How do you balance your life? Work, family, chores, hobbies, ‘me’ time?

Finding the right balance is essential.

I used to think I had to have a work-life balance, but then I realised, actually no. Its not about work-life, its about my whole-life balance. Sometimes its hard to figure it out….. I think I found balance when I started practising yoga, it gave me the focus to take time out for ME. Being present. Here.

Turning inwards, observing self, observing thought, observing the outside world from inside, from a deeper perspective. Going ‘in’  helps to bring the necessary mental & emotional clarity, creates internal space, the space we need to have the freedom to find the balance within.

We are so busy trying to please & do for others that we forget the most important one, the self. How can we serve others when we neglect to serve our self?

So as Sadhguru says, balance, IT IS ALL LIFE, WITHIN YOU!

A wise Babaji  ☺️

Have a love-filled day 💖