Akashic Training Academy®️


Join me for this deep dive monthly journey into your Akashic Record & learn how to utilise the power of your own wisdom consciousness for reading your past, present & future timelines to understand the how’s, why’s & heal from the core.
On this transformational monthly membership program, we will be diving into a sequence of highly valuable content, to learn, heal, transform, grow & expand in all things Akashic, Quantum, Creation, Manifestation, Magick, Energy Mastery, Soul Mastery, Frequency healing, Realignment, BioEnergy Regenesis etc.
Monthly membership fee: ONLY  £55  !! 

An amazing opportunity for a deep dive self expansion!

** This is a monthly PAID membership group to learn about the transformational powers of the Akashic Record, & how to use them for your own personal shadow body transformation, or if you work with clients you may implement the tools into your own work.
> We will dive into higher frequency ascension tools to clear & reprogram the 3D matrix & inter-dimensional distortions & inheritance interferences.
> These monthly sessions will bring spiritual structure & discipline into the lives of those who need a structural foundation in which to follow an inner healing path.
> There will be opportunities to share remote healings & practices with other participants in-between monthly sessions.
** The Academy is open to ALL ‘spiritual’ levels.
** For those who have participated in my trainings, this is a great container in which to stay energetically aligned & ‘up to date’ with the evolution of the cosmic shifts. 
*NOTE: This is NOT a certified practitioner training, it is an inner healing ascension path, but you will learn powerful alchemical tools & you are welcome to share what resonates with your own community.
To join the next 10 weeks Certified Practitioner training starting 5 & 6 Nov, visit relative page for details.
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(See training program itinerary below)
akashic records readings
A strong healthy spiritual immune system serves the physical body, it is part of a larger web of our energetic circulatory system, the etheric matrix that distributes our universal life force energy into our four body systems & fields.
Think of it as treating yourself to a monthly energy healing & clearing & ‘spiritual immune system’ maintenance’ …. whilst learning > the brain loves neural pathway stimulation, especially integrating these higher frequencies into spiritual channels!

We work to clear the shadow blocks that prevent you from attracting soul aligned relationships, partnerships, clients, etc.

We work on clearing the blocks & sabotages that prevent or limit spiritual abundance > often rooted in childhood wounds.

We work on the blocks that prevent you from stepping out, being seen, or shining your gifts, often caused by self sabotages, failure or victim energy, entity interference, imposter syndrome, healer/higher self blocks/witch wounds, self doubt, lack of self belief/trust, akashic blocking implants, implant thought manipulation – energy/chakra body distortions, & so on..

Each monthly session will be a different topic.
Example of some of the training content:

Akashic Creation Mechanics

Energy Body Mechanics

Soul Contracts & Agreements

Soul Anatomy – Soul Groups/Family

Past & Present Life Karmic Contracts

Soul & Life Blocking Programs

Ancestral Trauma Inheritance

Early Developmental Trauma Awareness

Energy Body Distortions – Affects Energy Body Circulatory System

Light Body Mechanics/Spiritual Immune system

DNA Restructuring – Activate higher strands of DNA

False Light Interference

Negative Entity Implants

Feedback from current training group – May 2022;

“As you Know Mia, I’m already a holistic soul therapist, but I have never experienced anything so powerful as your activations/attunments/meditations! I Have done many trainings over the years, & NOTHING comes close to this training! My body is changing, I am receiving so many downloads & creative inspiration, I can see more detailed information in the energy fields of my clients, its like my third eye has fully activated after the 5D Pineal Activation meditation! I am so happy I was recommended to you by my friend Helen who also did your training”.

Kerry, Soul Healer, UK

“Me too Kerry, I have manifested so much since we started, downloads, inspiration, so much energy, I feel cleaner in my body, manifested more soul aligned clients who are happy to pay my coaching prices, so much incredible business interaction, really feel like I’ve found the missing piece & this training is bringing everything together! I’ve also done lots of trainings, & nothing has come even close to this work. So grateful to you Mia, & so happy I was guided to you xx”

Marie, Shamanic Practitioner, UK


The goal of this monthly mentorship academy is to help others to create a sovereign reality & repair the (collective) damage & distortion caused by centuries old ancestral trauma, as a result of greed, control, persecution & genocide, & to put right, by way of natural law & universal truth, what has been collectively wronged.
Through this wholistic training program we reclaim our power, find our path & purpose, & lead by example by doing our own inner shadow transformation.
Most of us ‘think’ we are ok, until we are not.
We ignore the ‘spiritual whispers’ & physical signals until we cannot.
My motto is “prevention is better than ‘cure’” & we do this with energy body & spiritual immune system maintenance.
Cue this monthly training!
A minimum 12 x months mentorship for those who called to work with the AR & dive deeper into alchemy, learning more advanced quantum frequency healing tools for;

inner healing

shadow body transformation

personal/spiritual/psychic development

manifesting & expansion

bio-energy regenesis

self empowerment & liberation

Monthly Training Sessions:
FIRST THURSDAY of each month – starting 8 DECEMBER
@ 9:30am – 11am GMT/10:30am – 12pm CET/16:30pm – 18pm BKK 
** if you cant join live you can catch up the replays in the group .. (replays available at all times for mediations/healings/journeys
  • 1 x monthly 90 mins akashic training & guided healing/journeying webinar
  • A fortnightly live Q & A
  • PDF Blueprints, Protocols & Clearing Decrees of each training
  • ‘Homework’ practices in-between sessions for advancement
  • A community soul family to connect
  • Private group – a safe container to heal, share & express

** Requires a minimum 6 month commitment to receive learning & maximise transformational benefits, but 12 months is where it’s at for the full all inclusive WHOLISTIC content as we will go deeper & higher in each session!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the higher frequency intensity of the journeys & healings etc. please contact me to consult if you have any severe health issues or traumas.

We are currently experiencing an intense time of universal expansion, & as we organically shift into higher states of consciousness, we are also being guided to come together to experience non duality as we slowly return to our original source creation state.

Many people are currently being called to face their shadow, to understand and work with the polarities and to discover their own divine purpose, in order to assist the ascension of earth and Her inhabitants. Soon the timelines will split, & each of us must make a choice of which path to take. Ascension, or ‘descension’.

Akash. is Sanskrit, & simply means ‘ether/space’. 

Space is infinite. Anyone can access the Akashic Field, it needs only practice, & a trust of ones own divine abilities.

I teach effective & trusted tools used for 1000’s of years by shamans, sages & mystics before they passed these sacred tools down to their ‘chosen’ few, & eventually became accessible to seekers & followers of spiritual practices.

We are working within the quantum matrix, altering the frequencies & the body’s energy vibration, the DNA template, thus changing your perception & attitude towards the whole, the bigger picture, rather than the ‘stories’ you create based on the projections of the control mechanism matrix.

This work will assist you in a greater understanding of universal laws, unity consciousness, how we are all connected sentient beings, & here for one reason, to express, learn, grow & evolve, to live in harmony with each other.

This is a perfect time for re-defining not only how we work & share our healing gifts to others, but of diving deep into our own self healing processes, that we may assist this transition in consciousness into the non dualistic Heart based Era of the New Paradigm.

So excited to share this powerful work with you! Get in touch now to enquire.