An Akashic Reading will help you to identify & clear the karmic blocks running within your mental body plane – where the Akashic Records are located. 

This work is intensive, & will help you to identify & clear past/present life karmic patterns, limiting subconscious programs, attachment mechanisms, soul contracts/agreements, energetic entanglement, inherited ancestral karmic debt/imprints, liberating you from ‘stuck-ness’ & self limitation. 

The sessions are ideal for achievers & paradigm shifters who maybe struggling with attaining higher levels of intuitive consciousness or abundance in some area of their life, due to the negative limiting patterns & programs. This may be in business/career/finance/spiritual development or personal/intimate relationships.

When we can clear the dis-ease within the subconscious mind, we can clear & heal the dis-ease within the physical & energy body systems, & open ourselves up to limitless possibilities & growth, in all areas of our life.


THE SESSIONS; I work remotely tuning in to your Higher Self/Soul Consciousness, to identify unresolved or unconscious trauma wounding, patterns, & inherited programs, which serves to heal the symptomatic blocks we have created through our negative or traumatic experiences.

Just as the physical body has its own memory system & upholds pain & wounding, so too has the Soul. The Soul template holds wounds & patterns that influence our present lives, & is the reason we often find ourselves stuck in specific situations.

This intensive healing program will serve to restore the soul template by clearing lifetimes of pain & limitation that impact our lives & the choices that we make.

Our subconscious mind influences 95% of how we interact, our behaviours, our thought processes, thus how we express ourselves, & often blocks our access to our own inner/higher guidance, so by clearing the limitations we are more able to tap into our own super intelligence, & be guided from a higher level of consciousness that is aligned to the expansive universal intelligence.

When we tune into our soul or higher consciousness, we make empowered choices that serve us in a positive way, rather than making fear based choices from an unconscious & re-active state of mind, our lower (ego) self.

The Akashic Records is our personal, ‘ancient’ Artefact, that holds the sum of all our thoughts, words, emotions, & actions from our many lifetimes. Each choice we have made in the past has created a consequence – karma – that affects our current experiences & human interactions.

By understanding the root of the inherited programs, karmic patterning & attachment mechanisms that keep us attracting the same negative situations, we are better equipped to make more courageous positive choices, liberating ourselves from the constraints, self punishment & sabotaging mechanisms.


This work is offered as a 3 part intensive process with an initial 21 – 30 day integration period;

Part 1) The Akashic Reading;

A look into the Soul template/profile – our true attributes & qualities/archetypes that define our true nature before indoctrination & programming, to help you to understand you, & tap in to purpose.

Identifying the root of any energetic blocks & entanglements you may be holding & perpetuating – such as karmic patterns, toxic soul contracts & agreements, attachment mechanisms, implants, imprints, psychic attacks/hooks, unconscious/unresolved traumas, & the subconscious programs that limit our positive self expression & abundance processes.

Part 2) The Energy Transmutation & Clearing/Healing process;

Once I have completed your Akashic reading & Soul profile, I will send you a voice recording with all of the information I received, & once you have had a few days to process & understand what it is you are perpetuating, we will connect with a video call to answer any questions you may have, & begin the healing & clearing processes to upgrade your energy body systems, & restore & re-program the soul & cellular memory body systems. I will explain more of this on our 1:1 call.

There will be a 21 – 30 day self clearing & integration period, as this is approximately how long it takes to re-program & restore the four body Systems, of which you will be guided to partake in this process. I will support & guide you through this, but it serves to sustain your personal evolution & expansion.




“This session was truly a full system re-set, as Mia says it is! A total re-birth! And I’m blown away with the accuracy of Mia’s reading, to know all this info is incredible! Keep spreading your light Mia, you have transformed my life in ways you will never know! So grateful to you!”.
Sian, Healer – England

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Part 3) Ancestral Reading/Healing


If you still feel unexplained bouts of anxiousness, fear, fatigue, or you feel you have shadow residue after the initial session, I recommend a deeper dive into the unconscious/shadow programming & entanglement we often inherit from our bloodlines. Just as we can inherit family heirlooms, we can also inherit the karmic debt of our predecessors going back generations. These imprints  attach via threads/chords & held within our energy bodies & fields, or may be inherited genetically via the DNA.

An Ancestral reading will help you to identify & clear generational trauma wounding, negative limiting family patterns & inherited karmic debt you may be carrying from the Mother/Father bloodline, with an intensive clearing & guidance session.

We inherit trauma wounding & energetic blocks from our bloodlines pre-birth, in the womb, during a traumatic birth/arrival (mother/father trauma), & typically during the first 7 years of our lives through energetic imprints & the expression/language of our parents & grandparents, who have inherited much of the same during their life cycle. These blocks & patterns form our own beliefs/fears, & we can go on to manifest the imprints of generational trauma wounding into our own life experiences.

When unaddressed, we can unconsciously continue to repeat these same cyclic patterns of behaviour throughout our livetime, potentially passing these same negative shadows & patterns on to our own children. And so the cycle continues.

By identifying & clearing these inherited imprints & entanglements, we not only heal ourselves & our living family members, but we help to heal & release the energy of our departed ancestors, who by attachment, may thus draw on our life force energy, leaving us feeling drained, worried, fearful or anxious.

** This includes a healing & energy transmutation session, as the initial part of the Akashic Reading & Clearing session.


The Ancestral sessions are £150 


If you wish to book the complete program together, sessions are offered at a discount rate of 

£290 – saving you £30 (total cost £320) 





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“This is the BEST reading I have ever had Mia, & I have had a quite a few Akashic, readings, wow I am blown away by your accuracy..I need to tell all my friends & clients about you, as it will help so many to move on & clear abundance blocks. Thank you so much”
Manda – Coach, Majorca

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As I often pick up soul attachments, past & present life, I prefer to confirm the nature of the attachment mechanisms you are running before we work to clear them, as they are often connected to loved ones, & some people may find the information overwhelming & need time to process & let go, particularly if it is a present life attachment.

Inner Alchemy is deep, Soul level work, it is the re – configuring of the Soul memory system, by clearing the inter-dimensional layers of programming, wounding, trauma, & karmic patterning from each lifetime/timeline. It also serves to heal on an Ancestral level, as we uncover the origin of the karma that influences & affects our current life experiences & relationships. I do not need you to be physically present for this work, as I am working with your Soul conscious/Higher Self.

We often continue to attract & repeat the same negative & low vibrational experiences, the same disruptive situations or energetic encounters, & we may so often remain unfulfilled no matter what we achieve in our career, relationships & other areas within our personal life, as the programs we are running in our subconscious form the foundation of our beliefs. We unconsciously perpetuate these beliefs throughout our life, & as a result we self punish or self sabotage.

We have very little idea of our multidimensional abilities, so we can also sabotage any spiritual expression of ourselves that we ‘believe’ is outside of the mainstream paradigm, so that we are not persecuted for being different & experiencing our unique individuality, which of course suppresses our True Self.

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‘I feel so energized & much clearer after my session with Mia, I felt the energy very strong all the way from where she was in Vietnam, I’m in the USA. Everything she picked up was so spot on & totally resonated with me, it was awesome. I felt so peaceful. She is very gifted & amazing at what she does. I have a new zest for life, and am excited to delve deeper into myself as a spiritual being. Since then she has helped many of my friends & family too! My personal relationships have also improved so much! It’s great having a healer & coach on hand at a moments notice that you can message anytime for a re-balancing session when you need. Thanks so much Mia, you never know how much you help us!. ‘