Atmospheric Radio Wave Manipulation

During these intense times, with so much spiritual/psychic/psychotronic intrusions, mind control & energy manipulations, it is important now more than ever to balance & master our energy on all levels.. daily practices to calm mental, emotional & nervous system over stimulation caused by all the space junk:

▪️’wifi’ satellites
▪️five/six gee
▪️Geo engineering
▪️𝑺𝑹𝑴 (solar radiation management)
▪️CERN ~ the large hydron collider (𝑳𝑯𝑪)

There is so much energetic dissonance & discombobulation, with ‘time’ accelerating > timelines merging/jumping, & the zones (veils) between dimensions organically & progressively dissipating due to planetary frequency accretion.

All of the above may cause bio energetic disruptions in sensitive souls & specifically nervous system overload

chronic fatigue
chemical endocrine imbalances
coughs/colds/toxic overload
gastrointestinal issues
& other such associated symptoms.


I feel intuitively that the LHC is a huge part of this, coincidentally the intensity ramped up in 2021 around the time cer*n turned the LHC back on, & resumed blowing holes/wormholes in the ionosphere/stratosphere etc in their quest to “seek evidence of ‘dark matter’” if in fact this is what they are doing 🤔

Many of us are aware of what happens when space/time portals are opened in specific locations … the ‘science’ narrative is questionable thats for sur

But, no matter, whatever it is, all of the above is for sure influencing the heightened activity of geo/solar storms, affecting the planetary toroidal shield (electro magnetic field) & creating unpredictable whether modifications, & some of we humanoids are experiencing strange dimensional or quantum ‘merging’ .. which is a weird experience but when you know what it is, it is manageable, on top of dna & other light body activations from the planetary frequencies, which also come with symptoms.

Celestial events are also more intense now too, particularly full/new moon cycles & retrogrades.

This is the time for opening the eyes & pulling ones head out of the proverbial sand.

No more bypassing.

To stand in THE ONE truth.

To not comply to silly statutes & false ‘laws’.. silence IS complicit.
Speak out OR refuse!

To use your God given common sense. If it feels off, it IS!

Stay in your own lane to maintain sovereign power.

Call back your Power & Spiritual Inner Authority, anywhere and everywhere, across all timelines, lifetimes, including parallel lives/timelines, through all dimensions & planes, across all levels of consciousness, all galaxies, universes & beyond, anywhere & everywhere you consciously or unconsciously gave away your power, energy & portions of your quantum, in all past, present & future experiences.
Effective immediately, & DONE! 💪💥

Feel free to share if this resonates.


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