Akashic Record Facilitator Training

Akashic Record + Quantum Bio Spiritual Regenesis Facilitator – Levels 1 & 2

Next 12 weeks interactive online immersion program starts 11 & 12 Nov 

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“I believe that everyone needs access to the intelligence of their own Akashic Record, it is the Essence of inner wisdom, a higher portal of consciousness containing all of our inter-dimensional experiential matrices, where we can meet our most intelligent Avatar self, & be guided into full embodied potentiality.”  Mia Renner 
My chosen role is to help Healers/Teachers & Way-Showers ADVANCE their HEALER/LEADER POTENTIAL & BE – come embodied TRANSFORMATION Experts & Masters of their own craft, so they attract a soul aligned tribe/clients & the financial freedom to step fully in to sovereignty & actualise their purpose & potentiality. I love to empower people by sharing energy mastery techniques & self help tools, so each can open the portal to their own inner healing & healer potential, & that each participant may then share these tools with their community.
During this 12 weeks training program, I will guide you through my comprehensive Akashic Reading Protocols® + my signature Quantum Bio Energy & Spiritual Regenesis Healing Method® which is programmed to heal the core Light Body template: DNA, Chakra template, Primary Nadis, Antakharana channels, & Toroidal shield/membrane etc.
The core of the work is going deeper in to shadow body transformation, by bringing awareness to the unseen/unconscious spiritual/mental/emotional wounds & shadow blocks, via the Akashic Reading Protocols, so each may release & discharge trapped emotions, karmic miasms & entity attachments through natural process, healing the bio energy templates at core/root level, which will also assist in the transfiguration of body systems.
This intensive body of work will help both you & your clients to have rapid shifts as the clearing & transformation that takes place from with the akashic record is instantaneous, facilitating a desired deeper, more sustainable multi level healing as we are working with core wounding at soul level, to transform the cellular & multi template distortions that prevent people living a sovereign, free, abundant life.
We then re-code & anchor the new higher frequencies available to each individual, & from this newly embodied re-encryption, each has the ability to become catalysts & NATURAL facilitators of their own change, & as a result transform & raise the frequency of their collective reality field.
My training programs are accelerator pathways to help those ready to level up, to re-align/re-attune to the Quantum that is available to us all, to re-calibrate & re-activate each individual’s unique abilities.

We all carry our own signature encryption based on primal light & sound, unique codes & sequencing that contains the intelligence of our multi matrices – all our existences/experiences, our expression, & determines our individualism, & the magic available within our own realm.

All of this information is held in our subconscious, the 4th & 5th dimensional (etheric/astral) planes, known as the Akashic Record.

My role is to help you to access & activate all that is already yours!

* Please note: Due to the intensity of this work, spaces are limited to ensure safe integrity of the group, therefore there is a selection process. The program is for functional/practicing healers & those actively engaged on a spiritual path, therefore not suitable beginners. Please contact me prior to booking so we can connect to see if this training is currently aligned.

For beginners, I offer a 1-2-1 Akashic Foundation training & work at your level. (go to sub menu tab to view)

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akashic records
  • You will learn the fundamental quantum mechanics of the akasha, frequency & consciousness so you have a more expansive knowledge for your own personal growth, & to share with your community for collective expansion.
  • This program will help to empower you to liberate yourself from your own constraints.
  • This program WILL shift what needs to be shifted, it will GIFT what you are aligned & ready for > everything we are seeking is already available within our own Quantum Field, but I witness many lacking the ability to access or even know what that is. But when you do finally unlock that potential, you are more qualified & experienced to use these powerful multi level tools to transform & to help others transform.
  • This program WILL unlock your psychic/intuitional powers & abilities & expand your own intuitional awareness, & the ability to READ for others!
  • This training is ideal for healers/teachers & those already on a spiritual path wishing to dive deeper into their own processes, & to help others.
  • This course is not only a practitioner training, but a deep dive inner healing journey of re-discovery.
  • You will receive energy body upgrades, attunements/activations, transmissions, invocations that re-align & re-attune you to your True Liberated Avatar Self.
  • This work will help to unlock & activate your ACTUAL potential, so you may tap into & receive the gifts of limitless abundance our magical universe has to offer. Their is no limit to what you can achieve, the only thing standing in your way, is your beliefs.
  • To do all of the above for others, using the powerful ascension tools you will learn throughout the program.
  • FREEDOM to work online & remotely, to reach a wider audience, expanding your network & client community.
  • This training will ACTIVATE a Higher Manifestation Timeline so you may ACTUALISE your gifts, goals, dreams.
  • Higher Self Value as a Healer/Transformation Mentor > creating stronger energetic boundaries > more clarity on your niche.
  • This training program is accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
  • You will receive all my akashic reading protocols & decree templates to edit & make your own.

This training is worth the investment just for the healings & meditations! wow! I have done a few akashic sessions, & done a lot of work on myself over the years, but I have never experienced anything so powerful as Mia’s work. I shifted so much more over this 10 weeks than I have in the last 10 years! So very grateful for you Mia, so happy I was recommended to you. Thank you!!!

Love Rach xx

Rachael Davies, UK

Soul Healer

I found Mia on YouTube while searching for akashic info, I resonated with her videos & mediations so contacted her, then booked an akashic reading. Wow, I was so impressed by her accuracy & the specifics of what she picked up, it was mind blowing! Mia works with such high frequencies & so I was not suprised by the power of her healing. I wanted to learn how to do this for my clients as it is such powerful transformative work so I booked on to her Practitioner training. I am reaping the benefits of the clearings & manifestation work we did, actually manifesting my first goal within 3 weeks of setting the intention, other manifestations came after the training ended. I am so happy I listened to my intuition & took the opportunity to work with Mia, I am booked on to her advanced training too. Cannot wait!

Thank you Mia. Many blessings, Marie

Marie Johnson

Quantum Healer & Shamanic Practitioner, Quantum Energy Alignment

What is the AR:
The Akashic Record is both an individual & collective scripture of encoded consciousness containing all of our experiential quantum matrices. It is held within the quantum frequency planes of our higher consciousnesses.
Anyone can access their Akashic Record, all it takes is to vibrate at the same like frequency.
Everything is consciousness. Thought, feeling, emotion, our physical & energy body systems. Each consciousness vibrates at it’s own frequency. The higher the frequency of our systems, the more spiritual intelligence is available to us, so we work to activate the higher frequencies by clearing all the density & distortions that create frequency fences that limit dna accretion.
This 12 weeks training program is about self liberation from the karma matrix that serves to keep humanity locked in ‘victim/victimiser’ reincarnation cycles. Our past/present life karmic patterns, & the karmic debt we inherit from our bloodlines, are what keeps both individuals & collective societies stuck in negative energy loops & disempowerment holding patterns. When we can identify & clear these unconscious/shadow patterns, & the associated low harmonic frequency distortions that limit our potential, we reconnect to our True Essence & open ourselves up to limitless possibilities, resonating with the same higher harmonics of the higher planes/dimensions, so we may better intuit & be led by our own ‘higher wisdom intelligence’.
We are working beyond the surface levels of other modalities such as reiki & other energy healing/bodywork practices that work to treat symptoms rather than root issues, here we work with a specific client reading protocol to access their soul consciousness/records, to identify & address root causes that create hundreds of symptomatic karmic blocks/patterns & multiple light body template distortions. Root issues > negative soul attachments, trauma imprints/implants, entity attachments > psychic attacks/hooks, karmic soul contracts, negative thought projections etc.
Once identified, we work directly on clearing all of the above, then reconfiguring & activating the Light Body Template, our subtle body matrix structure that contains the chakra body & multiple energy body channels.
We are all our own Alchemists, & we each have the ability to transform the multiple layers of density & distortion caused by the imprints of our inherited & perpetual fears, wounds & pains, all held within our bodies & fields, that often prevent us from mastering our full potential in ANY area of life: > career/business/wealth, relationships, spiritual growth, or health.
In my experience, the most common issue I witness in those trying to break away from the limitations of the 3D control matrix systems is the fears, self doubt/lack of self belief/trust, & the inability to ‘see’ themselves as divine, powerful sovereign Beings, mostly as a result of perpetuating limiting perceptions rooted in childhood experiences, inherited generational trauma, & the false belief systems propagated by the ‘control matrix’ designed to disempower & limit our powers & potential.
I was once there. I have worked hard over many years to liberate myself from the frequency fences of social/collective generational control matrix programming.
> The result of my experiential inner work is inside this ‘fast track’ program structured by design to help those who resonate with this work & are called to share this with others <
There is ALWAYS a deep INTEGRATION following this training as we are doing a series of ATTUNEMENTS & DNA/HIGHER ENERGY BODY ACTIVATIONS that will upgrade your multiple Light Body Templates.


This training is suitable for all on a healing/spiritual path, as each will receive ONLY what their body is ready for, however, the work is INTENSE, so if you currently have any TRAUMA RELATED emotional dysregulation or PTSD, please reach out to discuss with me first so I can assess your needs.
Alternatively if I feel it may be too much for you, then we can then work together 1:1 with awareness, safely at your own pace, should you feel called.


Deposit is non refundable, but is transferable should you change your mind or be unable to attend. After the initial non-refundable deposit, I will refund your 70% balance should you be unable to attend due to illness.

I try to be fair, as I understand life events can happen that throw us off course, so I recommend any payments be transferred to a reading or healing session, or another course or package taken at a later date, so you do not lose your investment, or you can sell/gift your investment to friends/family for any of my services.

Thank you for your understanding.



I’ve been working with Mia for almost 2 years now, & experienced all of Her work, had an Akashic reading & completed the Practitioner training last year, & I do her regular monthly healing webinars, & just recently subscribed to her monthly embodied healer ascension academy membership that starts in Jan 2023.

My life has changed on so many levels over this last 18 months, & since then each time I join any of Mia’s deeply transformative sessions I go deeper & open up to another level of who I truly am as a Creator. As she guides us on journeys, another experience & emotions surface for release & transmutation, & are cleared so rapidly, it is incredible! I feel I have accelerated toward a truer version of me. There is a true element of magic in this work that should be honoured, it is powerful work, & I highly recommend anyone to dive in & work with Mia, you will transform!

Thank you Mia, so grateful to have found you.


Andrea Wilken, Spain

Energy Healer