Ancestral Healing


This is a deep dive immersion to identify the unconscious/shadow programming & quantum entanglements you have inherited from your Mother/Father bloodlines by way of subconscious & energetic imprinting & family patterns – traumas, pains, beliefs, fears & learned behaviours.

Just as an individual has an Akashic Record, so does a family bloodline. Just as we may inherit family heirlooms, we inherit the karmic debt of our predecessors going back many generations.

These imprints are held within both our physical/cellular body template & energy body blueprint/templates. We carry the emotional imprinting from our mother, stationed in the sacral center/womb, & the dna cellular imprinting from our father, stationed in the base/root chakra.

An Ancestral reading will help you to identify & release any direct trauma imprints inherited from Mother/Father, inter-generational trauma wounding, all of which influence our perceptions & how we interact.

This reading will help you to look deeper into & address at ancestral level, the negative family patterns, karmic shadows/personality programs, & any other karmic debt you may be ‘holding’ in your cellular memory from the Mother/Father bloodlines, so we can work to alchemise these inherited limiting or disruptive blocks.

We can inherit physical, mental & emotional wounding from our Mother/Father & bloodlines as early as in utero/pre-birth. We may also inherit Parental trauma during a difficult birth/arrival experience.

As young children, we typically absorb the energy of our environment during the first 7 years of our lives, through the behaviour/expression/language of our parents & grandparents, who have inherited & experienced much of the same during their life cycles, as well as from the surrounding collective society/culture. These inherited blocks & patterns shape & influence most of our beliefs/fears, & we can go on to manifest the imprints of generational trauma wounding into our own life experiences, & then pass them on to our own children, & so the family akashic record/consciousness remains trapped inside a negative or trauma energy loop.

And so the cycle continues until it is consciously transformed by living relatives who chose to take on this pretty big but ever so beautiful responsibility. I believe this is why many of us are here now, to heal & transform the collective inter-generational wounding, lifetimes of war, famine, genocide, persecution – much of it religious, race & gender related.

By identifying & clearing these inherited imprints & entanglements from within the family records/consciousness, we not only liberate ourselves, but also our living & departed family members. We help to restore any ancestral attachments or lost/fragmented energy from our living or departed ancestors, which can draw on our life force energy & leave us feeling drained, fearful or anxious. This healing is often witnessed by us as subtle energy shifts within our living relatives. We may also feel the shifts within our Family Quantum Field as our Ancestor’s energy is released.

Remember; We do not have to be the by-product of our bloodlines, epigenetics has shown that we can transform our genetic coding by re-programming our inherited learned behaviours/beliefs/thought patterns etc.

ABOUT THE SESSION: a 2 part process:

  • First a reading to identify any negative ancestral programming.
  • Followed by an ancestral karmic clearing & DNA reconfiguration – includes a 21 day Self Healing/Clearing integration.
  • Plus a guided Ancestral Healing Journey via zoom + a recording for you to access at anytime.


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Akashic Records Training & Ancestral Healing

Wow Mia I’m blown away by this training! This is an amazing program & it’s so powerful, I have cleared so much baggage over the last weeks, especially after the ancestral healing journey, it has helped me to look at my parents through more compassionate eyes, & I have seen a definite shift in my relationship with my mother, it has cleared some pain between us. 

This program is worth the investment just to do the healings & meditations. I have never experienced such powerful techniques in my life, & I’ve been a healer for many years. Thank you Mia. Rachael

Anna – Lena Testimonial:

I am connecting to much higher energies as a result of the healings & training Mia. I’m also feeling much more connected to others & to my body. I feel so aligned to your energy & teachings & I’m so grateful to have been guided to you. This work is truly next level as you said it was, I under-estimated your words lol….  I’m feeling so clear & fully aligned to my purpose after working with you.

Highly highly recommend Mia’s work, the trainings, the readings &  healings. She is a gem of wisdom & knowledge. Thank you so much!! Please keep sharing your knowledge. Love Anna-Lena

Rachael Davies

Shamanic Practitioner & Quantum Healer

Just as DNA emits & receives photons and radio frequencies, we pick up unresolved emotional wounds of our ancestors and carry those programs in our emotional bodies.

Our current 3D Blueprint is being upgraded, bringing up a lot of old ancestral wounding in the living family members, which needs to be transmuted as we transition this intense ascension timeline.

Because we inherit our parents genes, we can inherit the physical as well as the mental & emotional aspects, so by definition, the negative traits, patterns & the imprints & programs that have been passed down through the generational lineage.

In my experience, healing & transformation begins with understanding our own personal human design, our generational blueprint/DNA.

Science teaches that the physical body is made up of cells that have the potential to self regulate.

As Humans, we have the capacity to assist & deepen this process by understanding & healing our ancestral lineage.

We each have the innate intelligence, & capability should we choose this journey.

We can ‘inherit’ physical, mental, emotional behaviours from our bloodline, however, we are all born with a unique template, so we do not have to be defined by these conditions, we do not need to ‘accept’ our genetic make up, it is not set in stone, & we can change it

The body has its own capacity & ability to heal & regenerate when given the correct environment.

DNA changes & our cellular system restores itself cyclically.

Each organ/cell having it’s own specific timeline of restoration & regeneration

Therefore, we can shift & transmute all illness & disease, if we CHOOSE to.

Our choices, are merely based on our perceptions & beliefs.

The mainstream narrative is that as we age, we will become sick, so the collective accept & believe this narrative, & so what happens, we become sick. Of course the body will age, it is part of the human process, but that does not mean we need to accept illness as part of our process. We can all retain longevity & health & live long healthy lifestyles if we have awareness.

*Acknowledgment is power, & fundamental in facilitating our own healing & re-awakening processes.

*Acceptance is key to understanding where we are in this moment, & making the necessary choices to change.