Are you in denial? Are you ‘Spiritually Sleeping’? Oh the irony! ….

I kind of wrote about this in my book a couple of years ago, without giving it a name ‘spiritual bypassing’ as I’d not really heard the term at that point….

✨Spiritual Bypassing.
A term used for those who engross themselves in spiritual practises (or addicted to using therapists) to help themselves feel better, to take away the pain, but do so without taking any responsibility for their ‘internal world’, or facing up to their pain/shadow/dark side, by throwing themselves into ‘light’ practises … (I did it too, think we all do it at some point until we wake up).

We have this fallacy ‘I must not be judgemental, angry, critical, sad, emotional’ …..instead telling ourselves ‘I must be & show only love, be compassionate, peaceful, happy, etc etc’. thus not facing the inner traumas, the reason we turned to Spirituality in the first place…. To heal.

How can you heal if you don’t face the shadow, if you refuse to face up to the shit happening around you, the stuff triggering this pain within…… ?

Oh Ye, coz its ‘just an illusion’ !!!

I hear this so many times from ‘gurus’, it’s the most stupid statement I have ever heard.
Really, so it’s ‘just an illusion’ that a terrorist just blew himself up & took hundreds of people with him is it!?
It’s ‘just an Illusion’ that the crazy guy just walked into a school & shot 50 kids is it? That a maniac just brutally killed animalS for fun or sport!?
I suppose world disasters are ‘just an illusion’ to right, that the earthquake or landslide just buried a thousand people? People dying of cancer horrifically, illusion!?
The people reporting this on the news are part of this same illusion, right?

Seriously! There’s a huge misconception in the term ILLUSION.


It is part of you, it’s part of us, the real world.
We have to stay real. Grounded. Eyes open, not closed to the reality of our world. In order to help, you have to be aware.

Pain exists. As much as joy exists.

Spiritual practises can be addictive, because they do help you to feel better…
We all feel nice after a yoga or meditation class right?, or after a nice therapy or workshop… Same kind of high we get after taking drugs or alcohol right? Which is why many become addicted to substances too.

There is alot of ‘falseyfying’ spirituality by teachers/gurus, who can mislead their students into spiritual bypassing, (usually because they also are unaware), often without explaining the necessity of doing their own internal study, & this leads to a continuation of suffering … Because they are actually sleeping in their spirituality, rather than being awakened to this shadow/negative/dark side of existence ….. ‘Spiritually Sleeping’ ……. As I said above, ironic huh!?

✨’Spiritually Suffering’.

There are also those who believe they ‘need to stay suffering’ coz it’s their karma/learning etc’ they believe it’s the Universal Will/Gods Will/Bhuddas Will etc etc….
They may even ‘accept’ being mistreated or abused by others as part of their ‘journey’, or accept a persons bad behaviour towards them because ‘we need to send them compassion, they are hurting & I know better as I’m spiritual’ (this actually happens a lot!) so allow the person to continue their bad behaviour towards them…. This causes each person to vibrate on such a low frequency they will each find it difficult to grow, thus stagnating in this density, & projecting this vibration into their environment.

✨Spiritual bypassing. It’s an interesting subject & this book/blog below explains it very well …
Spiritual Bypassing – Avoidance in Holy Drag, by Robert Masters MD. He sure explains it better than me.

✨Personally, my opinion on spirituality is about self realisation, self awareness, self knowledge & self study… understanding all aspects, of Self & reality, the dark & the light, the good, the bad & the ugly, as Clint Eastwood says… But it’s also about having values, boundaries & self respect…

✨Loving the Self.
How can you love yourself if you allow others to mistreat you because you are ‘spiritual’ or its your karma/lesson?
How can you set boundaries or have Self Value if you allow & accept their ill behaviour?
Because you are spiritually bypassing.
It’s Self abuse.

✨ Spirituality has taught this to me…
We can be compassionate to others but have boundaries, we can be loving & supportive but draw a line, we can be in a state of love & bliss, with awareness to our own emotions, & accept & allow ourselves to express our dark side, our ‘negative’ emotions, when we feel the need to express, rather than suppress it because we are ‘spiritual’ & we shouldn’t show this side of ourselves. Sure we don’t need to go out projecting it, we can stay home & meditate on it. Journal it.

Anger, fear, sadness, is as much part of our essence as joy, bliss, peace. To deny this is ignorance.

To be in a constant state of positivity is as much an in-balance as being in a constant state of negativity.
It’s false. You are not being true to yourself.
You lack authenticity.
To deny yourself the reality of your emotions & pain is to spiritually bypass.
You deny yourself growth.

✨When I started my journey way back, I was Spiritually Suffering./Sleeping/Bypassing.
I lived in a bubble of ignorant bliss, it was a great place to be in admittedly, but I wasn’t evolving, I was existing.
I thought I was being ‘spiritual’.. (Whatever that actually means).
I didn’t watch the news, or read papers, I refused to face the darkness in the real world. I buried my head.. Because it triggered pain within, I didn’t want to face it. It hurt.

But as I slipped into depression, (caused by surpressed emotions) I soon realised in order to change, to grow, I had to face up to all the bullshit happening in the world, accept it as part of us, as part of me, part of our reality, to face up to it, & to heal it.
To heal the pain within.

✨We all have pain. Every one of us.
It’s in our cells. We inherit it, from past lives, we inherit it from our mothers in the womb, we absorb it, daily, as children, as adults, we cannot avoid it, it’s in our energy field.

I realised, to stay ‘suffering’ with someone mistreating me because I believed ‘it’s my karma’ … is self abuse. It serves no-one.
It’s not my ‘karma’, it’s simply ‘a life lesson’ …. Until the next lesson comes along.
Lessons are a constant. It’s been presented to me in order to learn. To understand it. To then be able shine the best of myself, to create future ‘good karma’, & to help others.

✨We are hear on this planet, right here right now, to change, to grow & evolve… To be the best version of ourselves, before we transcend, before we ‘go home’ to report back to our great masters. To assist the Cosmic Evolution.

And then?
We begin again. Continuation.

✨Be aware of spiritual bypassing ….

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