*Awareness – Embracing our negative side!*

When you ask someone ‘how are you?’, do you genuinely look at them deep in the eyes and really want to know? Or is it just a ‘superficial’ question?
And when they answer, ‘I’m fine’, do you read them, and look beyond their response to really feel where they are right now. Or do you just brush off their answer and accept their ‘equally superficial’ response?

People think that negativity should be left unsaid. That its wrong to feel shit, or negative, and even more wrong to vocalise it. This is one reason why there is so many mental health issues, it’s a ‘taboo’ subject! Time to change this, in my opinion.

Negativity is part of our DNA make up, part of the polar energies, left & right, up & down, front & back, male & female, dark & light, negative & positive, & so on… So why try to hide how you feel? Why say you are fine if you are not? How can people help if you do not speak your truth?

Or why not want to listen to someone who is feeling negative, for worry that they will ‘pull you down’!? Its up to you to stay vibrating on a high frequency so that you can try to help ‘lift them up’…..
We should EMBRACE our negativity, not choose to ignore it.

Acceptance and awareness is the way forward.
When you accept it as a part of you, and observe it without self judgement or criticism, you empower yourself to facilitate releasing it, clearing and healing what ever needs to be ‘dealt with’.

Asking for help is not a weakness.
But allowing it to be manifested through the physical body creates weakness & dis-ease.
The sum of all our thoughts and feelings are held within our physical & energy bodies. Its THAT powerful!

Offering help and being non-judgemental is what we should all do to assist each other. Showing compassion.
Look beyond the superficial.
Slow down.
Stop. Really Listen.
Be mindful and aware of whats going on around you. TRY IT FOR 24 HOURS. See how it makes you feel, to look into that shop assistants eyes when you ask how they are. Let your intuition guide you as they answer.
Look beyond.

Time to get our heads out of our asses and really CONNECT.

Empowerment breeds empowerment.
Love and compassion is what this planet is short of.

Be nice. Be the energy you want to feel 💖

Have a mindful day my beauties 💖🙏

If this resonates in any way, please comment or share  💖

Love & light
from Indonesia ☺️💖🙏✨