Our body structure is made up of multiple (quantum) physical body & energy body templates/grids, & so the purposes of this work is Quantum Regenesis – to clear the corruption & frequency distortion from within our original Creation Template, or Soul Blueprint, that keeps us stuck in cycles & patterns of limitation, unable to connect to our Higher Self or Source channels.

When we clear this distortion, our frequency shifts & we naturally tap back into our creative abilities, remember & re-integrate our multidimensionality, our divine gifts & activate & self actualise our purpose & potential.

I created these intensive programs after liberating myself from my own limitations, negative beliefs & fears – a result of collective shadow mind manipulation – & the accumulation of pain & wounding that created more symptomatic blocks & patterns, fear, anxiety, self constraints, self sabotage etc, a result of being stuck in a ‘trauma holding pattern’ which kept me experiencing repeat traumas, until I identified & released this ‘suffering’ pattern, a result of the past life ‘inheritance’ I had carried over into my current lifetime in order to resolve & learn.

Here, I share my skills, knowledge & experiences to help others, because when we are ‘stuck inside’ of these holding patterns, it can be difficult to identify what is actually needed to self liberate, & so it is a gift that we can turn to others for such guidance, so that we may unlock our potential.
We then have the tools needed to assist our loved ones, clients & the collective, & so the purpose of this program is to self liberate, & to help others to do the same.
In this training, we are working outside of the limiting 3D matrix web, working at quantum level, Source Consciousness, thus bypassing all illusions & false stories.
What is included;
  • How to access the Akashic Field & connect to your Higher Self for Divine inner guidance.
  • How to read the Akashic Records for yourself & others using my intensive Akashic protocol.
  • Identify & clear our past life inheritance, negative soul contracts & agreements.
  • Identify & heal unresolved past & present life traumas.
  • Identify & clear negative karmic patterns, attachment mechanisms, discordant imprints, psychic hooks etc.
  • Re-program the subconscious mental body & re-pattern limiting abundance blocks.
  • Identify & clear inherited karmic debt, shadow programming & generational trauma wounding.
  • Clearing mental & emotional body energetic distortions.
  • Soul Regenesis: my Quantum Light Body Healing & Activation.
  • Dive deep to help yourself, loved ones &/or your clients to re-create & re-align at Soul level.
  • Working online & remotely with clients. – expanding your network.
akashic records readings
  • Working with this program will help you to take your healing practice/business online, as physical body presence is not needed when working with the Akashic Records as we are communicating at quantum level, with the wisdom of the clients’ Higher Self/Soul Consciousness.
  • The training will consist of 8 x live webinars over 9 or 10 weeks.
  • All sessions are recorded for replay should you miss a session.
  • Practice sessions with friends/family/clients in-between sessions.
  • Certificate upon completion of all sessions & case studies.
  • This Course is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, & is recognised worldwide.

This Training Includes;

  • Activations & Transmissions – psychic/intuitional development.
  • The Souls’ & higher energy body systems.
  • My Quantum Light Body Healing – An Alchemy of the Higher energy body systems to upgrade & restore the Four Body Systems.
  • Personal Soul/shadow integration – the spiritual/higher self & lower ego self
  • Soul anatomy & levels of consciousness
  • A Soul Attunement, practice Meditations & Invocations for deeper healing.
  • Learn how to work online & remotely with your clients.



  • Deposit is non refundable, but is transferable should you change your mind or be unable to attend.
  • After the initial non-refundable deposit, I will refund your 70% balance should you be unable to attend due to illness.
  • I try to be fair, as I understand life events can happen that throw us off course, so I recommend any payments be transferred to a reading or healing session, or another course or package taken at a later date, so you do not lose your investment, or you can sell/gift your investment to friends/family for any of my services.


Thank you for your understanding.



We are currently experiencing an intense time of universal expansion, & as we organically shift into higher states of consciousness, we are also being guided to come together to experience non duality as we slowly return to our original source creation state.

Many people are currently being called to face their shadow, to understand and work with the polarities and to discover their own divine purpose, in order to assist the ascension of earth and Her inhabitants. Soon the timelines will split, & each of us must make a choice of which path to take. Ascension, or ‘descension’. 

Akash. is Sanskrit, & simply means ‘ether/space’. 

Space is infinite. Anyone can access the Akashic Field, it needs only practice, & a trust of ones own divine abilities.

I teach effective & trusted tools used for 1000’s of years by shamans, sages & mystics before they passed these sacred tools down to their ‘chosen’ few, & eventually became accessible to seekers & followers of spiritual practices.

We are working within the quantum matrix, altering the frequencies & the body’s energy vibration, the DNA template, thus changing your perception & attitude towards the whole, the bigger picture, rather than the ‘stories’ you create based on the projections of the control mechanism matrix.

This work will assist you in a greater understanding of universal laws, unity consciousness, how we are all connected sentient beings, & here for one reason, to express, learn, grow & evolve, to live in harmony with each other.

This is a perfect time for re-defining not only how we work & share our healing gifts to others, but of diving deep into our own self healing processes, that we may assist this transition in consciousness into the non dualistic Heart based Era of the New Paradigm.

So excited to share this powerful work with you! Get in touch now to enquire. Mia