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During our lifetimes, we create & inherit both positive & negative karmic quantum entanglements with our loved ones that can assist us or limit us. As a result we experience & perpetuate internal & external disturbances by way of negative or harmful energetic intrusions, thought form entities, unwanted attachments, chords, hooks, imprints & implants, we inherit pain & trauma from our bloodlines, environment, & the collective, all of which can create dysfunction, distraction, & multi level distortions that trigger unexplained bouts of anxiety, fear/terror, worry, distress, dissociation, withdrawal, or even physical pain & sickness/illness.
We can also inherit the karmic debt of our bloodlines & collective inter-generational trauma, & this can keep we as individuals & collective societies stuck in negative loops & victim/blame/shame & overall disempowerment holding patterns.
We can also experience miasmic interferences & energetic manipulation from external sources, by way of grid implants, subtle mind control programming (black magic) & vampiric technology.
Every expression of energy, ie: our experiences & choices, has its own consciousness/frequency intelligence, & is coded & held within our own quantum field, which shapes our genetic/energetic encryption. This is a highway of intelligence held within the 5th dimensional higher frequency planes of our physical & energy body consciousnesses. This is known as the Akashic Record.
Every choice & action we initiate, has a consequence = Karma. These karmas/consequences influence & affect us positively or negatively, depending on the choice we make. Negative karma creates more negative karma, & eventually it becomes subconscious (or shadow) patterning, which creates energetic distortions in our light body architecture.
The purpose of this powerful work is to identify & clear the mental & emotional body distortions created by our own shadow patterns, so we may open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. When we restore our fields, we organically re-activate a resonance with the higher harmonics of the higher planes/dimensions, so we are better able to communicate with our ‘higher wisdom intelligence’ & be guided from this higher state of consciousness, rather than the limitations of the lower mind/wounded ego.
I access your Records to identify the above, to locate what is causing you pain or blocking growth & potential, to help you to make sense of & resolve what is happening within your own reality field.
We then work together to release & TRANSFORM the negative imprints that keep you locked in perpetual negative loops or stuck in destructive cycles of victim/martyrdom/self sabotage/punishment etc, that is limiting growth & happiness.
My Akashic Programs are carefully structured ‘accelerator’ pathways to a comprehensive & WHOLISTIC DEEP DIVE TRANSFORMATION & LIBERATION so you may activate your divine true purpose & potential.
Whether you need guidance with personal inner healing/transformation, manifesting, letting go of past, moving forward with relationships, career goals, seeking psychic or spiritual development, or simply to live a more harmonious lifestyle free from pain, then book a reading/clearing, & allow yourself the opportunity to evolve & grow.
** I also teach this body of work to Healers/Teachers/Way-showers ready to expand & grow their healing businesses. If you are called to learn how to do this for others. For info click  HERE – Akashic Record Practitioner Training
Ready to break free from ALL the constraints?
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“This is the BEST reading I have ever had Mia, & I have had a quite a few Akashic, readings, wow I am blown away by your accuracy..I need to tell all my friends & clients about you, as it will help so many to move on & clear their business abundance blocks. Thank you so much”

Manda – Coach, Majorca

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