Mia Renner – owner Sunshine Healing – founded 2010. 

Energy Healer. Yoga Teacher. Reiki Master & Teacher. 

Self Development & Transformation Coach.



My Healing Journey


 I began my own personal healing and transformation in 2008 whilst living on the beautiful paradise island of Ibiza, in the Balearics. I had a ‘wake up call’ and realised I needed to begin working on myself if I wanted to facilitate change.

 I started the process with Reiki after I was guided to it by a friend.


The story was I had suffering serious emotional trauma back in 2002 whilst living and working in Majorca and Ibiza, a tough year of ups and downs to say the least, a break up, serious incidents and finally a fatal accident. It was all too much.

 I hit a wall and finally reached breaking point years later. I think the traumas of childhood were ignited and everything finally came to the surface to be addressed.

 I had become depressed over a period of time as a result of suppressing my feelings. But I didn’t realise I had depression. It wasn’t the ‘normal’ symptoms that I believed depression to be.

I buried my head in the sand, could not face up to the reality, and turned to heavy bouts of partying to block out the anxiety and trauma.  This was so easy to do in Ibiza,  surrounded by fun people, parties, clubs, I got lost in it all.

In the past it had always been my reaction, that each time I faced a challenging situation, confrontation, emotional issue, or became bored, restless, anxious or cornered, I fled, and moved to another place to start a new chapter.

I left the UK in ’99/2000, and moved to the continent, to ‘find myself’……. starting in Majorca and Ibiza for two years, then travelled around Spain and Portugal for a few years. I loved it all, had so much fun, met so many amazing people, my life was a whirlwind of fun and adventure. Of course there were traumas along the way. We can’t avoid them I guess. Its part of life. But I buried it and continued the fun and adventure.

It all finally caught up with me when I moved back to live in Ibiza in 2008. My body had had enough! Exhaustion. I was mentally and emotionally drained. I lost all motivation. Stopped going out, locked myself away, just spent time with my animals, walking on the beaches, I lived in total solitude.

I was lost. But I knew intuitionally that i needed the rest, quiet, the alone time. My soul was crying out to me for help. I did not know what to do, or how to come back from it. But I did know that I was not going to see doctors and take medication to suppress it.

I had my ‘aha’ moment whilst speaking to my mother. She said that I was depressed. And I was shocked! Never did I think I was a ‘weak’ person, a person to suffer with depression, to be ‘mentally’ ill. I thought depression was for other people.


But, I knew deep down she was right. So I took action. Sought help. Spoke to friends, opened up, and was surprised to hear their stories of similarity.

I started practising yoga, and then I went to see a friend of mine who was a Reiki healer, and had my first ever alternative therapy.

After the session, I felt so peaceful, so calm, so light, and that night I had the most profound dreams, a clearing of so much stagnant energy, but it made me face up to my traumas, and realise I had to help myself to overcome this illness. The help had to come from me. I had to WANT it!

After the treatment, I was blown away at the power of this incredible energy healing, and how it could clear so much in that first session. I had 3 in total, each so different from the last. The experience was enlightening. So powerful.

I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more about this Reiki, and how the energy body functions and impacts our daily life. I began to read, study, I bought books on how to heal myself, the law of attraction, about vibration, how the universe works with us and plays a part in our evolution.

It all completely fascinated me and I immersed myself in the information.

Over time, with yoga, meditation and healing, I slowly began to heal as the layers of trauma and sadness peeled away, at times I felt raw, vulnerable, it hurt, but I knew that I had to face the darkness in order to reach the light. I spent two years working on myself,  seeing therapists, trying different treatments, going to workshops, classes and meditation groups. I was absorbed and so motivated to change and heal myself after talking to others on a similar journey, and seeing the transformation in them.

It was there, in Ibiza, whilst meditating that I had my defining moment.

I had to help and teach others how easy it can be to help to heal themselves. I wanted to share my experiences with others, to inspire and motivate them to begin a similar journey of transformation and growth. I knew so many people suffering with depression and other symptoms of life’s stresses, people very close to me. I knew I had to help. I felt this was my calling.

I had finally found my purpose in life and it excited me.


So I moved back to the UK, and began my Reiki Practitioner training in January 2010, which then led on to learning other therapies over the following year, and deepen my knowledge and experience.

In 2011 I completed my Reiki Master Teacher training, as I wanted to spread this amazing therapy around the world and teach others how they too could heal themselves with Reiki and ultimately help to heal and guide others on a similar journey. Reiki was the beginning of my journey.

Over the course of four years, I absorbed myself in learning, I worked very hard and studied & trained in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Quantum Touch, TFH Kinesiology, DNA ThetaHealing, Indian Head/Upper body Massage, Nutrition, Animal Healing, and all finally led me to my Yoga Teacher Training in 2015.


In 2012 I created a few community groups for like minded healers, therapists and yogis to connect and communicate with eachother to collaborate and share the love and inspire and help spiritual seekers around the world. We are almost a thousand members so far, and growing daily. all on a mission to heal the world! 


My Yoga Journey 


I ‘found’ Yoga back in 2008 whilst I was living in Ibiza, I was introduced to it by a friend who had just started practising, and led me to it as she said it will help me with my ‘issues’.

I dipped in and out of it for a year or two as was so busy with work and all the other Ibiza distractions, but each time I practised I felt so good, balanced, peaceful, energised, restored.

I guess I really became a dedicated Yoga student in 2010, whilst living back in the UK. I tried a couple of different styles of Yoga, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Bikram, and wasn’t too enamoured, but then I found Hatha. And I knew this was my calling. I literally immersed myself in the Yoga love. 

Yoga has helped me both physically, mentally and emotionally, in more ways than I ever deemed possible.

I have a disease on my spine from childhood, which has caused nodes to grow from the vertebrae, and mild Scoliosis on the thoracic and lumber regions. It causes constant pain and discomfort. Practising Yoga has helped physically with my posture,  helped manage the pain levels, and reduced the deformity at which my specialist was very surprised to see last year.

As well as helping to manage my stress levels, (I had a stressful corporate job to pay for all my training, and a very demanding boss), it also helped me to deal with things on an emotional level.  As I began to clear lots of ‘stuff’ I began to understand myself and the past actions of others. Along with the Reiki, mediation and yoga sessions, healing began from the core, I felt so good, I became more open hearted, compassionate, understanding, and it began to change my life, in ways I never could imagine.

I felt amazing! I had to share this with the world!!

So I decided I wanted to spread my ‘healing and teaching wings’ and study Yoga, for my own personal growth, and also to reach more people with my healing. Instead of spending an hour with one client  having a therapy, I realised I could help and reach many more people in a class, and help to facilitate their healing journey, and hopefully change their lives as Yoga has helped to change mine.

I started my Sivananda Hatha Yoga 500hr TTC in January 2015, an 11 month course with my lovely Greek teacher, a beautiful soul, at The New Forest School of Yoga in Dorset, UK, with an intensive training retreat in Naxos, Greece. The training was life changing!

Having knowledge of the Yoga Philosophy helped tremendously with my yoga journey and the personal transformation and growth. I was already living a yogic lifestyle. I think it happened so naturally as my physical and energy bodies developed. It has given me a deeper understanding of myself, of life, of living harmoniously with all the beings on the planet, (even spiders and rats) about the different aspects of energy, and the universe as a whole. It opened me to new possibilities of what I could achieve, on all levels.

It has also excelled my healing practise for my clients as I began to integrate the experience and yoga knowledge into my therapies.

I became so passionate. I wanted to merge the two. Energy Healing and Yoga.  The power of energy. It fitted together perfectly.


So I began teaching as a student teacher in June 2015, where I took my classes outside, to the forest or the beach, as I loved practising Yoga outdoors. I’m a real nature lover. The benefits are incredible. What better way to connect with self, in-still the desired peace, and reach a state of Samadhi, than practising on the earth, allowing the positive vibration and earth frequencies to penetrate the physical and energy bodies through the nerve plexuses in the feet.

The joy and transformation I saw in my students was so humbling. And the feedback was incredible. I had found my calling! It makes me so happy to see others blossoming as I blossomed through this beautiful ancient art we call yoga.

I finally qualified in December 2015, and immediately rented a studio where I ran 4 classes per week, and then as the classes grew went on to expand the classes and began teaching workshops and collaborations, bringing all my knowledge together to help others.

In February 2016, I took myself to Goa in India. I wanted to immerse myself in the Hindu culture, practise the traditional Yoga of ancient India, connect with a Guru, and learn more about this amazing tradition. I have been drawn to go to India for so many years, and this time was just so right and perfect. I wanted to make contacts for retreats, and future collaborations as I knew soon I was to leave the UK and go back to my nomadic lifestyle, but this time, balanced, happy, on a different path. What an incredible journey I had around Goa. I felt completely ‘home’ and knew I would be back to beautiful India.

Over thesummer here in UK, I have run regular Yoga classes and workshops, collaborations with sound healers, and day retreats.  I recently hosted a huge workshop integration for  ‘International day of Yoga. the summer Solstice and Full Moon’ combination, on the beach. The energy was incredible and it was my first large event. Again the feedback was amazing. 

I love teaching Yoga, I love seeing the transformation in my students. It is an honour to teach such an incredible art. I love helping to facilitate healing and sharing my energy work. I recently finished my first ebook, ‘A Guide to Vibrational Healing & Personal Transformation’  (available to download in ‘shop’) a simple guide book full of easy to follow information, tips, tools and exercises to help themselves bring about change, for those just starting out on their healing journey.

 I am currently writing my second book, about Yoga, and my journey, again hoping to reach and help where I can. It will be full of my upcoming adventures and hope to finish it over the next year or so.

The reason Im sharing my story with you?


I want to help and inspire you, I want to share my journey with you, to know you are not alone., through my own experiences and knowledge, turning my life around, that reading this motivates you to make the change, to begin the transformation and grow to be the beautiful person that I know you can be.  And that ultimately, you too can become a beacon of light to help others when you reach your full potential.


If my story resonates with you, then please fell free to share it with others.

Life is all about inspiring others into action, we are each on our own journey to self discovery, and when we reach that place, it is our duty and purpose as human beings to help others to reach theirs.



I am currently travelling, having spent a few months in India, deepening my own sadhana, part ashram immersion & part working in retreats, for both my own development, and of course to deepen my knowledge and teaching practise. I am currently working in Thailand.

It is my plan to travel around the globe, working and teaching in retreats, to be part of a larger community of healers and light-workers, all working together to help spiritual seekers and those in need of help and guidance starting out on their own journey of self-healing and transformation.

I have my own host retreat planned in Goa, for February 2017…. See retreats page for more info


It is my mission to reach as many people as I can whilst I am here on this beautiful planet we call Earth,.

Yoga is an incredible and transformative journey.

It a lifetime practise, on and off the mat.

It is a wonderful way of life and I feel truly blessed to be where I am right now.

It could all have been so different.


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See you on the mat Yogi’s ☺️

Hari om . One love

🙏  Namaste Mia  🙏