It is vitality important in this fast paced modern world we live in to stay open & heart-centred. There are so many objects that can drain our energy & lower our vibration, be it from internal or external forces. Simple things like TV’s, mobile phones, wireless connectors all have the capacity to keep our energy low. Friends, family, work, chores, again, everyday things that can lower & drain us. When we stay centred & open-hearted we feel calm, focused & balanced, we help to shield ourselves energetically from the low energies around that may negate us. Instead of allowing others to ‘pull you down’, staying balanced & centred allows you to rise above the low frequencies & you have the capacity to pull others up to your high vibrational frequency, thus transforming those around you. How to stay centred? Just breath. Deeply. Inhale into the heart, & as you exhale, long, slow, controlled breathing, send that heart energy down through the central channel into the lower chakras, out into the earth, allowing any low energies to be transmuted by the positive earth frequency. Repeat, until you feel calm, centred, & at peace. Just a few minutes of conscious breathing each day can transform you, instilling the inner-peace & joy we deserve as spiritual beings. Samadhi. The last three steps of the ‘eight limbs of Patanjali; Dharana – focus, concentration – preparing for meditation Dyhana – contemplation, reflection to meditation, leading to Samadhi – purity of mind resulting in union & bliss With love from Anahata – the heart Mia