So I’m now in beautiful Goa after spending a few weeks travelling in the north, Delhi, Rishikesh for 3 weeks working on my Yoga, then Rajasthan – Jaipur, Pushkar, then finally Udaipur before arriving here for the season, where I plan to stay until March, before going to Indonesia, spreading my love of teaching, healing & Yoga…..

I’m so happy to be here in the Motherland. It’s no coincidence she has been aptly named, because she nurtures, teaches, chastises, & enfolds you in her loving open, welcoming arms! The land of Temples, of much culture, religion, varying intriguing philosophies, & of course, the reason I’m here, the home of Yoga……. It’s truly a blessing & honour to be here, helping spiritual seekers from around the world, meeting awesome likeminded people, & growing, deepening my own knowledge, experience & practise….not just of yoga, but of life itself……

India teaches you many many things… Most of all it teaches you humility, simplicity, it opens your heart so wide you love like you never have, as you fall deeper in love with this place & its inhabitants. The Indian people are such good teachers, for however little they have, whatever they don’t have, however hard their lives are, they are happy, mostly smiling. They just get on with it! You don’t here them complaining….., they feel blessed, for they understand that many others ‘below’ them (the lower caste) have nothing……. But each level of caste are equally ready to greet & welcome you, however simple, however much they have. They love to share….. It is so humbling. It teaches you utter gratitude for your life, the good & the bad.
It can be challenging here, but you accept it for all it is, a country of such diversities, such extremities, I challenge anyone not to come to India & leave a totally transformed soul! It is why many visitors come. They are ready.

Are you ready? ❤ ☺️🙏

Om shanti 🙌

Om Satya gyan brahm

truth & knowledge leads to purity & bliss 🕉

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