Mia is a travelling Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Transformation Coach, Energy Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher, & has been working in the energy field for around 10 years, overcoming her own health issues through yoga & meditation, which she now teaches, after training in various modalities for many years.

Mia carefully puts together her knowledge & trainings to give her students the best informative experiences & assistance to help others overcome their own personal issues.

Mia has spent the last 5 years travelling around Asia, training & working in retreats & yoga centres, & facilitating various transformation workshops in beautiful locations around Goa, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia & Thailand.

Mia offers various interactive workshops & immersion retreats, and loves to guide & share her knowledge & experience with others, explaining how to facilitate their own healing & step into their own power using the science of their own physical & energy bodies, & has recently completed her own transformational healing & breathwork modality, Alchemy Activation which you can view here on the website.

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I specialize in my own unique method of teaching yoga to the students that attend my classes or private sessions, from a number of tools & techniques that I have learnt on my travels around Asia, & prefer to teach a wholistic embodied approach, using a combination of restorative, strengthening, practical, & alchemical systems, along with meditational dance flow movement, that will promote overall healing on the astral, mental, & physical bodies. 

While group classes are taught as a collective energy force, private one to one yoga sessions are tailored to individual & specific needs, after a consultation. I enjoy working closely with my students & witnessing rapid transformation. 

During a group class, a teacher has to take into account other students & the many different levels, so the tendency is a general selection of systems & postures to reach everyone, so I do highly recommend booking a private session & we will work at your level, where ever you are on the path to attaining transformation.

Working with students individually, allows the student to go much deeper into their yoga & spiritual practise as it is specified to the personal requirements, be it for healing, rehabilitation, spiritual growth, teaching pranayama & mantra, the yogic philosophy, or general strength building, my private sessions are designed for you, after a consultation.

Private sessions allow the student to accelerate & progress much quicker in 1 to 2 sessions per week around your schedule, rather than attending 3 to 4 weekly sessions & trying to squeeze them into your busy life.



I am currently running a 6 class inclusive online course for beginners.

This includes;

6 x 2 hour sessions
Yoga Philosophy. Meditation. Mantra & Mudras. Pranayama. The Chakras. Yoga Sequences. Alignment.
Yoga Philosophy Manual included

Total Cost for this inclusive course – £300

What you need;

Good Internet connection. Zoom or Skype. A yoga mat
Contact me to discuss via WhatsApp + 44 (0) 7496454628
or email miarenner_coachingandyoga@yahoo.com


Alternatively you can contact me to book private online Yoga & Healing sessions for yourself or a small group

£40 – one person
£60 – 2 people
£75 – 3 people

I offer classes, courses, retreats & workshops, & online Yoga & Meditation coaching,  for both experienced yogis, or complete beginners.

I can also arrange come to your work place or home & teach a private session for you & your colleagues/employees/friends.

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A; Yoga is a very powerful tool to aid both physical and personal transformation.

On a physical level, Yoga helps with pain management, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, & helps to rehabilitate injuries & ailments. It helps to lengthen & strengthen both bone & muscle, allowing you to retain ease of movement, elasticity & flexibility.

Energetically, Yoga helps to restore internal balance, bringing the body into equilibrium, mentally, emotionally & even spiritually. It allows us a chance to reconnect to our Self, our inner wisdom, as the mind becomes still.  It calms the whole nervous system, promoting overall healing & peace.


This I hear so much, it is a myth. Anybody can do Yoga.

It is not just for ‘flexible’ people.

I have a spinal disease that restricts my movement, but practicing Yoga has helped me to become more flexible and prevented the disease from from progressing further.

The pain is now so much less than before I started practicing.

Its right to say that if you are not flexible, you should be practicing Yoga, as the stretching movements will help the physical body to lengthen, will help your posture, will strengthen muscle and bone, and will re-align the whole skeleton.

My focus in practice is on stengthening and healing the physical body, by using asana and breathwork, the life force energy, (Prana), and working and connecting with your own energy to facilitate healing.

As individuals, we all have different needs, and are all at different levels but ultimately all on the same path.

When we bring awareness to the energy body by focusing on the life force, we allow the prana to flow freely through the nadis into the subtle and physical bodies, thus removing any blockages that cause pain, tension and dis-ease.

Asana (posture) is just a small part of yoga, it is not the goal.

The aim of yoga, is to not to master the perfect asana, but to use the postures as a route to connect with the self, to dissolve Maya – illusion, ego, judgement, the false reality we are fed daily by propaganda, to bring oneness, unity and bliss – Brahman, to the Self – Atman.

The goal of yoga, and my aim, is to achieve Moksha – liberation, freedom.

We can achieve this by adapting the Yoga sutras – The Eight Limbs of Patanjali:

*Yama – restraints, Niyama – observance, Asana – control of the body, Pranayama – control of the breath, Pratyahara – withdrawal of the senses, Dharana – concentration, focus, Dyhana – meditation, Samadhi – transcendental bliss, purity of consciousness*.