Each individual Soul here on this planet has a DIVINE purpose.

Our true nature is that of totality, LOVE – SELF & ALL – of limitless potential & abundance …. sadly ‘society’ has conditioned humanity with fiction & beliefs that OUR capabilities lay outside of ourselves, in a ‘system’ controlled by low frequency agendas.

I’m here to show those ready to awaken to their true self that this is a FALSE REALITY.

We are ALL capable of ANYTHING. The Universe is LIMITLESS. WE are expressions of the Universe, & equally, our own Divine Creators!

It is my purpose to share with you the processes that transformed my life. I created my signature programs based around the following core aspects;

Inner Alchemy – Transformation. Finding your OWN elixir to transmute the blocks & self limitations.
Awakening – To your spiritual/super intelligence – your higher consciousness, & your natural ability to evolve & shine your gifts.
Ascension – The spiritual elevation of consciousness, for personal & collective expansion.

mia renner healing coach online
mia renner healing coach online

After having my own awakening at the age of 18, where I was ‘shown’ the true magnitude of the state of society at large, I knew I had to change & so worked hard on healing my own bloodline.

I dived into many programs & certified trainings, studied endlessly to learn about human behaviour & quantum law.

I certified in many energy healing modalities, became a Yoga Instructor, a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual/Transformation Coach, & Akashic Soul Realignment Practitioner & Teacher.

For the last 10 years I have been travelling around working in retreats & wellness centers, dividing my time between Thailand, India, Bali & Europe.

I offer online Akashic Records reading & healing sessions, certified Reiki & Meditation Trainings, private specialized immersion retreats, Spiritual Transformation healing & coaching, certified Akashic Records training.

Over many years, I studied & certified in the following modalities;

Akashic Soul Realignment
DNA Theta-Healing
Reiki Master Teacher
Crystal Healing.
Animal Healing.
Earth Healing
Ascension – Angelic/Master Attunements,
Aura & Chakra Healing.
Thai Yoga Therapy
Guided Journeying – past life regression.
Quantum Touch.
Meditation Teacher Trainer.

Change just needs willpower, discipline & determination, & the help of the right coach/mentor, or teacher to guide you, just as I did when I started my journey of self healing & realization, way back when whilst I was living on the magical island of Ibiza.

I wrote my first ebook, ‘Chakra & Energy Body Transformation’ in 2015, so that I can share my work and knowledge further in order to assist and reach more people around the world. The book is full of simple to follow tips & techniques to help you begin or deepen your spiritual practice. Its a great little introduction to those starting out or looking to delve deeper into energy work & working with the chakra & energy body systems. 

I have written many workshop & coaching blueprints over the last few years, & am currently writing my next ebook on the power of a meditation practice.

I hope to meet you on your journey & that our paths will cross somewhere.
I am only too happy to help you and will continue to share my work to assist those in need whilst travelling.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you need help with. I am available for one to one video chat & online coaching sessions.

or WhatsApp +44 (0) 7496454628

You can also follow my healing and travel blogs to stay inspired, sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay updated, and feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the website tabs.

Much Love & light blessings