Two simple steps to Self Healing & Transformation.

Its great time to begin with the Virgo New Moon energy upon us.
Read on…….

New Moon = New beginnings.
September – Harvest Moon = Planting seeds. Growth.

We all want change at some point in our life. To improve a situation, to improve a relationship. To be a better person.
Many of us know we need to change our lives, but, why stay in an unhappy situation, job, relationship, etc, yet so many get lost & do not know where to begin.
We get so confused that we end up not doing anything at all. STAGNATING IN OUR OWN MISERY.

Before we develop an ego, we are pure. Happy. Blissful. Peaceful. Only needing the basics, food & water… Survival aspects.
This is our ‘True Nature’ …. This is how the Universe wants us to live.
In harmony. In balance.
Then ego comes, greed, selfishness, Me Me Me… I I I …. Conditions.
Thats when things start to change.

So, what can you do to go back to your ‘True Nature’? To change? To improve your life, your current situation? To lose the ego greed, the ego desires? The neediness.

There are two fundamental, yet very simple steps to begin your journey. In my opinion of course. Its what helped me to transform my life.

Step 1) Self Awareness.
*Become aware of your current state of mind.
When we do not acknowledge or accept where we are in the present moment, we lose the ability to recognise the need for change.
So, spend time turning inwards, reflecting, contemplating, self – study. Meditation……. but do it without latching on to it, without
self-judgement, without self-criticism.

*Just sit & breath, relax……..
observe your state of being right now.
When you take your energy to the back of your body & look out from the deeper space within, through the centre of intuition/wisdom/understanding/higher intelligence – the 3rd eye, our perception changes as we connect to our higher self.
This will help us to acknowledge & accept ourselves, right here, right now. Let go of the pressure to be happy. Just be.
With self acceptance comes a state of peace.

Step 2) Spend time alone.
*Do not look for your peace or happiness in another person.

Peace & Happiness are INTERNAL states.
Projecting your happiness onto someone else is needy, selfish, & puts burden & pressure on the relationship. On the other person.
Is this fair to them? No. We energetically ‘demand’ happiness from the other person, its often a subconscious action, both unaware of the internal demands, but the soul feels it. The other person reacts by retreating.
Then comes the external problems.

*Before entering into a relationship, practise the first step, often. Until you accept yourself, faults & all. The good, the bad & the ugly.
This will help you to gain self knowledge & understanding. To gain self love & self compassion.

Do not search for a partner until you have reached a balanced state of being.

When we are un balanced, we will most likely attract others of the same frequency, & what happens? Two people in a relationship in the same internal state of unhappiness, resulting in drama, turmoil, & potentially toxic situations.

So make it your business to heal, find your internal state of peace & acceptance.
Then you will likely attract people who compliment you. Who you can ‘consciously work’ with to grow & teach each other the joys of partnership, union, solidarity & mutual unconditional love.

No time like the present to change.
New Moon energy – new beginnings, transformation, new start.
Set an intention to begin your journey. Be clear. Be focused.
The Universe responds to intention.

*Energy flows where intention goes*

Honour yourself. Honour the Earth. Honour the Divine light within 🙏

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New Moon love & blessings beauties ✨🌙✨
Have an awesome day
Loves ✨ Mia ✨

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