My Story, in brief:

Within the first 18 years of my life, I had experienced more than the average trauma, both PTSD & C-PTSD.

I also grew up with emotionally unavailable parents, rarely feeling safe as a result of experiences no child should have to experience, & sadly not having the support to co-regulate & heal from these experiences as a result of my parents dealing with their own pains.

I had my first mini awakening at the age of 16, where I was ‘shown’ the true magnitude of the state of society at large, I knew I had to make changes to break negative family patterns, as I refused to follow the social constructs that appeared so ‘alien’ to me, even as a young child.

I guess that intention/choice, together with my childhood traumas, set the wheels in motion for my life to play out the way it did, to heal what needed to be healed within my own bloodline lineages. I experienced acute anxiety & depression in my late 20’s, which led me on to a holistic healing path, as I had witnessed how conventional medicine had not helped my mother & my grandparents with their traumas, of which I had also inherited imprints & patterning from both parties.

Over the course of a few years, I dived into many courses & training programs to self heal, studied endlessly to learn about human behaviour, epigenetics, quantum mechanics, & the spiritual laws that govern our Solar system, as my intuitional guidance was that there is something greater at play.

I became a Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher, Transformation Coach, Akashic Soul Realignment Practitioner & Teacher, Crystal Healer, Aura & Chakra Realignment Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Quantum Healer, Light Body Healer, DNA Theta-Healing Practitioner.

For the last 10 years I have been travelling around working in retreats & wellness centers, dividing my time between Thailand, India, Bali & Europe.

In 2020 I created Akashic Ascension Academy, & facilitate my own Akashic Records Training Programs, helping Healers to advance & expand & step fully in to their role as embodied Healers.

I offer one to one Akashic Readings/Healing, & a specialized Akashic Transformation/Shadow Body Integration program, which is a combination of inner alchemy & akashic training.

I wrote my first ebook in 2015 so that I can share my work and knowledge further in order to assist and reach more people around the world. The book is full of simple to follow tips & techniques to help you begin or deepen your spiritual practice. Its a great little introduction to those starting out or looking to delve deeper into energy work & working with the chakra & energy body systems.

Change just needs willpower, discipline & determination, & the help of the right coach/mentor, or teacher to guide you, just as I did when I started my journey of self healing & realization, way back when whilst I was living on the magical island of Ibiza.

I hope to meet you on your journey & that our paths will cross somewhere.
I am only too happy to help you and will continue to share my work to assist those in need whilst travelling.

Please feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation if there is anything you need help with, to see if we are aligned to work together.

WhatsApp:  +44 (0) 7496454628

You can also follow my healing & inspiration vlogs/blogs to stay inspired, via my YouTube channel in the menu section & feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the widget tabs. I send out a fortnightly/monthly newsletter with updates on upcoming programs so sign up for those to stay in the loop.

I hope to connect with you soon, & share our journey together.

Much Love & light blessings on your path.


mia renner healing coach online
mia renner healing coach online