1-2-1 Hyperdimensional Entity & Implant Removal Course

During this intensive training, you will learn about the many different entities & implants, & how to remove & clear your own, to restore spiritual sovereignty & self liberate from occultism & the limitations of the 3D control matrix, for your own personal inner alchemy & bio spiritual regenesis, & to facilitate a much deeper level of personal & spiritual expansion & advancement.

In this training, I work at your level, meeting you where you are at on your current path.

Unfortunately, we are not just experiencing interference from unseen negative astral forces & malevolent beings, we live in a society where we are constantly experiencing occult interferences: invisible forces – subliminal messaging/black magic/thought broadcasts/thought viruses, & psychotronic ‘attacks’ from toxic radio waves being emitted in to the stratosphere from multiple sources.
This course has been created to bring awareness to those called, to protect, shield, & heal yourself & loved ones from these negative invisible structures, so we may maintain harmony & balance in a beautiful world that has sadly been corrupted by chaos & disorder.
We are the ones called to restore order & balance, & we do this brick by brick, by liberating ourselves from the frequency fence/control matrix, & returning to a state of spiritual autonomy & sovereignty. 
Entities & Implants. What are they?
Entities & implants are etheric/lower astral energetic structures that attach to our etheric & astral bodies – not just our chakras & bio field, but the etheric layers of our physical body: dna, brain, heart, GI, kidneys, liver organs/glands/tissues etc.
Entities & Implants are spiritual, mental, emotional parasites/viruses/psychic hooks/threads/plugs that can disrupt & distort our whole psyche, & can cause both physical & energetic pain & unexplainable fears & trauma, depending on the nature of the entity/implant.
Many of us have multiple implant attachments that keep us stuck in perpetual states of fear, panic, anger, depression, or chronic fatigue/inertia, can cause unexplainable autoimmune disorders such as ME, fybromayalgia, & other such body trauma, as well as inflammation in the body that can develop in to other dis-eases.
No amount of healing will return your to a natural state of balance unless the implant/s is removed & dissolved.
Internal Implants: We can ‘create’ our own implants, often by way of a coping/defence or survival mechanism, usually instigated through adverse personal experiences &/or traumatic events.
External Implants: Some implants may be ‘beneficial’ , even life saving, such as the many different medical or aesthetic implants, transfusions, vaccinations, pace-makers, rods/pins etc, while some are used for mind control & other such nefarious agendas as control mechanisms: political, social, economic, religious, cult, & other such, of which I cannot write about here, for censorship reasons! These are created by seen & unseen forces that walk amongst us.

Example of Hyperdimensional Entity Implants:

  • Alien/AI Implants > Artificial Soul Overlays/DNA & Chakra Overlays/False Memory Overlays
  • Trauma Implants
  • False Karma Implants
  • Addiction Implants
  • Metatronic Reversal Implants
  • Mind Control/Hive Mind Implants
  • DNA Blocking Implants
  • J-Seals/Crystal Seals

Implants can cause unexplainable terror & trauma in our body, pull us off our soul path to block ascension, prevent spiritual & personal growth/potential, keep us locked in perpetual negative energetic or psycho-somatic/psycho-spiritual looping, keep us locked in old past/present life story timelines, or create false stories & illusions to perpetuate continuous miasma patterning.

Implants are used to drain or loosh our life force energy. Depending on the nature of the implants, one can become physically sick if not removed.

For most of humanity, implants are believed to be a controversial phenomena, however, I can assure you, they are VERY REAL. Seen & experienced.
What to expect during the training:
  • You will learn about the different types of implants.
  • Reconfiguring the Light Body Architecture & DNA Silicate matrix
  • Clearing Antahkarana & Monadic channels.
  • Remote viewing & HSP.
  • How to remote view & remove & neutralise your own implants.
  • Energy training techniques to keep your spiritual immune system healthy & strong so you may repel any intrusions.
  • Healing for Bio Energy Regenesis & Spiritual Alchemy.
  • You will leave with valuable & powerful tools to continuously help yourself at any time you feel you may have an implant, as we continue to create & receive implants throughout our lives due to the nature of the world we live in.
** NOTE:
Suitable for those engaging in all levels of Spiritual/Energy Practices.
Once you have booked, you will be invited to join a private facebook group where you can practice on other group participants & receive & give an implant entity removal & bio regenesis healing session.
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Investment:  £555

This is a 2 days intensive consisiting of 5 – 6 hours.

Estimated Sessions Times: 2.5 – 3 hours.

9:30am – 12:30pm London
10:30am – 13:30pm Europe
16:30pm – 19:30pm Bangkok


I recommend to give yourself a couple of hours after each session to rest as the energy work can be intense.
You will each receive a session Blueprint manual with info of all implants + a protocol.
Once booked, please contact me via WhatsApp/Telegram or Email to be added to the registration list & private facebook training group.
WA or Tel:
+ 44 (0) 7496454628
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