Akashic Record Reading / Clearing & Multidimensional Template Recoding



My purpose is to help individuals re-connect & re-integrate their innate soul potential, that has been forgotten due to memory wipe programs.

Sadly, most of humanity has been locked in collective pain & trauma cycles, which all began in the higher realms through galactic & electric wars.

The pains of these higher realm wars has leaked down in to what has now become our time matrix, & so here we are, trying to return to some kind of spiritual homeostasis & harmonic symbiosis.

During our many lifetimes on this lower plane, we have experienced eons of the varying shades of polarity that our 3D life has to offer, & as such, we create hundreds to thousands of karmic soul contracts & agreements that can bind us to other souls/beings, systems & timelines.
These experiences shape our encryption, our identity/character & how we interact with the world at large.

So you may better understand your current reality & state of be-ing, I offer to look in to your Akashic Record (your body consciousness) to help you to identify & release any unresolved/unhealed mental/emotional/physical & spiritual pains or blocks that are currently limiting you or causing disruptions. This acknowledgment is the fundamental first step in progressively releasing that which is keeping you stuck.

This stuckness is often rooted in negative/toxic karmic soul contracts that create quantum entanglements & enmeshments with loved ones/timelines or even places & other realms, that leave miasmic imprint distortions in the memory layers of our body consciousness: the soul (etheric/astral) & cellular (DNA) templates, that negatively impact us, & keep us stuck in perpetual cycles of survival & fear programming: worry, anxiety, even terror & panic.

Our past experiences & associated quantum entanglements may also result in psychic/astral field disturbances: intrusions, entity attachments, fragmentation, etheric implants, soul binding or toxic trauma bonding contracts & other such.

In other lifetimes, we may have experienced victimization from genocides, wars, famines, social & economic strife, betrayal, abandonment, abuse.

We may have been persecutors, perpetrators: soldiers, warlords, black witches, sorcerers, all areas where we misused our gifts, magic, power, thus creating blocks to our higher aspects, or our creative gifts, power/magic in this current lifetime.
We call this unjustified karma, as our soul may have chosen to self punish, until we have learned valuable lessons, or reached a level of redemption/self forgiveness.

We inherit karmic debt from our bloodlines & collective ancestors, inter-generational trauma, unhealed pain & terror, all of which can trigger unexplainable terror, anger, panic, worry, anxiety, despair, distress, etc.
We experience interference & manipulation from external sources: religion, false belief systems, mind control programming/thought broadcasts, black magic, looshing from vampiric grid technology designed to keep humanity disconnected from their soul body due to dimensional phase locking, (faciliated by DNA reversals), to keep us unconsciously trapped in this lower realm.
All of the above experiences can keep us perpetually locked inside victim, martyr, disempowerment & other such default meta programs that distort the DNA & nervous system keeping individuals locked in patterns of dissociation, withdrawal, isolation & disembodiment, ultimately blocking one’s potential to fully heal & re-embody one’s multidimensionality, or attaining spiritual sovereignty & integrating their Human & Divine purpose.


There are 2 parts to each program:
PART 1. The Akashic Reading;
I access your Records to identify the above, to locate what is causing you spiritual/mental/emotional pain, limiting or blocking sucess, growth & potential, to help you to make sense of & resolve what is happening within your current reality.
PART 2. The Akashic Clearing & Quantum Recoding;
Clearing the identified blocks & patterns. Realigning your akashic field.
Reconfiguring your multidimensional templates & Merkabah fields to re-activate a resonance within the harmonics/octaves of the higher planes/dimensions, to help you to re-connect, re-activate & integrate Source intelligence & your own inherent wisdom so you may be guided from this higher realm of consciousness, rather than the illusions & limitations of the lower mind/wounded ego.
My Akashic Programs are carefully structured ‘accelerator’ pathways to a comprehensive & WHOLISTIC DEEP DIVE TRANSFORMATION & LIBERATION so you may activate your divine true purpose & potential.
Whether you need guidance with personal healing/transformation, manifesting abundance, letting go of past, moving forward with relationships, career goals, seeking psychic or spiritual development, or simply to live a more harmonious lifestyle free from pain, then book a reading/clearing, & allow yourself the opportunity to unleash your TRUE potential, to evolve & grow.
Each program is a 30 days template reprogramming & energetic integration.
The alashic reading is done remotely, & then we connect via zoom to do the akashic clearing & quantum recoding session.

Ready to break free from ALL the constraints?
See Akashic Reading options below.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need guidance.
I also teach this body of work to Healers/Teachers/Way-showers ready to expand & grow their healing businesses.
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“This is the BEST reading I have ever had Mia, I have had a few Akashic, readings, but wow, non have been so on point & accurate as this! .. I need to tell all my clients about you, as it will help so many to move on & clear their business blocks. Thank you so much, you are amazing!”

Manda – Coach, Majorca

akashic record reading

Akashic Reading Programs

Akashic Reading Programs

What To Expect From This Body Of Work

What Can You Expect:
  • Re-wire core subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in those negative patterns & fear based survival loops.
  • Clear field distortions that block you from accessing your own higher wisdom intelligence/intuition, & keep you perpetuating low frequency.
  • Activate & develop your psychic intuition by upgrading & re-configuring the Light Body architecture.
  • Greater manifesting abilities: One can only manifest their soul aligned desires when one clears the blocks that prevent one from attracting an abundant flow of pure potential.
  • Unlock your gifts/qualities/attributes so you may activate your creative channels, & re-align to your Soul Path/Purpose, & authentic Divine Truth.
  • Healing personal/family/intimate relationships: Liberation from negative family/relational patterns. Inner Alchemy is the greatest gift we can actualise, for ourselves, our own family relationships, our bloodline ancestors & humanity at large.
  • Healing the ROOT/CORE wounds > quicker more sustainable HEALING.
  • DNA Activations > unlock your psychic multi level powers & ability to read energy encryptions, for greater discernment!
  • Self liberation & empowerment. Courage & FREEDOM TO BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
  • To heal & resolve issues within your personal & intimate relationships.
  • Attracting a Soul aligned Tribe/Community/Friends/Lovers/Business Partners etc.

Thank you dear Mia for the amazing work that you do, it is full of so much wisdom & has really helped me to better understand my traumas. The somatic work we did has really shifted alot, wow, I did not expect to have so many spontaneous releases, but they have been so powerful, & each one has released another layer for another pattern to reveal itself. I have been having amazing meditations too, I can really feel my antahkarana channels coming back online 7 I have been able to intuit so much more as a result. You have truly helped me to look at my traumas in a whole new light, & that alone has helped to clear the darkness & density that was holding me down. My partner is really impressed & he even said he was going to call you, & that is something coz he is not tuned in to this work at all lol. Thank you from my bottom of my heart for changing my life!! Love to you. Liv x

Olivia Joy, Sydney

Energy Healer

Akash is a Sanskrit word that translates as ether/space or consciousness.

Every expression of energy, ie, our experiences, thoughts, feelings, & choices, has its own signature consciousness or frequency intelligence/code, all of which is recorded & held within the macro & micro cosmos of the collective & individual quantum, or akashic fields, & is imprinted in to our DNA template, often creating template distortions.

This highway of intelligence is stationed within the 5th dimensional higher frequency planes of our cellular & energy body consciousness (akashic record) & this intelligence shapes our energetic encryption/identity.

Every choice/action we initiate, has a consequence = Karma. These consequences affect us positively or negatively, depending on the choices we make. Karma creates more karma, & eventually becomes subconscious patterning, & when negative, creates distortions in our energetic anatomy.