*Latest travel blog – Trust the Flow

Done a lot of reflection this last few days on this huge journey of ‘letting go of attachment’ & ‘Trust’ i began back in July last year, when I decided to give up everything I ‘owned’ & go back to my nomadic lifestye …..& I find it so amazing that when u surrender & let go, you are taken places, physically & energetically, where you never could even have begun to imagine!

I left the UK in September last year with an ‘open’ plan of spending 6 months in India, then 6 months in Bali, then maybe going to Costa Rica this winter if I still had money to support. (I dont, Im down to my last few hundred, but Im trusting the flow as always)

Anyway, point is, I went with an OPEN heart, & an OPEN mind, with trust & faith that I will be supported & guided wherever I go.

I ended up diverting ‘off path’ & found myself travelling around Thailand & Cambodia, never even imagined myself there, was not on my list of places I wanted to go… I kind of ‘woke up’ from a travelling daze when i was in Cambodia in the back of a rickshaw & I laughed to myself as I thought ‘shit, Im in bloody Cambodia, wot the heck, how did I get here!’?
Then ended up in Gili, Lombok 😄
Then I got into trouble with the Indonesian immigration, (thats a story for another time!) that was super scary as I faced deportation, 2 weeks of utter fear & anxiety as they held my passport …….. but finally they let me go in peace ✨🙏✨ phew! Still working on that ‘lesson’..

Now, Ive been presented with another amazing opportunity for growth, & go to Vietnam to work in a wellness center to help develop a project in Hoi an.
How did that happen!? Vietnam was NOT on my list either!? 🤔
But everything feels so good, & I trust. As always.

If things dont work out, I leave, its an experience, a lesson in my growth.
If things go great & I love it there, Im continuing to do wot I love, travel, teach, helping others, & continuing my growth, experience, learning.. Either way, its win win, & I get to see amazing things & meet amazing souls on the journey…… How awesome is that!

So, the moral to this short blog, is, if you doubt, in any way, if you fear ‘letting go’ giving up everything, of failure, dont! Coz you will never fail at anything. You may lose ‘things’ that you can buy again, its just stuff.
You will only grow, live, experience.
If it doesn’t work out, you can start again. Somewhere else. A chance for a new life. New day. New beginning. To be re-born.
The Universe has got your back. It will always work for your highest good. The shit things that may happen along the way are just lessons, for transformation & your development.
We love, we lose. Thats life. Everything else in between is experience.
Get out there & face your fears!
You will NEVER regret it!
Embrace life ✨🙏✨
Do something, today.
✨Carpe diem✨