November. Scorpio season. Pluto.

A period of INTENSE transformation. Ego death. Re-birth.

Nobody can escape this. It is in our faces.

Shadow integration. We must face ourselves.

A blustery storm passes over us here in paradise …. I feel the tornado winds clearing the cobwebs as we experience the midst of witching season – season of commercial sin & trickery.

It really does feel like we are experiencing a complete collective ‘ego death’ right now (doesn’t it!?) & the collective ego is resisting, tenfold!

Pluto influence.

So what can we do on this pivotal date to honour ourselves?

Flow with it.


Be. Centred.

Be. Grounded.

Focus on your alchemising your ‘inner’ realm.

We will all eventually exit this ego death together, to birth a new conscious paradigm… its simply a matter of navigating & flowing with the twists & turns, riding the waves to land or beach ourselves into our desired ‘paradise’ 🌴

A quote that I repeat so often to my clients & students;

“energy flows where intention goes”

(author unknown – maybe Albert ☺️)

With that in mind, where are you directing your energy?

Where do you see yourself in 12 months?

What life do you want to create?

Where do you want be living?

How & where do you want to celebrate your ‘re – birth’ into higher realms & consciousness?

As multidimensionals, we are Master Manifestors, Universal Co-Creators ✨

Dont ever forget that!

Utilise this period of rapid shift & change to birth a new, better you, create a life more in alignment with your divine expression & who you are at soul level.

Not who society dictates you should be!

Embrace this period of transformation.

Happy Scorpio season.

Happy clearing.

Happy alchemy ✨