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Are you living your dream? Do you dream of travelling or living in a beautiful tropical places? Would you like to know how you can do it?

Would you like to live on a beach like this? Paradise, right? You can! Read on………

When I was 24-25, I worked as a buyer/manager in a designer shop.. I loved my job, but I dreamt of living this kind of ‘dream’ life. I was determined I was not going to be one of the brainwashed millions conditioned by society into getting a good job, nice car, perfect relationship (do they exist, really!?) house, kids, work 40 hour weeks, retire then die! No way sireeeeeeee!!
I had a vision for myself, to really live my life, (I thank & love my parents for that, my best teachers to date, but thats another story) & I set this desire in motion, without even realising it.

I worked towards escaping the rat race, I worked hard on myself, healing, changing my subconscious limiting beliefs, these beliefs that hold us back in fear, prevent us from living our dreams, living the abundant happy lives we should all be living. It is, afterall, our birth-rite.

I put in years of internal work, whilst travelling, met lots of coaches, teachers, healers, all helping me ‘shift’ & grow, transform & change my life… I finally understood, ‘ I am the creator, I choose how to live my life, my thoughts determine who I am & what & where I will be & become’ ..

My vision was so clear, I had buried it so deep & the determination was such that, that slowly the process began, (the universe conspires to make things happen when it knows you are ready & your focus is clear) a life of travel, adventure, beautiful beaches, meeting amazing people from around the world, the freedom, working for myself, doing what I wanted…

Dont get me wrong, its not been easy, ive taken a few steps backwards at times, Ive lost great love, Ive lost my soulmates, Ive faced hardship, all part of the journey wherever you live, but Ive continued my direction, fought tooth & nail to continue to live my dream, worked hard to study & train so that I can continue doing what I love to do, helping & inspiring others, Ive gained more experience & knowledge along the way, grown, deeper, acknowledged the divine feminine, my inner Goddess, my power.
Ive taken knocks, sure, each time grown stronger for it, & that strength has picked me immediately back up & propelled me forwards, more determined than ever to continue ‘living the dream’ …..

Its been such an incredible journey, emotional, sad, joyous, eventful, adventurous, exciting, mind blowing, scary but oh so rewarding. Life changing! Transformative. Im still growing, every day. I embrace every lesson. Every damn day!

So, I want to inspire & show you that you too can live your dream. You too can have whatever you desire, there is no limit to what you can manifest in your life. Non! The Universe has unlimitless abundance for everyone, if you just align yourself.

Love from the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali 🙏💖

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