Multidimensional Healing & Embodiment Online Course


An intensive online program for Multidimensional Healing > Spiritual Alchemy > Embodiment > Advancement > Expansion

I’m super excited to share this amazing creation with you!

This program works on restoring our 12 Dimensional spirit & light body anatomy, to help healers to fully embody the alchemy & mastery they are offering their community, & master their own monadic creator potential.

So each may spiritually, mentally & energetically re-balance & restore, coming back in to harmonic resonance & spiritual homeostasis, to actualise our FULL ABUNDANT SOVEREIGN potential, & show up as the Leaders & Way-showers we are, or those that need our wisdom & guidance!

The core essence of this program is healing/restoring our Divine Multidimensional Blueprint by bringing the whole Light Body structure back in to it’s natural resonant state, in alignment with spiritual/universal/natural laws. 

Our Light Body can become damaged/distorted over many lifetimes by discordant energies & psychotronic interferences from our past & present life experiences, & the negative constructs & structures we create as a result: implants, entity attachments, quantum entanglements with other souls/beings from unresolved/unhealed karmic contracts, negative contracts/agreements with beings that are disruptive or spiritually toxic, all of which create symptomatic DNA/mental/emotional/spiritual blocks, karmic miasmas & other such field distortions, that prevent us from attaining EMBODIMENT of our natural HIGHER STATIONS OF IDENTITY & AWARENESS > our Soul/Oversoul/Monadic/Christos Avatar Consciousness – OUR INTER, OR MULTI DIMENSIONAL IDENTITES.

This course is created to restore the above so each may attain MULTIDIMENSIONAL EMBODIMENT.

Each session is a combination of learning content & guided healing/activation journey, to facilitate progressive shifts to inner expansion from the high frequency content & experiential transformation journeys that will re-pattern & reconfigure the distortional default programs & quantum entanglements that are keeping you locked in lack or limitation loops, re-coding your DNA to activate the higher strands so you align to your ACTUAL soul potential, collapse the old life blocking timelines to re-create a new Higher Reality Field, so you vibrate higher & SHINE, attracting the Tribe that NEEDS you, so you can ultimately SELF liberate from the confines of the 3D control matrix & LIVE as the spiritually sovereign leader you came here to be, to tap in to the powers of Higher quantum frequencies, to Self Activate, to re-attune your soul body, to BE, to heal, to recharge, restore, replenish, to learn more about Quantum CREATION mechanics, to re-code your encryption blueprint & access your unique spiritual gifts & abilities.
When we tap in to our Quantum/Akashic Reality Fields, we have access to lifetimes of our own multi matrix wisdom & inner knowing, to re-write our past, present & future timelines, & anchor in that which we now choose. We just need to re-activate these frequencies in our multi body templates & the possibilities unfold > right here, at Akashic Ascension Academy, where we do all.
This is online self healing course intensive for healers & way-showers, is designed to help each individual embody the SOUL level transformation they are offering to their client community, & become SOUL EMBODIED HEALERS.
When we are ourselves soul/monadic embodied, we become conduits for multidimensional healing as we are able to run much higher frequencies that will facilitate shifts in those around us, merely from the light we emanate from within our shields, & our healing becomes much more powerful, as we are able to run the higher subharmonics through our own DNA template: THE SOURCE OF OUR ENERGY.

In order to attract an abundance of soul aligned clients, we must integrate & transmute our own shadow pains & limitations, otherwise, we are not standing in our Divine truth & spiritual integrity. This of course creates multi-level distortions in our third dimensional reality, & as a result we continue to perpetuate the distortional mental & emotional loops that keep us locked in the limitations of the lower dimensional fields of the lower mind matrix.

I observe many healers & spiritual teachers that are not soul embodied, as they are not walking their talk & doing the deeper inner/shadow work themselves, that ultimately enables multidimensional embodiment, hence this is why I created this unique program, to assist, teaching the knowledge, tools & techniques that have assisted me on my own journey. This program will assist each to go deeper in to their own processes, & facilitate the embodiment of our higher stations of identity & awareness, to progressively facilitate multidimensional healing & embodiment, working at a pace that is right for you.




“As you Know Mia, I’m already a quantum healer, but I have never experienced anything so powerful as your activations & attunements, & your guided healing meditations truly are so very powerful! I Have done many trainings over the years, & NOTHING comes close to the work I have done with you! I have learned so much! My body is changing, I am receiving so many downloads & creative inspiration, I can see more detailed information in the energy fields of my clients, its like my third eye has fully activated after the Pineal Activation meditation! I am so happy I was recommended to you by my friend Helen who also did your training. My clients are commenting about how my healings have intensified & become more powerful, & they are having amazing shifts too! Thank you so much. Kerry”.

Kerry, Soul Healer, UK

Quantum Healing



A strong healthy spiritual immune system serves not only the energy body, but the biological/physical body. it is a large web of our energetic circulatory system, the etheric matrix that distributes vital force/universal/solar life force energy into our bio energy body fields.
Think of this course as treating yourself to a necessary akashic & light body healing, a ‘spiritual immune system’ maintenance’ whilst learning more about the mechanics of the energy body > the brain loves stimulation, as it creates new neural pathways, dissipating old subconscious patterning as it integrates higher frequency coding into the etheric (spiritual) channels!
Through the course of this program we work to clear the shadows that prevent you from attracting soul aligned relationships, partnerships, clients, etc.
We work on clearing the internal & external entity attachments, karmic blocks & quantum entanglements, self punishment & self sabotages programs that prevent or limit spiritual abundance > often rooted in trauma & persecution from other lifetimes & childhood expereinces.
This course will help to shift the blocks that creates the fears & worries that prevent you from stepping out, being seen, shining your gifts, often a result of inherited collective failure/poverty/victim consciousness, entity interferences, imposter syndrome, healer/witch wounds, higher self blocks from spiritual sabotage, self doubt, lack of self belief/trust, etheric implants, implant thought manipulation – light body: chakra/auric body tears & distortions, & so on.
  • 12 x course webinar sessions
  • Plus BONUS CONTENT: a guided 2 hours training on entity clearing
  • Plus an archive library of extra content.
  • PDF Blueprints, Protocols & Clearing Decrees
  • Homework’ practices in-between sessions for advancement.
  • Each WEBINAR is learning content + guided healing & embodiment journey.
  • Session 1: Anchoring The Inner Mentor – Awakening Higher Senses
  • Session 2: Collapsing Negative Timelines
  • Session 3: Merkabah Mechanics + Krystic Symbiosis
  • Session 4: Clearing Negative Soul Contracts & Life Blocking Programs
  • Session 5: Soul Matrix – part 1 – Soul Identity Integration
  • Session 6: Soul Matrix – part 2 – Monadic identity Integration
  • Session 7: Soul Matrix  – part 3 – Avatar Identity Integration
  • Session 8: 9D Kundalini Integration – Crystal Seal Overlays – Pt 1
  • Session 9: 9D Kundalini Integration – Crystal seal Overlays – Pt 2
  • Session 10: 12D Shield integration – Pt 1
  • Session 11: 12D Shield Integration – Pt 2
  • Session 12: Kathara healing & 12D Embodiment
  • PLUS BONUS CONTENT: Entity Clearing Webinar For healers
NOTE: This is not a certified training, but you will learn many alchemical tools for ascension, soul growth, how to access, utilise & embody the records for your own development & integrate the learning in to your own community if you are an energy-worker/way-shower.

This program is a unique experiential INSCENSION & MASTERY journey designed to help Healers & Way-Showers expand & ADVANCE their Spiritual Master Healer/Leader Potential to become the living embodiment of the TRANSFORMATION they offer/sell to their community.

We do this with continuing development & inner work, so we may serve our community authentically & show up as the best version of ourselves.

As Healers, most of us are running around helping others, neglecting our own needs & the necessary daily Dharma (spiritual practices), & when we are not actively walking the path of the healing & transformation we are offering our clients, we block our own abundance & limit the potentiality available to us within our own Field, doing a great dis-service to our community.
When we are disciplined & do the deeper inner work needed to master our own energy, we transform our pains & limitations & turn them in to our Super Power, & we become embodied experts in our field, which creates the collective clarity needed to flow & attract our soul aligned tribe as we express ourselves more authentically & influence others with our frequency. By the law of resonance, we then organically begin to attract those who seek & need us.
However, the opposite occurs when we are not walking the path we are ‘selling’ (& our community feels this inauthentic vibration).
The result is we can feel like an imposter & so we hide behind our light, sabotaging our abundant potentiality with constant bouts of negative thought looping/self talk, we lack self belief/doubt/trust, our limiting beliefs & fears of not being good enough/of being seen/being judged or ridiculed/failing, which ultimately lowers our vibration, which may leave us vulnerable to picking up/absorbing dark energies/entities from our clients, community & environment, keeping us locked in the lower densities, & blocking multidimensional ascension & embodiment.
Sound familiar? PURCHASE TODAY, WHY WAIT!? 

“I have manifested so much since we started this training, downloads, inspiration, so much energy, I feel cleaner in my body, manifested more soul aligned clients who are more than happy to pay my coaching prices, had so much incredible business interaction, really feel like I’ve found the missing piece & this training is bringing everything together! I’ve also done lots of trainings, & nothing has come even close to this work. So grateful to you Mia, & so happy I was guided to you xx”

Marie, Shamanic Practitioner, UK

Marie Johnson, UK

Soul Alignment Healer