When i close my eyes & ask to be shown what is occurring on earth in each moment, I receive pictures of ‘low frequency entities’ treading water, like they have been tipped into a stormy ocean & are drowning, struggling to keep their heads above water.

I also see pictures of ancient Egyptian artefacts & codes – it reminds me of Atlantis. I was ‘told’ months ago, what we are experiencing is a ‘test’, & if we fail, we will again fall… that its a karmic lesson rooted in Atlantis.

This is my higher self inner-guidance ✨

What we do next will determine the events of our future, & it is VERY IMPORTANT that we ALL act from the higher heart self.

I was guided to write this attached meme as a reminder, because I see so many light-workers/healers etc being taken off their path/purpose & engaging with the unconscious benevolence, focusing only on the current events & not the work they came here to do..

Its easy to get sucked into, I almost did, in natural revolt, & while its important to help share truths & to plant seeds to wake the resistant ones, its even more important to continue vibrating your light, love & divinity & disengage with acts of clever NLP mind control programming, before its too late ✨

Our work is even more urgent right now, the world needs our light, our love, not more anger, hatred & division.

We have to stay present.

This is OUR test.

I speak as a healer/light-worker.

We have to cleanse ourselves daily of the collective & lower astral energies, that we can remain vibrationally strong & not ‘soak up’ the fear & chaos, that we can transmute these lower energies.


“The higher the frequency of light on earth, the harder the darkness fights for survival.

Do not engage with unconscious acts, remain neutral & detached.

tap into & magnetise the heart frequency focusing only on your internal Divine presence & what your individuality gifts to the world”

In Love

Mia 💖

Inner Alchemy ✨