Travelling, Im learning, growing, constantly changing. I’m never the same person that I was the previous day. Each morning I lay, contemplating & processing yesterday. I’m stronger. Different. Every day!

Travelling is experience & growth that no school, words (or algebra!) can teach …. as I travel & wonder alone around the world, my mind, eyes & my heart are wide open. I am raw, vulnerable, ready, connecting with fellow lone warriors, travellers, natives, cultures, flowing, never knowing what’s coming or where I will be days, weeks or months ahead…just me, my bag, & my little helpers – my magic box of crystals & cards, & of course the little furry four legged Angel friends that often appear by my side ✨

, . Sometimes it’s challenging, it’s not all sunshine, unicorns & rainbows, it can be lonely & worrying at times, but then, I do love the uncertainty, unpredictability (I’m a bit of an adrenalin junky!) of my nomadic free flowing lifestyle…. Liberation, I call it! ☺️ I’m lucky, I escaped the system, the box of the societal 9-5 hum drum…. Some call me irresponsible, ‘ bout time to grow up’ I hear (makes me laugh that one! ‘I’ll grow up when I’m in the grave or incinerator!’, I reply 😂) some are envious, some admire, others wish…. but in seriousness, the worries I do face occasionally, are the lack of security of a place to call home, finances, am I going to be alone forever!? etc etc…I’m not getting younger… (mid life crisis, or inherited limiting beliefs of the 3D matrix!?) But, what inspires me to continue, is the things that you cannot replace, experiences, memories, adventures…. Money comes & money goes… Once your life is up, it’s over, no coming back, not until the next carnation anyway, & who knows where you’ll end up! 🤔
So… Don’t wish your life away, don’t ‘save for that rainy day’ that may never arrive, get out there & experience, grow, evolve, live! …. Coz u ain’t gonna grow sat home watching utube, tv or documentaries…. You may learn, but you won’t experience… Each one of our personal life experiences, the good, the bad, the challenging, teaches us so much wisdom, & with wisdom comes understanding, self mastery, & the knowledge to understand all of life in this plane of existence, & all of the seven planes available to us, the ones we have forgotten & disconnected from as the veil of illusion descended upon us as we moved from childhood into adulthood, this 3D human life, as we know it …. incredibly the illusionary veil slowly lifts as you experience & gain wisdom, courage, trusting the flow, the universal guidance & abundance..

Travelling alone changes you, humbles you, makes you more graceful, loving, open, compassionate, appreciative & grateful for the simple things we take for granted, things no amount of money or that security blanket can teach!
Most of all, travelling helps to release those illusionary fears, makes you face them, face yourself, your demons, your shadow, you become a Warrior! 🙅🏻

What makes me a Warrior? Balancing on one leg, on top of a mountain waterfall 🙈

So… What u waiting for!? 😍

If if you need guidance, or inspiration on how to start, drop me a line via my Facebook page