I’m not one for posting yoga pose selfies as a tool to attract more clients, I prefer to help inspire others with conscious awareness of the world surrounding them & how to get their heads out of their asses & see the bigger picture ….. It’s not all wonderful & fluffy, it’s harsh & real. But my work comes from the heart, not my bank balance. I want to help people to become aware, how to be more compassionate & mindful, so they can be a part of the change that the world so desperately needs right now. Do you want change. Or do you just say you do? The change starts with you! When you help others, it creates a ripple effect, & those others go on to help their others, & love spreads like fire. Don’t just say it, do it! Be the change…

Get in touch if you need any coaching or personal development guidance, or if you are a simply a spiritual seeker looking for growth & transformation, to connect with your inner wisdom & unlock your higher intelligence  …..

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