Hi, I’m Mia, Creator & Educator at Akashic Ascension Academy

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A little background:

I offer programs designed for Healers to help them advance & expand, whether they need help with personal or spiritual growth & expansion, clearing/healing personal blocks/traumas, or help with expanding their clients/healing business etc, I have a whole spiritual tool kit!

Below are my signature programs, created for you, with love:


Akashic Record Readings > OPEN HERE < 

  • Past/Present Life Akashic Readings & Karmic Clearing
  • Implant & Entity Removal
  • Ancestral Reading/Karmic Clearing
  • Readings & Space Clearing for homes/businesses/land
  • Relationship Readings


Quantum Recoding – Light Body Transfiguration > OPEN HERE <

  • An intensive 15 Dimensional Energetic Anatomy/Kathara Healing program – for Bio Spiritual Healing & DNA Regenesis:
  • Clearing entities/implants, & restoring the core kathara tempate – Light Body damage & distortions (antahkarana channels/15 dimensional chakras & auric shields/kathara grid/merkaba fields/dna)


Akashic Record Facilitator Training – Intermediate Level 2 > OPEN HERE <

  • Next training starts 20 Jan ‘24
  • 4 x intensive immersion weekends over a 12 week period
  • This program is for functional Energy Healers/Reiki level 2 & 3 Practitioners/Spiritual Teachers/Coaches/Way-Showers – for spiritual & professional advancement & expansion


Occult Interferences – Hyperdimensional Entity & Implant Removal Course > OPEN HERE <

  • A weekend intensive – Open to Spiritual Seekers/Practitioners
  • A self healing course to learn about hyperdimensional entities & implants & how to locate & remove these intrusions – for DNA & Bio Spiritual Regenesis
  • Next Training starts Feb ‘24


Akashic Record Foundation – Beginner Level 1 – 1-2-1 Training > OPEN HERE <

  • A personalised 1-2-1 training for those called to the akashic records – an introduction to access your Soul Record & clear your own negatives karmas for bio spiritual healing, growth & advancement.
  • Schedule to fit around you, weekdays or weekends. CONTACT MIA TO ARRANGE


 Embodied Healers Advancement Mastery Membership Portal > OPEN HERE <  

  • A monthly membership for Healers/Way-showers to advance & expand their healer/leader potential, becoming the embodiment of the transformation they are offering to their own client community.
  • This valuable advanced healing program is a combination of learning content + advanced healings, to release negative/life blocking entity attachments/implants/imprint distortions & such that serve to keep healers & way-showers subservient, by design, thus liberating each from the survival looping & fear limitations of the 3D matrix, so each can shine their gifts & magic in to the world that so needs us right now!


Please feel free to reach out for a free discovery call if you have any questions or need guidance on which program is suitable for you.

Text me via WhatsApp or Telegram:  +44 7496454628

or email: inner.alchemy@miarenner.com

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