When you are vibrationally aligned to your intentions at the level of action, thought & emotion, you manifest without effort.

If your intention has not manifested, it is because on some level, you are not yet vibrationally aligned to it. This is due to template distortion caused by energy body manipulation, fear or trauma programs & limiting beliefs that are disrupting your achievments. Our soul/higher self is already universally aligned, it is our lower self ( ego) that creates the disconnection between the soul & human body experiences.

This program is a deep dive to restore, activate, re-configure your original Internal Creation Template to unlock your 12/13 strand DNA so that your frequency shifts back into its original state of inter – dimensional potential.


This unique intensive Inner Alchemy Akashic Healing & re-patterning program is guaranteed to re-create & re-define who you are, how you expereince & interact within your environments, within each of the eight life structures. This program will help you to view yourself & the world at large from a new, more awakened & higher consciousness state of being. 

Package includes;

  • 1) An in-depth Akashic Reading; to identify your root blocks & self constraints/limitations/wounding/attachments. 
  • 2) An Akashic clearing & Quantum Light Body Re-configuration; An intensive wholistic healing & clearing session to clear the above root blocks & restore your Internal Creation Template system so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency that will allow you to hold more Light & attract the right things that are in alignment with your path & purpose.
  • 3) Ancestral Reading/Healing & Ancestral Journeying – 2 x sessions; An intensive look into your negative inherited programming/karmic debt/personality programming/inter-generational wounding & persecution/perpetrator consciousness.
  • 4) Alchemy & Regenesis – 4 x intensive sessions; over a course of a few weeks, to learn how to tap into your own Akashic Records & your Higher Self Monad, to identify & clear the deeper more ingrained imprinting, the inherited inter – generational wounding/programming/beliefs & fears – identify your own energy misalignments, money blocks, relationship blocks & the many other life blocks that prevent us from living in harmony with nature & the natural flow of spiritual or universal laws – & how to re-program your own subconscious mental body & tap into your own manifestation & re-alignment processes. This 4 part program will teach you tools for life, & is an invaluable alchemising healing/transformation program.




  • Reading your Akashic Records – to identify your unique Soul profile – your archetypes, soul family, energetic qualities, divine gifts & positive attributes, & the root of the discordant karmic patterning – programs, blocks, restrictions, & symptomatic patterning you are perpetuating, that are influencing the choices you make & causing disruptions/distractions within any of your life structures – health, career, finance, relationship, family, community, healing & spiritual growth.
  • Followed by a Quantum Light Body Healing & Akashic Record Clearing – an intensive 21 – 30 day clearing & re-programming to restore the souls original Creation template system. This will be integrated over a period of 21 – 30 days, & you will be given ‘home-work’ to do to intensify & assist your clearing processes. You can read more in-depth information about this intensive process here: https://www.miarenner.com/akashic-record-reading
  • Ancestral Reading & Healing/Clearing process – journeying into your bloodline lineage to heal & re-pattern the negative karmic cycles. Info link as above.
  • The 4 part intensive Alchemy & Quantum Regenesis – an intensive deep dive inner work program teaching you how to identify & clear your own blocks & inherited baggage. Visit here for class schedule & more info:  https://www.miarenner.com/inner-alchemy-course

Inner Alchemy Program;
“The akashic session I had with Mia was powerful and transformative! I could truly feel physical blocks within my body being lifted. I felt so many different emotions arising during the session, and ultimately ended feeling light, peaceful, and energized. I have worked with Mia for a few years now, & the information and insight she shared each time was spot on and allowed me to see and truly accept what I needed to move forward on my journey.
Her whole energy and presence is so powerful and very nurturing & supportive. You can feel her genuine passion & desire to help support others on their healing journey. It is so cool to have an incredible healer at hand whenever I feel myself disconnecting & being pulled off my path! 

Brooke, Florida, US

Healer & Spiritual Teacher


4 x sessions to teach you empowering & transformational ascension tools & techniques to guide you how to do this powerful work for yourself, & use these practical tools each time you experience any life blocks, come to a crossroads & need Higher/Spiritual & more Soul aligned guidance, in any area of your life.

Due to most of humanity vibrating at a low frequency, we may continue to step out of alignment & create blocks as we move through life, inheriting negative energy, patterning, limiting beliefs & fears from loved ones & the collective, other times we create new programs which are coping mechanisms that help us to deal with difficult or traumatic experiences, & become holding patterns, trapped within our mental & emotional bodies & fields, creating more fears that limit us on so many levels.

These integrative sessions will be tailored to your specific needs in accordance to your level of consciousness, & will include;

  • Mechanics of the subconscious mind
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Energy mastery
  • Activations & Transmissions
  • Connecting with your Higher Self Monas – the Over Soul/super consciousness
  • Third Eye & Morphogenetic chakra activations
  • Techniques to access your Akashic Field – the level at which we heal & clear our deepest fears & limiting beliefs/blocks etc.
  • Clearing the Higher Energy Body Channels – discerning higher self & the lower self limiting narrative
  • How to heal & clear mental & emotional body blocks, re-programming the subconscious mental body.
  • Generational/Ancestral healing & re-patterning
  • Plus much more! 

Each session will be approx 2 hours & will be recorded for you to keep.