The Ego. Self reflection – mirroring

Ive been doing a lot of thinking these last few months, serious self contemplation about the life process & our relation to ego…
When we first begin or acknowledge the process of self awareness & self discovery, & begin our healing journey towards transformation & change, our first observation is of the ego-self, & what that actually means.

We are taught, in meditation, mindfulness, spiritual development or yoga etc, to dissolve the ego, to acknowledge it & let it go, to understand the difference between our soul chatter (higher self) & ego chatter (monkey mind). Its often a challenge, coz our thoughts create feeling, which creates emotion, & emotion creates action & re-action.

But its come to my attention recently, well a while ago actually, but ive been sitting with it, that we need to allow certain aspects of the ego self to remain with us. For our own protection & sanity..

For example: ive been trying to understand a deeper level of conscious mirroring of late, you no the old saying ‘what you see in others is a reflection of self, shadow aspects, blah blah blah’ …….. while this is predominantly true, in my humble opinion, its not always the case, or as simply black & white….
But I do believe in the perception we have of ourselves is what others’ see in us. Totally!

This is where the ego self comes in. When we value ourselves, or have confidence & high levels of self esteem, or see our own beauty & inner beauty, see our own intellect or uniqueness (not in a vain egotistical manner, but humbly, of course) others will too value us, & we will see like energy returned……. when we are down & feel shit about ourselves, we project that, so others cannot see our unique value or feel attracted to our beauty….
So while its important to look for the ‘mirror’ aspect in others in order to learn about ourselves, i think it’s more important to do the internal work on loving & nurturing yourself to shine, not for others’ reflection, but for you!

It is much more important to work on loving ourselves, understanding the self, having compassion, non judgement, not criticising, or analysing the self so harshly, to treat ourselves gently, as you would an wounded person, child, or animal, in order to send out that vibration you wish to mirror…. So instead of focusing on ‘what reflection is this person sending to me/what do i need to learn from this person’ you are already doing the work by bringing the awareness to the self by loving, nurturing, focusing on raising your own energy vibration to match the cosmic frequencies, so that you attract likeminded souls on the same high vibration, that you equally value eachother rather than ‘test’ eachother or attract people that test & challenge you. The universe can be quite harsh at times, sending us things we ‘need’ for our growth… i dont know about you, but im tired of thinking, tired of processing other peoples shit and taking it on, uninvited, creating more problems for myself as I try to process it all…. my brain wants to rest, relax, be quiet, I dont want to ‘work’ anymore, I need a break from it all! Im tired of being patient & tolerant of other peoples bullshit, which is not always a mirror, sometimes its just that, ‘their shit’! You just happen to be in their path at that given moment.. But you can apply the universal lesson and use it as a test to you, what you have learned to become to yourself with your self compassion, tolerance & non judgement, & walk away, & leave them to get on with ‘their own shit’… Compassionately & with love, of course. Coz that’s actually the fundamental lesson the universe is actually sending to you…… Self love, & self value.
Everything else is just relative ☺️

So thats my thought on mirroring, my little ‘aha’ moment of realisation this last few days, just focus on being kind & gentle to me, & the rest will simply ‘mirror’ without too much effort.
*hopefully 💖🙏

Look forward to hearing your thoughts…..