Inner Alchemy Awakening & Ascension Program

This Intensive Monthly Mentorship package includes;


1) An Akashic Reading & Soul Guidance – reading your personal Artefact – library of information – to discover who you are at Soul level, to give insight into how the past choices you made have created your current reality, & how you can transform anything that is no longer serving you & hindering your evolution

2) Alchemy & Regenesis – Restoring the Soul Memory system – a wholistic Healing & Attunement to integrate, re-connect & re-program the bio energetic & four body systems – clearing current & past life blocks & traumas – re-structuring & re-integrating the Soul body & Physical body aspects.


3) Ancestral Healing – journeying deep into your Akashic library, travelling down the bloodlines to heal family traumas from current or past timelines, childhood traumas, connecting with your ancestor guides, & journeying back to the source of origin, when your Soul was first created by Divine Source – your first carnation.

4) Heart Coherence – Energy Upgrades & Re-programming – Theta Love Frequency – The state we heal deeply


5) Activating the Light Body – receiving Ascension codes – for soul integration & mastery.

6) Transmutational Meditations – learning how to access your own Akashic Records, connecting to your Super Conscious for Soul guidance.

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During this mentorship package, we will be working together through 3 x monthly sessions, taking you on a journey through your subconscious self, to heal & awaken you to your Divine Truth & Soul Purpose – your Pure Potential. The above unique remote energy sessions will be a part of this 6 month program & will assist the integration process.

I will guide you through a step by step process using my specially designed signature blueprints, consisting of the many tools & techniques I have used on my own path to heal & awaken to my highest potential & purpose. The sessions will assist the awakening of the Light body, before our system became densified by pollutants & toxicity, by opening the channels aligning you to Divine Source – the intelligence of the Quantum Life Force energy, thus balancing the whole Body Systems – Celestial, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral & Spiritual. This will assist in revealing the 3D shadow programming that was implanted & inherited through our timelines, that we can integrate & acknowledge the dualities & polarities within our subconscious self, that we can ultimately accept ourselves for the perfectly divine beings we are, in this lifetime.

We will work together via video chat & remotely during the sessions mentioned above, this enables me to access on a much deeper level in to your Akashic library – the sum of all your timelines, & create sustainable healing & longevity.

With Ancestral Healing & Journeying sessions, I guide you to go deeper down the bloodline, possibly back to source origin, revealing the familial patterns & behaviours, to better understand what you have inherited, & why & where you have created your current reality, to how you can then move forward to create a new reality that is in alignment with your Highest good & Soul purpose, & breaking the ancestral cycle, re-coding the DNA.

These sessions are very powerful, so be prepared for huge shifts & changes.




includes 3 x 2 hour intensive monthly sessions, & support calls in-between each session as & when you need.

Can be paid in 2 x installments

Contact me via WhatsApp    +44 (0) 7496454628 to discuss the program & if we are a vibrational match to work together.

**For a one off insightful & healing Akashic reading & clearing session, the cost is £160 & includes a voice recording for your referral, & the support & guidance YOU WILL NEED as your body adjusts, after the session.

For more information on energy you can read the below article.




Many illnesses and diseases have been scientifically proven to be caused by anxiety & stress, holding on to negative emotion & trauma, nutritional deficiencies and consuming products that are toxic for the human body.

Although genetics may play a small part in transferring some diseases from parent to child, the body has an incredible capacity to restore and heal itself if given the right tools & correct environment.

With the many variations of alternative and progressive medicines now available to us, and with the intense planetary changes and global shifts now taking place raising the worlds’ consciousness, there has never been a more significant time for healing and transformation.

It is vitality important in this fast paced & toxic world to give yourself the time and space your soul needs in order to grow.

We can achieve this through Meditation and gentle energy nurturing exercise such as Yoga and Qi Gong.

It is of equal importance to honour the physical body by consuming the correct foods and stress free environments so that we can restore peace & equilibrium thus preventing unnecessary illnesses and disease.

private yoga coaching