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Are you a Healer feeling stuck in your business flow, or unable to move forward, may be having self doubts, feelings of not being good enough, struggling to put yourself out there & be seen, fears of being persecuted/judged, feeling out of alignment with your gifts, struggling with imposter syndrome, constantly putting yourself down & comparing yourself to others, fears of failure/security/financial lack & making it as a sovereign ‘full time’ healer > one toe in the safety but mundanity of the 9-5 matrix?

Or maybe you feel stuck in unexplained patterns of ill health/un-wellness, stress/anxiety?



There are multiple types of entities that can cause us mental/emotional/physical & spiritual blocks: thought form entities, elemental – emotional entities, virus/parasite entities, astral/hyperdimensional entities, spiritual vampire parasites, all attaching to our psyche & etheric bodies, looshing from & draining our life force, some even manipulating our energy & thoughts.

Parasite/virus entities can keep us locked in repeated cycles of ill health or mental/emotional stress & discombobulation, thus preventing us from healing others (this can also be an occult entity/implant or spiritual parasite) or blocking creativity/progress/growth, expansion/abundance/healthy communication/authentic self expression/healthy havits/spiritual boundaries/receiving/giving love.

Entities tend to attach to our endocrine system, blocking vital force energy in to & out of the glands via the associated energy vortices (chakras) creating distortions or inversions with our physical senses & intuition & discernment, connection to higher self, etc.

These ‘specific’ ‘healer entities’ prevent individuals from fully stepping in to their higher purpose roles as sovereign Healers/Leaders!


During this webinar I will guide you through my RAPID RELEASING akashic clearing protocol using my signature
“Quantum Freedom Technique” that you can use at any time to clear blocks as & when these entities attach & occur.

This little webinar is structured to help you as a Healer/Wayshower clear the above issues from the Endocrine & Bio Energy systems, reprogramming the DNA cellular matrix, so you can self liberate & “get out of your own way” to actualise you full potential & BE the Healer/Leader you KNOW you came here to be!


You will feel a sense of release & more empowered after this session, as you return to Your SELF, however, please be aware there may be an initial sense of discomfort or discombobulation as the entity & it’s associated energy is released. Some entities have been with us for years, even lifetimes & as such become part of our DNA & energetic encryption.


Mia since I have been working with you my business has dramatically improved. Releasing so many of these entities that created blocks and limitations I had, 𝑰 know has created the space for my business to thrive. I’m so grateful for all your tools that I use all the time, plus they really help my clients too. Massive shifts all round!
Thank you, Kerry Bavin

Kerry Bavin

Quantum Healer, Soul Triage Quantum Healing

DNA Activation. Implant Removal. Akashic Record

Hi Mia, just want you to know that I feel so different since our session, so much clarity, I feel more at peace with myself, my relationship has improved, I feel empowered & my creative mojo has come back after procrastinating for so long! I’m so ready to put myself out there & start marketing myself, it feels like magic. I can’t thank you enough, you have really inspired me! Thank you so much. Jess

Jess Panesar

Reiki Practitioner

About the session:

You are guided through a journey to access your Akashic Record so you may receive ACTUAL DIVINE truth, wisdom & guidance, as we connect with our INNER HIGHER INTELLIGENCE, our own multidimensional limitless Monadic Creator Self, the Over-Soul, to identify & release those peaky life & abundance blocking entities that serve to keep us locked in lack/limitation & endless fear & survival loops!

These may be self created coping/survival mechanisms, rooted in pain/trauma, or a result of psychic attacks/hyper-dimensional interferences/ occult intrusions/entity imprints, thought projections/broadcasts/viruses etc.

The sequence of this powerful quantum rapid releasing protocol:

  • About the Akashic Record.
  • Astral Protection/Daily Shielding.
  • Activating the 8D Monadic Mentor/Observer Self
  • Higher Heart Torus/Toroidal Shield – Antahkarana Arc (Higher) Spiritual Channel.
  • Theta Brainwave Activation.
  • Aligning consciousnesses for clear divine communication.
  • Accessing the Record ‘safely’.
  • Receive inner wisdom & guidance journeying in to your own Record.
  • Identify & Clear Life Blocking Entities
  • collapse old timelines, creating space to RE-CREATE, using my “Quantum Freedom Technique”!
  • create a new higher frequency timeline, to embody the vibrational codes for your desires to become progressively manifest.
  • Closing & grounding in to crystalline grid.



I recommend to take a moment to write down any known issues that you wish to work through & release/clear/heal, your conscious fears & blocks. What area do you feel lacking in/not good enough etc. What do you want to create. What are your intentions behind that creation & what you wish to manifest in the coming weeks/months. This will create a vaccum for that intention to begin manifesting in your own YOU-niversal reality field.

BE with openness, without expectation, & surrender your ego to own Inner Higher Self Monadic/Over-Soul Intelligence.

This is a structured program, with homework to achieve deeper & more sustainable results, to help you ACTION & ACTUALISE your manifestations! There is also a session blueprint pdf to help you through further investigation & exploration.


*Includes my entity clearing protocol PDF & a Chakra manual.


Once payment has been sent, please email me so I may forward you the download link  @  inner.alchemy@miarenner.com


** Recorded sessions are equally as powerful as lives, the frequency does not change in the quantum field, only our perception that it does not work the same creates any block or limitation.

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Looking forward to sharing this powerful quantum healing with you.

Mia Renner

Creator/Educator/Facilitator @ Akashic Ascension Academy (c) 

This work can be quite deep, so please reach out if you have any questions after the session, or if you need further support or guidance, or would like a personalised 1-2-1 session at any time.