geometry blueprint, (the Merkaba) which is a vehicle of spiritual alchemy & ascension. You can read more about it here https://www.miarenner.com/quantum-healing/

There will be a 21 – 30 day self clearing & integration period, as this is approximately how long it takes to re-program & restore the four body systems, of which you will be required to partake in this process. I will support & guide you through this, but it serves to sustain your personal evolution & expansion.