Akashic Record Reading

Every expression of energy is an encoded consciousness & has its own frequency intelligence. Every living entity has its’ own expression.
Akash translates as ether, or space/quantum.
The Akashic Record is the frequency of encoded consciousness of both our personal & collective multi lifetime experiential matrices held within our own quantum.
It is our ‘etheric library’, & held within our multi consciousnesses, our physical & energy body consciousness, our subconscious, & our higher conscious.
Every action we initiate, has a re-action, a consequence = Karma. These karmas/consequences, both past & present life, influence & affect our behaviours, self expression, interactions, & when repeated, become subconscious (shadow) patterning. Aside, we can inherit the karmic debt of our bloodlines/ancestors, which serve to keep both individuals & collective societies stuck in negative energy loops & disempowerment holding patterns.
When we can identify & clear these perpetual shadow patterns & the associated low harmonic frequency distortions that limit our potential, we organically reconnect to our True Essence & open ourselves up to limitless possibilities, resonating with the same higher harmonics of the higher planes/dimensions, so we may better intuit & be led by our own ‘higher wisdom intelligence’.​

We experience both internal & external disturbances, imprints & implants, that cause mental, emotional, spiritual & physical distortions & such that may create unexplained bouts of negativity, anxiety, fear, worry, distress, dissociation, withdrawal, or even sickness/illness.

I read the Records to help you to make sense of what is happening around you or within your own field, to release & TRANSFORM the negative frequency coding that creates these distortional imprints that keep you stuck inside negative loops, preventing sustainable deep level healing, limiting growth & potential or any possibility of self expansion, maybe even dipping in & out of victim/martyrdom, self punishment & sabotage?
I was once there. I worked hard on my shadow programs. It eventually became my path to help others within their own realm & field of consciousness, whether this is with their personal inner healing, manifesting or moving forward with career goals, spiritual development, or simply to live a harmonious lifestyle free from pain, or to help others expand & grow their healing businesses through my training courses where I teach others how to do all of this.
My Akashic Programs have been designed & carefully structured from my own personal experiences as a trauma survivor, & qualifications/learned skills, & are an accelerator path to WHOLISTIC DEEP DIVE TRANSFORMATION, a liberation from your own inner conflicts, so you may activate your divine true purpose & potential.
Ready to break free from ALL the constraints?
“This is the BEST reading I have ever had Mia, & I have had a quite a few Akashic, readings, wow I am blown away by your accuracy..I need to tell all my friends & clients about you, as it will help so many to move on & clear abundance blocks. Thank you so much”
Manda – Coach, Majorca

spiritual reading
spiritual reading

The purpose of this intensive Akashic program is a WHOLISTIC multilevel healing, to TRANSFORM the distortions & re-code our original 12 Strand multidimensional Blueprint, or ‘Creation Template’.

Our multiple body systems/templates have been corrupted & distorted by negative 3D timeline experiences – layers of past/present life/childhood traumas, karmic consequences, limiting social conditioning & continuous collective fear manipulation that serves to interfere with our authentic self expression, challenging our integrity, & thus keeping us stuck inside individual & collective negative energy loops of that blocks any expansion & potential to re-attune to our Divinity.

During the reading I journey into the inter-dimensional levels within your records (past life/present life/ancestral/soul level) to identify the core wounds & patterns (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual) that block your potential.  All of our experiences, thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, how we speak & express ourselves, everything we have inherited, is recorded as consciousness & held within the mental or etheric body plane, otherwise known as the Akashic Record.

This consciousness becomes manifest within our physical body systems.

Our core/root wounds create hundreds of symptomatic blocks & patterns, so when we identify & address the root, we are able to re-frame the associated patterning & Self liberate. We are then more able to clear the density & debris that weighs us down, & alchemize the distortions held within the four body systems, restoring our Soul Blueprint, which facilitates frequency & DNA accretion to unlock the limitless possibilities for expansion, abundance & growth.

I believe we are Hybrids, here to experience all the laws & polarities within the 3D realm. This is part of our Soul contract. Somewhere along the way, the Human Hybrid collective became distorted & trapped in a recycle/re-incarnation loop. Our evolution is key to overcoming the dualities & returning Home to our Self.

“This session was truly a full system re-set, as Mia says it is, I truly feel like I have experienced an ego death during the course of this month long integration process & had a total re-birth!

And I’m blown away with the accuracy of Mia’s reading, to know all this info is incredible! The same past life experiences she described I had, I ‘dreamed’ about during a past life regression session I had a couple of years ago. Just wow! It is totally relative to my current life situation too, so everything made so much sense, to understand that I was re-creating these patterns over & over due to the trauma energy of the program I was running, & now I’m aware, I can work to change them. I had no idea about any of this kind of work before this session, it was all so interesting & I’ve booked onto the Akashic training to learn more & help my family & my clients. 

Keep spreading your light Mia, you have transformed my life in ways you will never know! So grateful to you!”. Sian xx

Sian, England

Healer & Yoga Therapist