I wanted to share a few thoughts today after having a client contact me yesterday about starting a meditation practise, connecting to his Soul, & wanting to open his 3rd eye.

This guy is a complete beginner to energy work, & he had been listening to someone talking about 3rd eye activation & the benefits. He told me he can’t meditate as he can’t stop his over-active mind from thinking constantly. Resonate anyone? ☺️

So I wanted to share my response to him with my friends, clients & followers, as I do often have clients who EXPECT immediate results, to rush through a process & reach the end goal before they even know how to begin, so the response I shared to him may offer up some useful information to help others begin or comprehend the power of having a meditation practise, working with energy, & the importance of working through your issues & goals with patience, on a step by step basis ….

My first point;

Meditation is often misunderstood.

It is not about stopping thoughts, this is impossible, even for the Bhudda, it’s about witnessing & observing your thought process without attachment or judgement.

It’s also about giving the body & mind an opportunity to rest in a period of stillness, that we as ‘Spiritual’ humans can ultimately disconnect from our ego mind & connect to our Soul self, Source, our

Higher Intelligence/Consciousness, where all our personal information is stored.

Mediation is a process, a practise, it takes time, patience, willpower & focus…. you cannot open your third eye directly, this will happen after some time when you are ready, opening third eye when there is no understanding of it can be overwhelming & also scary, (I speak from experience having had an overwhelming kundalini/spiritual awakening that my physical body was soooooo not prepared for! It was a scary few months that I would not wish anyone to experience) so please research more first.

Third eye is our spiritual antenna, it recieves & transmits information/intelligence, & without knowledge of its power you can open yourself up to things you don’t yet understand …

To begin a meditation practise, I recomend to Start with simple breath work to calm & open the physical & energy body, the stillness in the mind will eventually follow. It is all connected, breathing will help to calm the nervous system, which is connected to the brain. I won’t go into the science behind that, the post would be too long ☺️

Second point; The Soul

you are not separate from your soul, it is already you, so don’t try to force any connection, it is not necessary … your physical body is merely a vessel that holds & carries your soul through this life as it experiences itself through your physical surroundings, the internal & external environment, & It’s human experiences … bring awareness to & connect to your centre, the seat of the soul, you will feel into it eventually through stillness, again with time & patience …

rushing through things is like wanting to be a surgeon & thinking you can just go out & operate coz you think you know the body, where the organs, parts, limbs, etc. are. You cannot. You may cause irreparable damage. It’s a process you have to understand, & to understand you have to research, & then to experience.

Experience will guide you, once you have tuned in to your intuition/higher intelligence. Listen to that, not the ego.

(This needs a level of discernment that may lead you on to another avenue to explore, but again, it’s all relative to the journey) ☺️

The ego will often attempt to take over.

Research & Understand the ego mind & how it works. That is the first step to overcoming mind chatter, & it will help you with your journey & practise. Knowledge is power, as they say!

Im a meditation coach & spiritual mentor, if you need help or guidance with anything then please contact me.. I’m always happy to help & ready to mentor people as I was once mentored.

My inner self-intelligence knew I could not do this alone, I needed help, I was out of my depth, I thank goodness for being guided to the right people as I went through my process of evolution! I cannot thank all my wonderful teachers enough! 🙏

Join a meditation group, or Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Hatha Yoga classes, all great tools to open up the physical & energy body’s, & the chakra system. The third eye won’t just activate & open, all the other chakras need to be stimulated/opened/balanced for the energy to flow freely through the body, they are all connected & communicate information within the energy body system, & through all our physical body systems.

There’s lots of free info out there, but as a beginner you have to start with simple basics & build from there, don’t overwhelm yourself with too much, create a foundation that is safe & you will organically open up & be guided from there.

Research your sources of info too, don’t listen to other beginners who think they know, there’s lots of misinformation out there, & many charlatans & fakery, people jumping on the wellness bandwagon to make a quick buck!

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say, step by step & patience is needed.

When you are ready, it will all click into place, you will realise you have come back to your essence, re-connected to all that you already know but have forgotten through all the years of conditioning ….. this is what meditation is all about, de-conditioning & un-programming ourselves from all the outdated false belief systems & nonsense!

Never underestimate the power of a meditation practise. It will open you up to so much potential, & help you to redefine yourself as the powerful divine creator that you are ‘designed’ to be!

This will trigger the great ‘shift’ we all seek, & will begin a collective process of evolutionary transformation, for you & your loved ones, & ultimately all of humanity! 🥰 💖

Have a beautiful day 🙏 #breath

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