• Learn how to read, heal & clear your own Akashic Records, & the Records of your clients.
  • How to identify energetic misalignments, programs, & root blocks & restrictions – karmic patterns, attachment mechanisms, soul contracts & trauma.
  • Re-program the subconscious mental body, & clear emotional blocks & misalignments from the higher energy body systems that limit our experiences.
  • Identify inherited Ancestral programming & trauma wounding.
  • Learn how to help yourself & your clients live in a consistent state of balance & abundance, in alignment with your/their highest path & purpose.
  • Taking your business online, working remotely with clients.


Full Training Syllabus;

  1. The Akashic Records Reading protocol.
  2. Soul qualities & alignment processes.
  3. Discernment & energetic boundary setting.
  4. Healing & clearing the Akashic records – self & clients.
  5. Programs, patterns, beliefs
  6. Soulmate attachments & contracts – past life/present life
  7. Energy Mastery & Manifesting processes.
  8. Anatomy of the Soul.
  9. Ancestral Healing.
  10. Identifying inherited Ancestral programming.
  11. Identifying unresolved/unconscious trauma wounding.
  12. Soul life lessons.
  13. Soul Purposes & Missions.
  14. The 10 levels of consciousness.
  15. Soul Groups/Soul Tribe.
  16. Shadow work – identifying unconscious aspects.


  • This training will consist of approx 8 live webinar trainings.
  • One full weekend per month.
  • All sessions will be recorded for replay.
  • Ongoing Support throughout & after the training program.
  • Practice sessions with friends/family/clients in-between sessions.
  • Certificate upon completion of all sessions.










I had some Akashic healing sessions last year and they were life changing. Mia spent time explaining everything and helping me see the bigger picture. I have not looked back and would highly recommend these sessions to anyone looking for guidance and healing at a soul level. Mia is very knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate. I did completed my Reiki Master Teacher training with her which was amazing, and am really looking forward to the next stage of my journey with a fantastic teacher. I am booked on to the Akashic Training with her in August/September. So excited! 

Emma, Southampton, UK

Reiki Master Teacher & Nutritionist


Working with the Akashic Records will help you to take your healing practice/business online, as physical body presence is not needed when working with the Akashic Records as we are working with the clients higher self/soul conscious.

The powerful clearing of the Akashic Records combined with my Inner Alchemy energy healing techniques will transform not only your own life, but the lives of your loved ones & clients. You are encouraged to work intuitionally & to integrate your own skills & experiences, to make this modality your own signature program.

You will be required to do practice & inner work in between sessions, to develop your own abilities.

  • Intensive monthly weekend sessions will run on Saturday & Sunday mornings.
  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am London GMT or 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Madrid CET or 4:30 pm – 6:30pm Bangkok
  • Please check your local time zone if in another country.

Webinar sessions & meditations/activations/transmissions will be recorded for replay & course reference.



Part 1) Inner Alchemy Self Development processes

Includes a personal soul attunement, meditations, activations. Inner-work & healing practices in between sessions.

Part 2) Akashic Transformation – Working with friends/family/personal relationships/paying clients.

  • 30 & 31 Jan 2021
  • 27 & 28 Feb
  • 27 & 28 March
  • 27/28 April ? TBC  (this will be confirmed as we work through the course as I may extend into April, dependent on group advancement. We will determine this together as a group.

Includes a personal soul attunement, meditations, activations & distant healing & client practices.

(See course syllabus below)


50% deposit to secure place £250
Balance £249 to be paid 3 weeks prior to start.


£200 deposit to secure course placement.

2 x monthly payments of £165 = £530

Cost includes:
A personal Soul Attunement, course blueprint, & certificate upon completion of all workshops & case study practices.

Ongoing after care support & 1 x 1:1 monthly guidance call.

** NOTE: Please see T & C’s below.


Full Training Itinerary;

  • The Akashic Records Reading – for self & clients.
  • Identifying & clearing root blocks & attachment mechanisms to restore the Soul blueprint.
  • Activations & Transmissions – psychic/intuitional development.
  • Learn how to work online & remotely with your clients
  • Full training is over a 3 – 4 month period via live zoom video sessions with a personal remote soul attunement, clearings, healings, activations & meditations.
  • This is a perfect time for re-defining not only how we work & share our healing gifts to others, but of diving deep into our own self healing practices.
  • Understanding the soul & higher energy body systems & learning this powerful yet very different beautiful transformational modality to assist not only your own transformation & growth, but to help your loved ones, clients & the healing & ascension of the collective conscious.
  • Transformation of the higher energy body systems – to reweave, re-program & restore balance & harmony within the Four Body & Cellular body Systems.
  • Re-programming the subconscious mental body & emotional body.
  • Clearing emotional blocks & energetic misalignments from the energy body systems
  • Soul/shadow integration – the spiritual/higher self & lower ego self
  • Soul anatomy & consciousness
  • Clearing past/present life karma
  • Clearing lower astral energies
  • Past life soul attachments
  • Releasing soulmate contracts & soul level bargains
  • Removing vows/constraints/agreements/curses/psychic hooks
  • Includes a personal Soul Attunement


“I had been interested in Akashic Records but learning so many other things I always thought I could have that done another time. Then my friend suggested Mia Renner. I was impressed by her professionalism right from the start, and she kept me appraised of any further info she needed. But when I got the reading, I was blown away. How could she know all those things about me. I took about two weeks to digest the info, then I had the clearing and zero point reset. Wow, I am lighter, happier, more decisive (a few tears) and this crushing guilt has left me. Mia does an amazing job, She ensures that you know exactly what she does and when, and she gives you so much information. I will definitely use Mia in the future for any transformational work required. Thank you Mia! Flora

Flora, Somerset, UK

Energy Healer/Teacher


  • Activations & Meditations
  • About The Akashic Records.
  • Akashic Reading & Clearing Protocols.
  • Quantum Law & Energy
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Anchoring, Centering & Protecting
  • The Higher Energy Body Systems.
  • Soul Mastery & Manifesting
  • Alignment processes.
  • Dowsing & muscle testing techniques.
  • Akashic inner alchemy transformation
  • Clearing your own Akashic Records.
  • Identifying Fears, Beliefs, programs, patterns.
  • Ancestral Healing.
  • Clearing Decrees



  • Soul Consciousness & Evolution
  • Soul life lessons
  • Soul purposes & missions
  • Soul qualities/divine gifts
  • The 10 levels of consciousness
  • Root blocks versus symptomatic blocks
  • Inner Alchemy exchanging practices
  • Working with clients online.
  • Identify inherited Ancestral programming
  • Inherited genetic & childhood trauma wounding.
  • Akashic Reading & clearing for clients.
  • Inner Alchemy client healing.
  • Discernment & Boundary setting.
  • Shadow Integration.
  • How to set up a business/practice.
  • Working online & in person.
  • Healing & Akashic client practices


Places are limited to 7/8 participants to ensure full attention to each student.


We are currently experiencing an intense time of universal expansion, & as we organically shift into higher states of consciousness, we are also being guided to come together to acknowledge and experience non duality by the higher intelligence/source light.

Many people are currently being called to face their shadow, to understand and work with the polarities and to discover their own unique and divine purpose, in order to assist the ascension of earth and humanity. This is no longer an option.

I’ve been combining my qualifications & various teacher trainings in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, DNA Theta-Healing, Quantum Healing, Multidimensional Body-work (Dolores Cannon) & Akashic Records into my own intuitional sessions since 2013, when I was first introduced to the Akashic Records & intensive program clearing processes.

I developed my intuitional/psychic abilities over many years through regular pineal activation processes & consistent meditation & yoga practices, so working with the Akashic Records was a beautiful & natural transition.

Anyone can access into their Akashic Records, it needs only practice & understanding. I will teach you effective tools used for 1000’s of years by shamans, sages & mystics before they passed these sacred tools down to their ‘chosen’ few, before it became accessible to seekers & followers of spiritual practices.

The Akashic Records is becoming more widely known now, & many more people are rapidly waking up to alternative ways of living, & are investing in their wellbeing.

Sanskrit – Translation – ether/space

The pure vital/life force of the quantum field, universal energy, integrates healing of the mind, soul/astral & celestial bodies, at multidimensional level, & works on each individual at their level of consciousness, bringing each soul into a divine oneness.

Working with the Akash will help to deepen your ‘spiritual’ or universal knowledge & wisdom. It works on a subtle level altering the frequencies & the body’s energy vibration, thus changing your perception & attitude towards the whole, the bigger picture, rather than the ‘stories’ you create about your life.

The Akashic Records assists in a greater understanding of the universal laws, cosmic oneness, how we are all connected sentient beings, all equal, all energy & all here for one reason, to gain wisdom & evolve without harming each other.




Deposit is non refundable should you have a last minute change your mind, or not show up to the training.

70% of the deposit will be returned to you should you be sick or unable to attend due to life circumstances. 

I try to be fair, as I understand life events can happen that throw us off course, so the deposit or full payment can be transferred to a reading or healing session, or another course or package taken at a later date, so you do not lose your investment. 

Thank you for your understanding. 





Mia is a great dedicated teacher who really knows all her subjects well. Her classes & teachings are suitable for all levels, and are the perfect blend of physical and meditative energy practices. Anyone thinking of deepening their knowledge, experience or spiritual practice, taking up yoga, meditation, or who is looking for a great spiritual teacher to learn from, should definitely look her up! Thank you Mia for your investment in me! Lou xx

Louise, Majorca

Meditation Teacher