Akashic Reading;

I booked an akashic reading and clearing with Mia and I had no idea what to expect. Being a healer myself, I felt drawn to explore deeper my own unhealed stuff so I can be more effective in my soul work. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information Mia accessed. Although I have done a lot of inner work, there have been several issues that I found I needed some guidance on as I couldn’t access the root causes, & I was blocked from connecting to Spirit which was frustrating.

Mia picked up on these patterns that had plagued me throughout my life and explained where they had come from and why I was experiencing them. Listening to her reading, I had goosebumps throughout as it was so powerful. I experienced some lightbulb moments as she picked up on certain things.

Even though we live in different countries, the healing and clearing session was next level. I could literally feel the physical sensations of where Mia was working and had a very profound meditative journey. She was able to rid me of blocks that had been holding my full potential back. I felt so much lighter and clearer straight away. I have already noticed my ability to connect with source, my guides and my intuition has become much stronger and I feel calmer and more confident.

I highly recommend Mia if you want to take your healing journey to the next level. I am so grateful for her guidance and support. She is genuine, caring and you will be in the very best hands. I look forward to continuing to follow my calling knowing that I am now able to be more effective with those that I work with, and also benefitting my personal relationships too.

Thankyou Mia, your work is incredible!

Emily, UK

Reiki Healer & Tarot Cards

Akashic Records Training, Akashic Reading & Soul Emergence Program;

I have been working with Mia for a year now. Mia is absolutely lovely. A very gentle and pleasant yet so powerful healer and a wise and non-judgmental teacher and mentor. She has infinite acceptance and patience and is very self-aware. Has sound multi-dimensional and very wide and varied, up-to-date subject knowledge in the spiritual field. Has a perfect understanding of the Universe, which she can explain in detail oh so very well. Her sessions are very practical (full of mind-blowing techniques), always uplifting and her theory is so much to the point and makes perfect sense to that moment in time and the layer of consciousness of her students when they take part in them.

Her Akashic readings are extremely accurate and her Soul Emergence – Inner Alchemy and Akashic Records trainings are transformational. They have managed to shift my perspectives, raise my vibration and gave me the tools to keep doing that on my own. They have helped me pinpoint my lessons still to be learnt and the decrees, meditations and techniques are super powerful. Mia is a wonderful soul that I am eternally grateful for.

Thank you, Mia, for everything you do in such a humble yet powerful and absolutely beautiful way!

Lavinia, Romania

Reiki Master & Energy Healer

Akashic Records Training;

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for this training. It’s really interesting to know and understand our soul record and soul story, the blocks and the restrictions, inherited karmic shadows and the last but not the least the healing/ clearing session. I am surprised how easy it is to access the Akashic Records for myself. The information flows easily and helps me to stay in alignment with my higher self and what I receive as my souls path.

Mia, you are a great teacher and have years of experience in reading and healing others. I thank you so much for this wonderful and inspirational work to help others. 🥰🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏 Asha

Asha, Maurittius

Pranic Healer

Akashic Reading, Quantum Healing & coaching sessions
1st step; After the Akashic Reading;
“Hi Mia,
I had the chance to listen to it already. And wow, it’s a big eye opener. Your reading basically wrapped up everything I worked on with self development programs.
It puts all my thoughts & findings in context, on a spiritual level. I have a much better understanding of what’s going on and WHY.
I will listen again and look forward to talking about it with you. And yes, I maneuvered myself in a place where I obviously will not find happiness. I hope your clearing will give me the chance for a fresh start. I am really excited about the process. Thank you so much Mia. Intuition send me to you last Friday 😊 Have a lovely weekend” 😘
2nd step; After the Akashic Clearing following the reading;
“Hi Mia, thank you so much for today’s session! The clearing was intensive. Lots of bodily reactions in several waves. Shivering, cramping, feeling cold, numb fingers. I enjoyed the white, blue, purple, yellow light show 😌
I saw dark grey shadows covering the light twice. One of the “curtains” I am not sure if the clearing could tear it apart. I couldn’t access the yellow light behind but I also fell asleep at some point. I was woken up by the ringing of the intercom one hour after you started the clearing. This was very disturbing but I took a few minutes to check in if you are still around. And just then the family showed up. So I am very curious what is coming up later tonight when it’s quieter again and tonight/ tmw morning. Thank you so much for your guidance, understanding and support” 🙏🥰
Progress messages over the next 21 days client clearing process;
“Mia, I have to thank you 🙏 🙏🙏
I am feeling so much better! I am spending all my evenings on reflection, processing and inner work and yes, I am starting to feel more energized, lighter, happy” ☀️
“Hi Mia,
hope you are well? 🥰
I just wanted to say the reading and clearing is doing amazing things to me. The energy I am receiving is amazing, the clarity, the focus is mind blowing. I am moving forward flawlessly with my start up. Decisions are made within seconds. And the best part. I love to hear to music again which was always too much too handle. Now I am addicted 😊 And lots more is going on. It’s really wow!”
Doris, Hong Kong
Doris G, Hong Kong


After an Akashic Reading & clearing session, I can’t thank Mia enough!. She has helped me move on to better things in my life, with great help and support along the way. I’m enjoying the new me so much, thank you MIa x

Steven, UK

Energy Healer/Coach

I received an incredibly detailed and insightful Akashic records reading by Mia recently, which shed light on some persisting issues on my healing journey. Addressing those issues from a new perspective with the help of Mia allowed me to shift things and move on effectively. The 21 day declaration / clearing that followed was very very powerful and helped to fully seal the changes within and tune in with my essence more than ever. I highly recommend Mia’s healing work. 💚 

Eirene, Thailand

Earth Keeper/Grid Worker

Akashic Records Training;

Hi Mia hope you’re doing great. I released a lot after the clearing and healing in the final training session and it was like a roller coaster. But it’ s calmer now. I’ m looking forward to the inner Alchemy and Advanced level now. The Akashic record training went so quickly and I enjoyed every single session. Mia is great mentor, always there to guide in case of doubt, with her wealth of knowledge she has. English being my second language,I had no problem at all following the class. Mia made the protocols easy to follow and in the simplest format possible and explanations were very clear and easy to understand. Doing Akashic record is helping me transmute my lower vibrations with the invaluable meditations provided by Mia and also raise the vibrations for others around me as well. I’ m now looking forward to the Inner Alchemy in August, super excited. I’ m really grateful to have Mia to guide me. 🙏❤️

Jyoti, UK

Pranic Healer

Akashic Reading & Healing sessions

“I had some Akashic healing sessions last year and they were life changing. Mia spent time explaining everything and helping me see the bigger picture. I have not looked back and would highly recommend these sessions to anyone looking for guidance and healing at a soul level. Mia is very knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate. I have just started my Reiki Master Teacher training with her and really looking forward to the next stage of my journey with a fantastic teacher!” Emma

Emma, Bournemouth, UK

Reiki Master Teacher & Nutritionist

Akashic Reading

I had a few healing sessions with Mia, each one so profound!

The most recent session was an akashic reading & healing session, & it was super powerful and transformative on many levels! I could truly feel physical blocks within my body being lifted. I felt so many different emotions arising during the session, and ultimately ended feeling light, peaceful, and energized.

The information and insight she shared was spot on and allowed me to see and truly accept what I needed to move forward on my journey.

Her energy and presence, even from afar is so powerful and supportive. You can feel her genuine desire to help support others on their healing journey.

I am excited to have another session to dive deeper into my Akashic Records and better understand my souls blueprint.

Thank You Mia!

Brooke, Florida, US

Brooke Patsolic, Florida

Reiki Master, Light-worker, Influencer

Soul Emergence & Alignment Mastery Program

I took part in Mia’s soul manifestation course and it was a deep and profound experience for me.

In my professional work, I’m already a coach that deals with blocks and beliefs and have a range of tools that I use to help myself and clients do this. I wanted to do some deep exploration and work on myself and choose to explore my akashic records.

There was a lot of learning and healing that took place during the weeks that we did the course and doing the work will give you results. As soon as I had finished my 21 days of clearing my phone started ringing. Every time I opened my inbox there was another amazing new opportunity.

Things have happened that I wasn’t expecting and it is really interesting to see how aligned these opportunities are with who I am.

I would highly recommend taking this course and spending this time working deeply on yourself.


Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE, England, UK

NLP Master, Doctor, NLP Coach

Akashic Reading

The reading was really accurate, and triggered questions, and thoughts, and the clearing triggered a few more 😁

It’s like I’m the same person, but I am now looking at myself with different eyes, kind of like I’m re-discovering myself… I gained a deeper understanding of me.

I’m  now feeling good, motivated and confident to get things together and working.

My husband & I each had a separate session with Mia.

Of course this has affected our couple, as everything does, in an interesting way. There are things and patterns that we need/want to change, which is not always easy when they have been for so long. And when we have been used to a way of functioning as a couple for 25 years! 🤣

We’re much better & trying to understand each other more fully. It’s quite fascinating!

It’s quite exciting to perceive your life from a new, brightened perspective, thanks Mia! 🧡

Sarah, Valencia

Sarah V, Valencia

Naturopath & Nutrition Coach

“Akashic Records Training & Soul Emergence – Alignment & Mastery courses:
I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding and clearing aspects of themselves they may not be conscious of as well as people who want to understand their behaviour patterns. During the work as the energy cleared I noticed subtle changes in my life that I believe will evolve into greater changes going forward.
Mia’s approach to teaching is fun and engaging and she’s always available if you need extra support with things that come up.
Every session was a pleasure and I left feeling calm and relaxed, as the energies shift (over the following couple of days) and you clear out old patterns it is possible you have days where you feel exhausted, I definitely did, but this is all part of the process as Mia explains.
While completing the course I also signed up for the akashic practitioner course which shows how much I both enjoyed and valued this information.
Thank you Mia for all the information, tools, knowledge and insights you’ve armed me with going forward, it was a pleasure to do this work and learn from you and I’m looking forward to the next stage.
Stephen Alias

Healer & Soulpreneur

Reiki Practitioner Training & Healing sessions

“Just over a year ago, I came across Mia’s reiki training available on FB. I was determined to transforming my life, but Reiki had not crossed my mind. I took a leap of faith as I felt it could really be a good path for me to work in a field I could finally enjoy what I did as a profession, that would naturally be good for my soul and would make me happy. Well, I threw away my Stonehenge Summer Solstice ticket away as it was exactly the day before the course and I needed to take that really serious. The training was exciting, I was learning something that really resonated with so many things that I believed in, Mia’s passion for it was clear and I felt it was a powerful moment in my life. Today, Reiki is part of my daily routine, it became a way of life, it kick started my healing process and believe me, since then, in only 1 year, without constant practice, I have transformed my life in many many levels. I have healed wounds and issues with my family that I thought it would not happen, I am confident, I no longer live in fear, I have a different perspective on anxiety and depression which mainly ruled my life previously. I am now constantly practicing Reiki, I have new clients and my family and friends are also benefiting from getting to know Reiki with someone they trust. I thought I was transforming a year ago, but this was a huge turning point! I feel truly complete, kick started my self studies in Energy Healing and other career and spiritual interest that have filled my life with joy and passion.
So I hope that if you come across this review and you are either looking for a confirmation or doubting taking one of the courses her coaching offers, my message to you is GO FOR IT! I did and I can truly say not in a million years I would have believed I would transform this quick, at this level. I feel limitless on what I can achieve in life and I finally feel that having a career you love is possible and helping people is nurturing to my soul in so many levels. Thank you Mia for your constant guidance and patience when I need anything. V” 🙏❤️

Vanessa, Bournemouth, UK

Reiki Practitioner

Private 1:1 Yoga Retreat in Nerja

“Having just spent a week with Mia on a one to one basis retreat in Nerja, Spain, I cannot recommend it enough, absolute bliss 😊 I went out as a 60 year old angry, anxious and fed up with life individual but with Mia teaching me yoga & meditation (no previous knowledge of either) and some Reiki healing I have come back totally transformed. I feel empowered and able to deal immediately with anger and anxiety issues I may have left. What a fabulous week doing yoga on the beach watching sunrises and meditating in mountains or by gorgeous lakes and basically get to know ME again with no responsibilities except to myself. This is not boot camp as you also have free time for yourself to swim, sunbathe etc., don’t let age or ability stand in your way as Mia adapts each retreat to suit. I plan on going on another retreat next year, will you ?” Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mia” Sue xx

Susan, Dorset, UK


Reiki Practitioner Training

“As an educator myself I found the course very well done. It was presented in small groups, & was very informative. there was opportunity for some hands on healing within the group and there continues to be follow up support. Thank you very much Mia for a well run course! Namaste” 🙏

Annette, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

School Teacher & Reiki Practitioner

Yoga & Meditiation Retreat

I had the opportunity to follow Mia’s yoga and meditation sessions for a 6 days retreat in Koh Chang, Thailand. She is an excellent yoga teacher! Since the very first lesson it was clear she loves what she does and her energy is just contagious ! Mia muchas gracias por todo. Ha sido todo un honor conocerte y espero sigamos en contacto! Elena

Elena, Spain

Graphic Designer

Reiki Master Training & Akashic Reading;

I’ve known Mia for almost two years now after meeting her in a wellness center in Vietnam, and have received from her, a few reiki & akashic healing sessions. I am always so amazed by her intuitive vision and accuracy. The most recent I received was the Akashic Reading, healing and clearing, as well as the energy body re-programming. The healing was more powerful and transformative than I could have imagined! It was the most perfect gift I could give myself to start the new year.

She was able to bring light to old wounds and suffering that I had been holding onto, to allow me to move forward, with openness and love. I’ve received so much clarity and understanding from situations from the past, that has given me the perspective I’ve needed to move forward. It has been less than a week and the results from this session have been the most transformative I have ever had. Thank you Mia for your beautiful heart, and your pure intent and desire to heal others, and set them free. You have helped me more than you know❤️ Brooke

Brooke, Florida, US

Spiritual Teacher & Creative Entrepreneur

Reiki Practitioner Training

For so many years I have been looking for someone who could teach me energy healing but I never had the chance, till a couple of weeks ago when my friend introduced Mia to me for Reiki classes. She told me she was known to be a great instructor. Trusting my friend’s judgment I signed up for Reiki I and II and when I took her two day intensive course, I was speechless. She is indeed a great teacher with amazing qualities. Whatever she taught me resonated with me and actually gave me the answers of my many unanswered questions. I strongly recommend you to take her couses without any hesitation. Thank you so much Mia. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 you taught me a great deal

Mary, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yoga Teacher & Healer

Yoga & Meditiaton Retreat

My friend and I were very lucky to spend a one week yoga retreat with Mia at The Spa Koh Chang in Thailand, and even more lucky to have Mia as our teacher. We signed up to a few private classes too. She understood brilliantly to go into our personal needs as well as teaching us new technics in yoga and meditation (will never forget the partner yoga 😁🙏). Her way to teach is at the same time cordial, perceptive and professional and we learnt so much on the physical and spiritual level. We are very grateful to have meet Mia and will surely follow her future projects to experience more beautiful moments! THANK YOU Mia 😍

Anja, Belgium


Akashic Reading & Quantum Healing

This akashic healing was absolutely wonderful! I felt so much more grounded, balanced, relaxed and clear minded immediately after! It was truly amazing being able to feel your energy across the miles that separated us.

It was amazing how the reading suited exactly my life and what was going on at this time. I had lost track of my journey I had set out on a year ago and your reading was able to see that and help re guide my focus back to what’s truly important.. Me �

Thank you again Mia for everything ��

5 stars
Mel, LA, US

Yoga Teacher

Reiki Practitioner Training;

Hey everybody, Mia is a great healer & mentor, she’s guaranteed to teach you all you need to know and give all here effort to help you out for the greater good. I am a student from long distance and am currently a level 2 Reiki attuned healer thanks to her. I couldn’t have asked for a greater mentor!

Stanley, Miami, Florida

Reiki Master & Quantum Healer

Reiki Training & Soul Emergence Course

After experiencing this Reiki attunement and practicing the act of meditation with Mia’s help & mentoring, it has been nothing short of life changing. It’s one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I honestly feel transformed and realigned.

It’s become integral and I am forever grateful for her incredible unparalleled beautiful guidance through this process. Highly recommend you won’t look back…

Nyon, London, UK