✨ Awakening & Healing the Light Body ✨

Good morning all! Greetings from beautiful Koh Pha Ngan!

Grab a cuppa, it’s a long one! But, our health & healing journey is priceless, & timeless ☺️

Read on…..


✨ Newsletter info – Part 1)


How is everyone doing this last month ?p

We have been experiencing some very strong energies around this last couple of weeks or so,. The Solar flares, Spring Equinox, Planet Chiron aligning with the Sun & the Earth, (it’s beautiful as we can clearly see it from here in Thailand as the Sun goes down) the last new moon, now approaching a full moon, & the lovely Mercury just recently went retrograde! 😬 Buckle up!

Lots of our multiple personalities are presenting themselves to people at the moment, maybe you too are shifting quickly between moods……are you observing your rapid personality changes?
… but it’s great as its allowing you the opportunity to study yourself further & learn more, go deeper into your own psyche, your own healing..

So what’s showing up for you this last couple of weeks? What are the energies teaching you about yourself? Where do you feel you need to delve deeper & explore? Or are you completely lost & overwhelmed with it all? Many of my clients are feeling quite emotional & really anxious & agitated at the moment, it’s really important to stay grounded & centred right now. I’m doing so many remote Healings, interestingly more so in America, lots of dark energies around the US right now.. Sending love & light to all across the ocean 💖✨

But, my advise during this immensely transformative ascension process… Use the energies to help to shift & clear anything you don’t want. Work with it, understand it, don’t fear it. The energies always work for our highest good, even though at times it’s tough & you feel everything is against you.

We are constantly evolving, especially through the change in seasons as our physical & astral bodies experience seasonal changes, so it’s a necessary process, just like trees shed their leaves through winter, we need to shed our ‘baggage’ in order to grow & bloom.


✨What ever you want to release, change, shift, within you or with your relationships, family, career etc, it starts with you making the necessary shifts.

Let’s get practical:

1) Write down what you want to release on a piece of paper.

2) Then write down on another piece what you wish to change about YOURSELF.

2) Then on another piece of paper write what you wish to invite, a goal, an intention or manifestation. Set a realistic date for each intention/manifestation..


✨ First:

Close your eyes & tune in. Breath & relax. Ask to clear any unwanted low vibrational energies from your body, any attachments, psychic hooks, or chords of energy that have been projected on to you, or you have absorbed from others, that may be holding you back, & anything old that no longer serves you, from this life or past life.

Utilise the coming full moon by tuning into her, to clear out from your four body system, anything you want to release. Ask ‘on all levels, on all dimensions’ that you cover all attachments from soul, ancestral & all body levels, & be clear what you want to shed in order to direct the source to assist you in clearing.

When you’ve finished the clearing, just take a few moments to process. Burn your paper, Focusing on the flame as it disintegrated into ashes, then throws the ashes into the earth & allow mama to transmute the energy into a positive vibration.

✨ Second:

visualise your crown chakra opening, & invite in the light & all new energies, to be anchored into your core body, to receive any cosmic energy upgrades, or to receive any downloads, & ask for any light codes you are ready for to be integrated into your cellular system, the DNA blueprint……. ask to recieve these energies gently, that they don’t overwhelm you, & to assist your transformation process, focusing on what you wish to change about YOURSELF.

Embrace the fire & golden light from this intense solar energy, & really feel it working its way into the very essence of your being, working through all the layers of your whole body system, shifting & transmuting these higher energy frequencies through your light body, awakening, healing, & transforming.

(See article on the solar flares on my page www.facebook.com/sunshinehealingyoga for more insight in utilising the intense Solar flares that are set to flood the planet over the next weeks).

Trust that the energies work FOR you, not against you. The intelligence knows what we can handle, & it knows when you are ready for the next level of ascension & transformation.

Don’t worry: If you are not ready to recieve these higher frequencies, the intelligence will not send to you, so trust & surrender to the process  ✨


✨ Lastly:

Once you have set your intentions of releasing & changing, invite your manifestations into your life, stating to yourself, or aloud if you are alone

‘I am now receiving  (…… State what you wish to invite) & I recieve this (……..) with love & gratitude. I trust & surrender that I now receive (………) when I am ready, for my highest good, & the highest good of all.

Anchor the feeling of receiving into your heart & seal it inside by drawing both hands over the heart centre 💖 Embracing Love & Gratitude


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✨ Newsletter info Part 2)


✨Retreats & Workshops – Europe & UK  ✨

Those of you who follow me on Facebook – www.facebook.com/sunshinehealingyoga – may have seen that I will be heading back to the UK & Europe in April to share my love & knowledge running workshops & retreats, both residential & non residential retreat programs. I’m so excited to be in a position to work doing what I love, & sharing my passion for healing & ascension with those in need, & spiritual seekers around the world! 🙏


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✨ I will also be sharing various Yoga & Meditation workshops – Zen meditation & Chanting/Mantra Yoga, & Chakra & Ecstatic Dance workshops.. & All the things I have learned & been sharing while I’ve been travellng around India, S E Asia, Bali & Indonesia this last 18 months.


✨ I have a few nature & element retreats planned in the South of France, the U.K. & Sri Lanka, (more to come) Focusing on women’s only groups – Women Empowering Women – The Divine Feminine, Self Love, & Intergrating the Ascension Energies, with so much amazing content & interactive workshops included, as well as mixed retreats for all.. My focus this last year has turned to helping women step into their power & self love, this has been a naturally occurring process, as I seem to have been guided into this by the Intellience… I’m passionate about helping my sisters around the globe. (I guess this stems from supporting & helping my own mother, as a child, to heal, then going on to my own healing path as I recovered my energies from the many years of supporting my poor mum…she’s still going through it bless her 💖 )

So Yes that’s right, it’s not just ‘another yoga retreat’! 😬

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✨ I am in the process of organising some weekend, 2 day non residential retreats in various locations around the UK & Europe over the coming months, for those that either cannot afford to pay for fully inclusive retreats in tropical destinations, or have limited time, kids, career etc, so watch this space for those.. Again, offering alternatives to the usual & confusing number of retreats already out there in the Ether 😍


So on that note, I will bid you all a beautiful Sunday, where ever you are in the world, & hope you all enjoy the Awakening Light Body Healing exercise above.

Let me know how you get on, hit the Facebook or Instagram tabs above to go direct to my pages & send me a comment or get in touch if you would like any coaching or healing or to book any workshops or retreats.. . Would love to hear back from you all to hear how you are my lovely followers. Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me!

Hope to see you soon

With much love

Mia 💖🙏


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