Since 2012, the planetary influences have been intensifying, year by year accelerating on a cosmic level, creating energetic dissonance in the collective as our physical bodies attempt to re-calibrate in order to ‘keep up” with the frequency shifts within the electro magnetic field.

Some of these shifts are influenced by man & the ‘need’ for advanced technology, for agendas yet to be disclosed.

As we experience each new energetic wave, the body has to adjust & integrate the downloads of new light codes, sound tones, & scalar waves. As a result, many feel the effects, a ‘spiritual detox’ of sorts, a purging of stagnant energies as the density & debris is pushed up to the surface of our reality field to be released. 

Many people are feeling this deeply right now, as the Cosmic Intelligence upgrades our energetic templates. Its been a month or two of high intensity with the recent eclipses.

In order to embody these planetary upgrades with ease & grace, it is important to remain open & in a neutral flow state.

However, many remain blocked, vibrating lower frequencies not in a harmonic resonance with the frequencies that the planet is now emitting, perhaps a result of intrusions & interferences from external shadow sources.

What are Psychic Attack/Hooks

Physic attacks create negative quantum entanglements that result in dense etheric structures that attach, like a hook, to an individuals auric field/or psyche. They are created when someone, or something, directs negative or dark intentions or thoughts towards another. 

A psychic attack can be a subconscious, unintentional action by one who is unaware of the power of energy & thought intention, or an intentional or vengeful action created & directed by someone who may have been deeply offended or hurt.

These structures are usually created by someone close > a friend, family member, partner, a colleague. They can also be created by us & directed towards another. (They can also be created by unseen lower astral beings to vampire energy).

They can be recent, or a result of stories from the past.

Unresolved psychic attacks eventually become hooks that attach & imprint in to our energy body systems, & if not cleared, can affect the physical body, creating dis-ease that can leave an individual feeling very low, drained, discombobulated, experiencing nervousness, irritability, dark emotions, even unexplainable fear. This dis-ease can escalate, depending on the energy of the attack/hook, resulting in mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual blocks & other such issues.

Symptoms of psychic attacks/hooks?

• Frequent Irritation & mood swings
• Resentment & frustration
• Anger for no reason
• Sudden fatigue
• Sudden nightmares
• Lack of focus and concentration
• Lost & easily influenced by others
• Feels threatened
• Remain in a state of constant fear
• Falls sick frequently
• Less immunity than before
• Sudden change in character
• Lack of clarity in thinking
• Sudden energy loss
• Sudden depression
• Hallucination
• Obsessive negative thoughts
• Hearing weird voices
• Ongoing bad luck
• Emotional/crying for no reason
• Paranoia
• Goosebumps & feelings of eeriness
• Restlessness
• Bruises on body parts after sleeping
• Anxiety & panic

Symptoms may also lead an individual to think about the person directing the attack, with an ‘all knowing feeling’ that something doesn’t feel right, but unless one is aware of energetic chords, may not realise what they are expereincing.

“Energy flows where intention goes” ….. whether intention is good or bad, directing intentions is a very powerful action, & can be mis-used.

On the flip side, the attack can be created & directed by you… so it’s wise to be mindful of what you are thinking about others & why, so as not to mis-use your own power.

As I teach in my trainings, it is fundamentally important to energetically cleanse frequently, to maintain a healthy Light Body > our spiritual immune system, & aligned with the Divine.

When our spiritual immune system is healthy & strong, our frequency remains high, & any low vibrational intrusions are dissipated & transmuted.

How to Clear:

One can clear any intrusions, attacks/hooks by accessing your Akashic Record & asking your Higher Self/Spirit Guides/Creator to remove, release, clear & transmute all negative intentions, thought forms, psychic attacks &  hooks, attachments, entities, vows, contracts & agreements created in this life, past lives, & other dimensions, clearing all the energetic ties & chords from within your energy bodies & fields, across all layers & levels & dimensions of time & space, throughout all of existence, & ask all intrusions, see or intend all interferences to be returned to source to be purified, cleansed & healed on all levels, for the Highest Good & for Divine order.

Visualise & send the energy out of your body, seeing it transmuted by the planetary field, oceans, cosmos.

You can also intend to clear any attacks/hooks & negative intentions/thoughts that you may have directed to others, consciously/intentionally, or unconsciously/unintentionally, & any energetic chords created as a result, to be released & returned to you to be acknowledged, then cleared, healed & transmuted, on all levels, across all dimensions, for the Highest Good & for Divine Order. That way you release any quantum entanglements you may have created & directed at another, releasing you both.

This is a very powerful self liberating energy clearing technique I recommend to do regularly.

Perhaps write a list of all the people to whom you may have had negative unresolved experiences with, including them in your clearing.

If you need further guidance & want to identify & explore more complex or other specific issues, I can assist you by looking in to your akashic record, & helping you to clear & release anything that may be keeping you stuck in negative energy loops.

A detox is not just a physical intention, but a Spiritual intention, & something I recommend doing a couple of times per week to maintain energetic harmony & balance. Pyschic attacks/hooks, can pull us off path, & manipulate our energy. We are ALL empaths, sensitive to energy. 

Intention is powerful, use it for the greater good. 

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May Divine Light Shine Upon You. 

With LUV