Learn about the many different implants & how to remove & clear your own for inner alchemy & bio regenesis, personal development, expansion & advancement.
Q: Implants. What are they?
A: implants are etheric energy structures that attach to our energetic bodies – not just our chakras & bio field, but the etheric layers of our physical body: dna, brain, heart, GI, kidneys, liver organs/glands/tissues etc.
Implants are spiritual, mental, emotional & physical parasites, viruses & psychic attacks/hooks that disrupt & distort our whole psyche.
Implants can cause both physical & energetic pain & trauma, depending on the nature of the implant.
Many of us have multiple implant attachments that keep us stuck in perpetual states of fear, panic, anger, depression, or chronic fatigue/inertia, can cause unexplainable autoimmune disorders such as ME, fybromayalgia, & other such body trauma, as well as inflammation in the body that can develop in to other dis-eases.
No amount of healing will return your to a natural state of balance unless the implant/s is removed & dissolved.
We can ‘create’ our own implants, often as coping/defence or survival mechanisms instigated through adverse personal experiences &/or traumatic events.
Implants are also external devices, some being ‘beneficial’ or life saving, such as the many different medical or aesthetic implants, while some are used for mind control & other nefarious agendas as control mechanisms: political, social, economic, religious, cult, & other such, of which I cannot write about here, for censorship reasons!
Hyperdimensional Entity Implants:
Etheric Implants
Alien/AI Implants
Trauma Implants
Mind Control Implants
Physical Implants
Implants can pull us off our soul path, block our spiritual & personal growth & potential, keeping us locked in negative loops, stuck in old past/present life stories or create false stories & illusions to perpetuate continuos miasma patterning.
Implants drain or suck our life force energy.
Depending on the nature of the implants, one can become physically sick.
You will learn about the different types of implants, & how to remote view & remove your own implants, & reconfigure your DNA & collective Light Body, for Bio Energy Regenesis.
You will leave with tools to continuously help yourself as we create & receive implants throughout our lives due to the nature of the world we live in.
If you are a Healer you can use these processes to help others.
** NOTE:
Not suitable for beginners to Spiritual/energy healing due to intensity.
This is a live interactive 5 hours,
2 days intensive – 2.5 hours each day
  • Sat & Sun ~ 24 & 25 June
    9:30 – 12pm uk TZ
    10:30 – 13pm central europe TZ
    3:30pm – 6pm bkk asia TZ
Includes a session Blueprint manual with info of all implants + removal & regenesis techniques.
Exchange £299
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