Akashic Record Training: Spiritual Alchemy For Beginners

Akashic Transformation

This is a 6 hours inner healing & spiritual development/soul growth journey for those called to go deeper in to multidimensionality & connect to their Akashic Record, for inner/soul wisdom & guidance.

Next program: 29 & 30 June

This 2 day intensive WILL bring a deeper level of inner transformation for you working at Quantum/Source level, to re-connect & re-integrate the Soul & Human Consciousnesses, journeying into your Akashic Record to utilise the power of your own wisdom consciousness.

Our body structure is made up of multiple (quantum) physical & energy body blueprints/templates, that have become distorted & corrupted by the dysfunctions & failures within the 3D collective, inheritances & projections of fear, trauma, false stories & beliefs, so the purposes of this work is to clear the frequency distortions held within your Blueprint that may be keeping you stuck in limitation, anxiety, or fear based survival holding patterns, unable to progress &/or connect fully to our Higher Consciousness channels.

When we re-program our frequency, we re-attune ourselves & re-integrate our multidimensionality & our unique divine gifts to actualise our Higher purpose & potential. Without this level of embodiment, we become disconnected from our spiritual/soul essence.


akashic records readings

“I have never experienced anything so powerful as your activations & meditation journeys! I Have done many trainings over the years, & NOTHING comes close to this training! My body is changing, I am receiving so many downloads & creative inspiration, I can see more detailed information in the energy fields of my clients, its like my third eye has fully activated after the 5D Pineal Activation meditation!

I have manifested so much since we started, downloads, inspiration, so much energy, I feel cleaner in my body, manifested more soul aligned clients, so much incredible business interaction, really feel like I’ve found the missing piece & this training is bringing everything together! I’ve also done lots of trainings, & nothing has come even close to this work. So grateful to you Mia, & so happy I was guided to you. Thank you xx”


Marie Johnson

Shamanic Practitioner

We are currently experiencing an intense time of universal expansion, & as we organically shift into higher states of consciousness, we are also being guided to come together to experience non duality as we slowly return to our original source creation state.

Many people are currently being called to face their shadow, to understand and work with the polarities and to discover their own divine purpose, in order to assist the ascension of earth and Her inhabitants. Soon the timelines will split, & each of us must make a choice of which path to take. Ascension, or ‘descension’.

Akash. is Sanskrit, & simply means ‘ether/space’. 

Space is infinite. Anyone can access the Akashic Field, it needs only practice, & a trust of ones own divine abilities.

I teach effective & trusted tools used for 1000’s of years by shamans, sages & mystics before they passed these sacred tools down to their ‘chosen’ few, & eventually became accessible to seekers & followers of spiritual practices.

We are working within the quantum matrix, altering the frequencies & the body’s energy vibration, the DNA template, thus changing your perception & attitude towards the whole, the bigger picture, rather than the ‘stories’ you create based on the projections of the control mechanism matrix.

This work will assist you in a greater understanding of universal laws, unity consciousness, how we are all connected sentient beings, & here for one reason, to express, learn, grow & evolve, to live in harmony with each other.

This is a perfect time for re-defining not only how we work & share our healing gifts to others, but of diving deep into our own self healing processes, that we may assist this transition in consciousness into the non dualistic Heart based Era of the New Paradigm.

So excited to share this powerful work with you! Get in touch now to enquire.