This is a subject I feel that I would like to share today, because I intuitively feel, that so many of us have got it wrong, or totally misunderstand the concept of awareness, of enlightenment, awakening, consciousness etc … (I doubt very much that many of us in this life time will ever become fully enlightened, we may partially get there & we may feel we have, but actually, have we/are we, do we even know what it means to be enlightened?)

I totally misunderstood as I ‘stepped onto the Spiritual ladder’ .. I was brainwashed by all these so called fake ‘gurus & enlightened masters’…. telling us to focus on positive, light, dont watch tv, news, listen to media etc etc…… ‘its all an illusion’ they say.. really? So people being blown up by terrorists is an illusion? People hurting each other, hurting animals, war, natural disasters taking out people on a grand scale, its all illusion!? So im dreaming? Its not real!? Hmmmmm not. The only illusion is the media focusing on the misery to keep people living in a state of fear & control! The rest is happening, every damn day!

I hid from it all, I lisyened to these gurus, I trusted them… So I lived in this unknown ignorance for a number of years until eventually, one day, it clicked… one can only achieve enlightenment by facing the dark side, & bringing it into the light….  & when I did face it, boy did it freaking hurt! …. it still does!

But I finally ‘understood.

I turned on the news, faced the polarities, but I learnt to detach. That is the key. Detachment, & acceptance.

When you attach to certain outcomes, or have certain expectations of others, how you think people should behave, you set yourself up for hurt, pain, disappointment.

Only when you accept things as they are, situstions, people, can you learn to detach & free yourself from this attachment to the dark side, & then you figure out a way to ‘handle it’, to help. Shine a light on it. Bring it into consciousness.



After traveling around the world & speaking to many spiritual/conscious seekers & other light workers over the last few years, I have witnessed so many choose to ‘only see the light’, & turn away from the darkness, pushing it away, by pretending it doesn’t exist. I hear it so often ‘ I dont watvh the news, TV, read papers etc etc’ like its some kind of higher spiritual authority, looking down at those who do….. I struggle to keep quiet on these occasions , I choose to not retaliate by telling them they’re not ‘spiritually awakened’ at all, but ‘spiritually sleeping’!  Its not my place, or is it? Should I? Whos ‘right or wrong’, is there such a thing, or is it all just an illusion & a ‘spiritual game’ infact!?


But I do undetstand where they are on the ladder, Ive been there too… their  little souls  can’t bare to see the pain & hurt in the world in this moment, so by turning away & ignoring it, it goes away. Right?

****TEMPORARILY**** maybe ….

Until you turn to face it head on, & accept it,  the reality, the horrors, & turn towards your own pain, (coz there’s not one human being on this planet who is not holding some level of pain or trauma), your heart will never heal from what it is you don’t want to face, from the deep level of hurt you suffered at some point in the past, & your body still subconsciously holds onto.

Only when you observe the triggers, will you begin a healing process, & from that you gain the strength to face the horrors in the external world, but stay internally detached, & ultimately able to shine the light the darkness needs.

Im still not quite there yet, its a work in progress, a long hard slog, but I get it, totally!

Im forever learning, evolving, growing, observing my own emotions & re-actions. I think when it comes to hurting animals, I accept I will never be able to detach from it, so maybe im not ready for enlightenment in this life…  (?)

But, by turning away from it, you only seek to stunt your evolution & growth. Thats why we’re here, right? Transformation, growth?

I actually believe you block your own progress by staying in this state of ‘ignorant bliss’,  turning away from darkness, density…

Only by acknowledging the suffering & sickness in the world, the darkness that exists amongst us, that is present within ALL of us in some way, & the (thankfully) minority of evil on the planet that seeks to intentionally hurt others, the animals, themselves, will you finally, realistically, begin to heal your own pain & gain the strength you need to help shift the density within yourself & humanity, in order to ascend towards Nirvana.

We are all one, right!? If you don’t heal your own pain, how can you possibly help others to heal theirs?

Sometimes we heal ourselves along the way as we help others, the energies guide people to us, mirrors, those we need to learn from & those that we need to guide & teach. We can each learn so much as light-workers, from the people & situations that are sent to us, if we understand the purpose of this whole university of life we are all attending, together.

Nothing is ever a coincidence.

Not one single experience.



Many 100’s of years ago, we lived in Neanderthalic times, the barbarity was way beyond what we can now comprehend in our, apparently, more humane progressive society.

The barbarous behaviour of this primitive 3D existence began to fade as humanity stepped into new levels of consciousness & we moved into higher dimensional frequencies.

But there are many forces out there who are struggling with this expansion, & continue to behave in incomprehensible ways… there are certain areas on the planet that are still vibrating on this dense frequency, not yet shifted or ‘caught up’ .. This is where we step in to help.

There are still forces out there that resist this shift in consciousness & fight very hard to keep us in a 3D state of fear & control as a higher proportion of us begin to wake up, moving towards a 5D paradigm.
Many of our World leaders, past & present, are part of this dark energy, they do not want us to have deep levels of ‘free will’ & liberation, but we have witnessed many Activists, & truly Enlightened Gurus, Saints & Masters that have brought awareness to this world & left us with a legacy of great work that we as a collective, need to continue.

Look how the world is opposing people like Trump, as one example. He has actually served a great purpose to humanity… its no coincidence he was voted in, as he has brought so many people together, & many of his now opposition have awakened under his current ‘leadership’. He has highlighted the darkness & seperation of the primal mentality that still exists & many have been deeply shocked by it. Great job Trump, you actually brought nations together & succeeded in uniting us.

Or was that, in fact his mission here on earth?

Bigger picture? There usually is. The Higher Intelligence knows what it does, & works in mysterious ways 😉


Anyway, my point is, by focusing only on the good in the world, you are not actually helping humanity or the planet as a collective… you are in-fact party to the contribution of this stagnant density & vibration.

Only by turning towards & acknowledging it, shining your light directly into it, will you help to shift & change the things of necessity on our planet. Only then can you say you have ‘Woken up’…

Do you find yourself turning away?

The day I ‘woke up’ was the day I changed…

Have you heard the term ‘a rude awakening’ ? Well I had one. I had a meltdown. But at the same time, I had a massive shift, & I understood my role as a Lightworker.

My understanding on this life we live here right now, on this planet, is that we are here to grow together, to learn together, to help each other, to assist the shifts in consciousness on Earth, so that one day (many many years away admittedly) we will eventually ALL live in  Harmony, & on that day, there will be a New World Rising, & we will finally ‘catch up’ with all the other planetary Ascensions, the other Beings that live secretly amongst us, trying to help take our planet to these new levels of consciousness .. but in order for this to happen, we need to face up, wake up, grow up, & man up! Face the shit we turn away from!

So ….. next time you see someone posting any horror, with animals, kids, etc, on your social media newsfeed, dont skip over it, ignore it, pretend its not happening. Be conscious & make it your business to know whats going on in your world, community, family, enviroment etc. Face it, look at it, & ask yourself ‘what can I do to help?’ ‘What is my role in this?’ How can I help to raise awareness, how can I help the sickness?

Don’t just sign a petition & think you’ve done your bit & forget about it.. take action.

Send your light into the darkness, meditate on it, bring this higher vibration to any low frequency situation that may need it, instead of allowing it to pull you into its density… send compassion to any violators, they really need it most, try not to direct your anger towards them as this will just increase the intensity of suffering, (this will actually be the hardest part) send healing to the poor Beings affected, do something that can potentially bring change.. even if its re-sharing it on your social media, don’t be afraid to upset your facebook community, help them to understand why you feel you want to do it.. to raise awareness, to bring the darkness into the light. ‘

To make the darkness conscious’ as Carl Jung quoted.

As another great man said ‘be the change you want to see’

How can you if you turn away?


Thanks for reading, if your still here 😉


Feel free to get in touch if you would like to help in any way. Im bursting with projects I want to grow, particularly helping our abused animals, they really need our voice to help let people know, that this torture & abuse is no longer acceptable!

Contact me to ask how to get involved. I don’t want money or donations, I just want people to stop turning away, I want people to take responsibilty, for themselves & their part in humanity, the planet, & our animals.

It is afterall, our purpose, isn’t it? To help each other to shift, grow & evolve. Together ✨

✨ One Love ✨

✨ Mia ✨