*Fear of failure*
It’s a huge fear for many.  It prevents many from living their life in accordance to their true purpose. From being creative. Setting themselves free.
Working towards your goals, dreams, desires, takes time & patience, lots of patience. And willpower. Determination.

How to understand, or ‘manage’ the fear?

Trying to force something you are not ready for will result in ‘failure’…. Except, it’s not failure, it’s lessons…. It’s not failure, it’s just something you had to do to realise, you were not quite ready, still things to learn….. Accept it.  Its not failure. Its a ‘work in progress’.

…….keep working towards the goal, set your target, look forwards, & keep trying, until you understand the lessons, until you reach your desires/goals ….

Anything is achievable.

Nothing is impossible. The word impossible spells ‘I’m possible’ …….

Stay focused, even when things get a little dark or uncertain. Sometimes the Universe likes to test our strength, faith. It likes to play with us, so play back, have fun with the Universe. She’s got your back!

Be flexible. Trust. Flow.

A river only flows forwards. Be a river  ☺️🙏

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