Clear your own blocks & limitations

Access your Higher Self, your Super Consciousness – the divine spiritual wisdom & intelligence, for soul & life guidance.

This Reading Will Help You To Determine your own outcome, as a Divine Creator of your own life experiences.

Re-create & re-define who YOU actually are at the core, not the person society wants you should be!

Many of us want answers about where our life is heading, so many of us are unfulfilled & dis-satisfied with our current life situation – ‘why am I hear, whats my purpose, what is my mission’?

We often receive insight to our purpose, & if we are ‘tuned in’ we are guided to start new things, specific projects, often based on our beliefs – inherited or self perpetuated – but after some time, we can feel this is not gratifying or fulfilling after all…. so we feel disappointed or confused by our ‘inability’ to discern the ego & intuition….. this is when we turn to external ‘spiritual’ guidance.

We can tap into our own soul consciousness & allow ourselves to be guided, we ALL have this NATURAL ability. BUT, we are blocked, on so many levels, so we turn to others who have this divine gift, whether its tarot, or mediums, for answers…. sometimes these readings help, they give us hope, but things do not not always turn out the way tarot/medium reads & we feel disappointment, again, because we ultimately change the course of our direction by the unconscious choices we make. We either self sabotage, guided by fear, or our Soul self intervenes as it ‘knows’ this is not our ‘path’, & then we get into a ego conflict with the soul & human body experiences, as we doubt our intuitive ability, or ‘super – intelligence’.

So, I’m offering something a little different, a new alternative way of guidance & future planning, by tapping into your etheric highway, your Super Conscious, via your Akashic records. I’m giving YOU the opportunity to ASK your own questions to your SOUL SELF – SUPER/SOUL – CONSCIOUS!

spiritual reading
spiritual reading

I will access your Records, which is basically your personal Artefact, to tap into your Over Soul – to read your SOUL DNA/BLUEPRINT, & ask the questions you want answered, because YOUR Soul body has the answers you seek, & will determine the direction of your Human body experiences ..

So I want you to think very deeply about the questions you would like answered, because what you ask you OVER SOUL/SUPER-CONSCIOUS today, will define your tomorrow & set in motion the course of the next step in YOU creating & re-defining the life you wish to live.

So please write down up to 6 potentially life altering questions & send these questions to me by email, along with your full birth name, date of birth, place & approx time of birth, if known, (I need this information to access your Soul Consciousness/Akashic Records) with your payment to paypal.me/dawnmiarenner/80

(Please contact me if you prefer bank transfer)

It takes me approx 1 hour for me to do the reading.

Once I have tapped into your Soul Consciousness, & have your answers, we will arrange a Zoom video call to dive into each of your questions together .. video sessions will last approx 45 mins & be recorded for your reference .. please be open & prepared – the answers will be what your Soul self already knows, but your ‘3D limited’ self may be pretty surprised!

I suggest to ask a couple of ‘3D’ life questions – such as career/home life/relationship/physical conflicts etc, & a couple of ‘5D’ questions – soul purpose, soul mission, who you are at soul level, spiritual conflicts or direction etc .. That way you can understand & work on the re-integration & harmonisation of the soul body & human body experiences, which we often separate through limiting beliefs systems – education, religion or the ‘mainstream’ narrative.


These unique transformative sessions are offered at £80 which includes the initial reading , followed by the Soul Guidance Zoom video call.

I will forward the Zoom link once payment & booking is confirmed.

Whatsapp or email to book

+44 (0) 7496454628




I offer private one to one mentoring & coaching sessions via zoom, & teach you a simple yet powerful technique to guide you how to do this for yourself, & use this as a practical transformative tool you can use each time you come to a crossroads & need Higher/Spiritual Soul aligned guidance.

These private sessions will be tailored to your specific needs in accordance to your level of consciousness, & will include pineal/third eye activation techniques, & the technique to access your Akashic Records & Theta brainwave – the level at which we heal & clear our fears & limiting beliefs/blocks etc.. along with the technique to tap into & discern the answers you seek & to understand the self limiting narrative, that you can re-wire the subconscious mental body programming.

Zoom Sessions will be approx 90 – 120 mins & will be recorded for you, so you have a reference.


£120 one off cost, including after support & a webinar blueprint manual with information.

To book either WhatsApp or email

Hope to connect with you soon & help you to change your life & become the Divine Creator you were created to be!

Love Mia

spiritual reading