Akashic Record & Bio Energetic/Spiritual Recoding Facilitator Training

This intensive immersion Facilitator training program is a comprehensive & deeply transformative healing structure created specifically for experienced healers & spiritual teachers/practitioners seeking to grow & expand in their healing ‘business’, & deepen their knowledge & abilities with the constructs of the akashic record & multidimensional /quantum healing.

The world absolutely needs more healers facilitating this powerful body of work!

This is a 40 hours intensive training program facilitated over 20 weeks, divided in to
5 x monthly weekend intensives, & offers a deeper level of alchemy for both the Healer & their client community, facilitating multilevel expansion & advancement for those ready to receive this level of transformation.

Participants will learn & experience more advanced healing techniques to heal & reprogram the distortions within the mind matrix & 15D light body architecture, to attain soul/monadic/avatar embodiment, so healer & client may actualise the deeper energy mastery needed as we collectively transition into a higher consciousness paradigm that is facilitating global dimensional ascension.

The course guides individuals through powerful akashic record clearings, the 15D Spirit & Light Body Anatomy > quantum bio healing, kathara grid, 12 strand DNA template reconfiguration, merkabah reconfigurations, multidimensional embodiment, so each may actualise their true multidimensional purpose & potential, to awaken their 6 & 7D senses & inner mentor/observer self, their sovereign creator/manifestor abilities, & open themselves up to the limitless flow of the multi level abundance that is a universal resource available to ALL!!

Throughout the program there will be a series of multidimensional healing & DNA activations, progressive light body (re) attunements, 12D chakra & DNA template upgrades, Higher Self Attunements, accessing your own 5D Soul Matrix Records for exploration to identify your own core wounds/blocks, beliefs, resistances etc.

Training includes session ‘homework’ consisting of akashic healings/clearings, subconscious re-programming & soul alignment/integrations, where you will experience what your clients will experience, so you are better informed to guide & support them through this powerful program.

Full Training Schedule:

Session 1: 4 & 5 May

In this first intensive weekend, we dive into the mechanics of the Soul & the Akashic/Quantum Field, & re-attune to your Higher Self Monad, to re-align multidimensionally:

  • Akashic Record mechanics: the 5D spiritual/energetic database of all our life experiences/thoughts/actions/emotions
  • Techniques for accessing and working with the Akashic Records for inner spiritual alchemy & advancement
  • 12 Dimensions/Plane
  • 12D Chakra Template activation
  • 8D Merkabah activation
  • Client Reading Protocol 1 : Soul Profile > Spiritual Archetypes, Energetic Qualities, soul family/contracts/missions

Session 2: 1 & 2 June

Accessing the Records & Reading for others to identify & release life/soul blocking contracts, trauma, entities/psychic hooks etc that limit/block our abundant soul potential:

  • Client Reading Protocol 2: Past & Present Life Blocks & Distortions > Negative Karmic Patterns/Quantum Entanglements/Karmic Contracts & Agreements
  • Mental & Emotional Body Blocks & Distortions that keep people locked in the lower realms of survival & limitation, preventing individuals from elevating their consciousness; Soul Attachments /Unhealed Traumas/Negative Contracts & Agreements/Soul Fragmentation/ Entity Interferences/Psychic Attacks /Hooks, Distortions in the Bio Energy/Light Body Fields & Antahkarana Channels – Higher Energy Body Channels, plus more.
  • Types of Programming.
  • More personal activations/attunements
  • Trauma Releasing
  • Client Practices.

Session 3: 29 & 30 June

Our unresolved/unprocessed past/present life stories, quantum entanglements with other souls, & our negative astral journeys can leave negative portal-ways open via our personal energy stargates, leaving us susceptible to ‘astral attacks’ or being ‘hosted’ or used as ‘food’ for spiritual parasites & vampires.
The hosts & vampires can manipulate our energy, even our thoughts leaving us in unexplained states of fear, anxiety, or depressed, depleted & drained, as they can ‘suck our life force right out of us’. These lower astral beings are the ‘soldiers’ of darkness, sent to keep humanity gridlocked in miasma programming, on the ‘de-scension/destruction & re-cycling timeline, pulling us into lower density wormholes:

  • Client Reading Protocol 3: Etheric Implants/Negative Astral Travel/Timeline Portalways
  • Remote Viewing & Implant Removal
  • Understanding the multidimensional nature of the self and working with higher frequencies of light and energy
  • Techniques for cleansing & activating the light body for optimal health and spiritual growth
  • DNA Restructuring & Healing to align with one’s divine blueprint & access higher states of awareness and consciousness
  • Identify & release Etheric Implants from cults/negative spiritual groups & organisations/false religious/false light programming etc, + closing negative portal-ways open to past lives/astral planes/subconscious/traumas timelines.

Session 4: 27 & 28 July

  • The Healing Protocol: Bio Energetic/Spiritual Recoding Healing Method
  • Multidimensional Light Body/Merkabah Reconfiguration
  • Reprogramming the mind matrix releasing old patterns & conditioning
  • Soul/Monadic Embodiment: Unleashing the innate creative power within to manifest desired outcomes and co-create with the universe/manifestation, & empowering individuals to step fully in to their spiritual sovereignty.
  • 12D Shielding – DNA & 12 Chakra Template
  • Akashic Clearing Decrees – clearing negative karmic blocks/patterns/miasma distortions – light body/soul realignment & embodiment.
  • How to work with the Records. Money Alignment – monetising your readings – attracting Soul Aligned clients
  • Working with clients remotely & online
Session 5: Aug
15Dimensional Time Matrix: Light Body & Spirit Body Anatomy / Creation Mechanics
  • Stations of Identity / 5 x Harmonic Universes
  • Trinity Density Levels & Dimensions
  • Quantum Recoding
  • 9D Kundalini & 12D Maharic Recoding
  • Kathara Healing

  • This intensive program is not only a professional facilitator training, but a deep dive inner healing journey of re-awakening & re-discovery.
  • You will learn the fundamental mechanics of the akash, frequency & dimensional consciousness so you have a more expansive knowledge for your own personal growth, & to share with your client community for collective advancement & expansion.
  • Read the Akashic Record professionally for your clients & achieve deeper more sustainable results.
  • Learn Akashic/Quantum Bio Energy Healing techniques, using my powerful ascension protocols.
  • This program will help to empower & liberate you from the confines of your own mind matrix.
  • You WILL release, shift & embody what you are aligned & ready for: everything we are seeking is available within our own Quantum Field, but as a result of the mental blocks, many lack the ability to discern & access what that is. You will gain much more clarity on what is available to you.
  • This program WILL unlock your psychic/intuitional powers & abilities & expand your own intuitional awareness, & the ability to read ACCURATELY for others!
  • You will receive energy body upgrades/activations, transmissions, invocations that re-align & re-attune you to your True Monadic Creator Self.
  • This work will help to unlock & activate your ACTUAL potential, so you may tap into & receive the gifts of limitless abundance our magical universe has to offer. Their is no limit to what you can achieve, the only thing standing in your way, is your beliefs.
  • This training will ACTIVATE Higher Probability & Manifestation Timelines so you may embody your actual potential: gifts, goals, dreams.
  • FREEDOM to work online & remotely, to reach a wider audience, expanding your client network.
  • Attain higher levels of self worth/value as a Healer & Transformation Mentor.
  • Attain stronger energetic & spiritual boundaries for personal & spiritual protection.
  • Receive my complete comprehensive, in-depth akashic reading & healing protocol templates.
  • Receive a Professional Facilitator Diploma upon completion of 3 x client case studies.
  • This training is approved & accredited by IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
  • IPHM Training Facilitator member ID: IPHMNC7300


By the end of this course, participants will have gained a profound understanding of the Akashic Record (the subconscious mental body), the Multidimensional Body, Shadow Body Healing, Inner Alchemy & Self Mastery, as well as acquiring more advanced skills with quantum/multidimensional light body healing techniques.

Each participant will be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve & embody their own soul purpose, awaken their true creator manifestor potential, to create a life more spiritually aligned, a life of unlimited abundance, fulfilment, & to integrate all of this experiential knowledge in to their own practice for their own clients, as long as each individual is TRULY SELF INVESTED.

£1111 (GBP)

£444 Deposit. Balance to be paid prior to training.

Payment plan option available:

£450 Deposit + 3 x monthly payments of £222

£333 Deposit + 5 x monthly payments £165

IF you are called to work with me, visit web page below for registration & enrolment, or email/whatsapp me directly to arrange a FREE discovery call to see if this program is aligned, Mia’s contact info is below.



▪️ The essence of this program is to help you & your clients to attain a higher level of soul embodiment, by restoring the divine soul blueprint, thus realigning each to their TRUE purpose & potential.

▪️ This is facilitated by working with my comprehensive akashic reading protocols & my light body reconfiguration technique, which serves to release the mental/emotional/physical & spiritual distortions & karmic miasms held in the body templates, caused by lifetimes of unconscious, unresolved pain & trauma, & associated soul loss/fragmentation, etheric implants/imprints, quantum entanglements with dark entities & other souls – psychic hooks chorded via past experiences/trauma bonding & the negative soul contracts we made with other’s as a result of vows/oaths & agreements, healing the collective of body templates at core/soul, & ancestral level, which ultimately helps to liberate those ready to do this deeper level work from the illusions & limitations of the mind & 3D matrices.

▪️ The program will help you to grow & expand your client network, as we work with the soul body & consciousness, the physical presence of clients is not needed, allowing you to offer this powerful body of work online, thus potential for a broader audience reach. I am blessed to live a free nomadic lifestyle thanks to this work. I live in Thailand but have travelled all over Asia. My audience reach is expansive, having clients globally, not just in the UK, but across Europe, US, Africa, Asia, Australia etc. & has thus given me more financial & personal freedom!

I want this freedom for you too, it is abundantly available to ALL. Limitation is an illusion caused by the mind matrix, all we need to do, is reprogram the negative default patterns, to liberate ourselves from negative mental looping, & re-awaken our INHERENT pure potential. This is what we work to do in this intensive program, where you will also learn how to do this for others.

Mind Mastery is THE key to unlocking our own unique potential & actualising SPIRITUAL/SOUL EMBODIMENT.

▪️ This program WILL help you to Embody & Master your own unique experiential wisdom as your own inherent spiritual ability activates. This will allow you to attract more transformation ready soul aligned clients that fulfill rather than drain you, & help you to step more fully in to freedom, self sovereignty & abundance.

▪️ You will work with “proven” methods of powerful & transformational energy mastery so you may open the portal to your own healing & healer potential, & share the tools you will learn with your own client community.

▪️ While this program is rooted in a spiritual/metaphysical nature, it is also practical & grounded, as the core of the work focuses on (linguistic) mental body reprogramming – matrix repatterning.

▪️ During the course of this program, I will guide you through my comprehensive Akashic Reading & Clearing Protocols® & my signature Quantum Bio Spiritual Recoding Method® which is programmed to restore the Light Body Structure via a Reconfiguration process, which progressively corrects energetic/DNA mutations & reversals.

▪️ This intensive body of work will facilitate rapid shifts as the clearing & transformation that takes place from with the akashic record is instantaneous, facilitating deeper, more sustainable multi level healing as we are working to transform the shadow/pain body & multi template distortions that keep people phase locked in the limitations of the third dimensional reality fields, preventing spiritual/soul embodiment & as such, soul expansion.

▪️ This is supported by the Akashic clearing protocols, & the Light Body Reconfiguration process, which works to re-code each individuals unique encryption as we release the miasmic blocks & distortions, creating the internal space needed for each to anchor their own higher light codes in to their DNA template, & as a result shift the frequency from within their own reality fields, healing the past, & re-creating higher future probability.
We each have our own unique ‘Divine Blueprint’, an energetic signature encryption containing codes & mathematical sequences determined by our own multidimensional existential experiences, & the imprints & expressions that shapes our individualism & the magic available within our own quantum.
All of this information is held in our super-consciousness – subconscious mind, the 5th dimensional mental body plane, otherwise known as the ‘Akashic Record’.

This advanced healing process awakens your higher DNA codes that WILL progressively facilitate organic bio spiritual homeostasis & symbiosis, to attain soul & monadic embodiment, multi-level expansion, & advancement.

In order to attract an ABUNDANCE of soul aligned clients, we must EMBODY our own Soul & Monadic Creator Potential, & BE the TRANSFORMATION we are ‘selling’ to our community.
This is KEY to attracting our soul aligned community!

Due to the intensity of the personal work you will experience on this training, if you have experienced PTSD/C-PTSD please reach out to me to discuss before booking.

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Look forward to connecting

Mia renner
Course Creator
@ Akashic Ascension Academy

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Brief Table Of Course Content:

  • Akashic Record Mechanics
  • Multidimensional/Light Body
  • Shadow Body Healing
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Quantum Bio Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Self Mastery/Mind Mastery
  • Akashic Healing/Clearing
  • Karmic/Soul Contracts
  • Implant & Entity Removal
  • DNA Restructuring
  • 12D Shielding
  • 15D Chakra Template