Quantum Light Body Bio-Energy Regenesis

When we access the intelligence of the Quantum field, the illusions of the 3D matrix dissipate & we open ourselves up to all of our inter or multi dimensional gifts & abilities, & we begin the process of eliminating separation & dis-ease within the physical & energy body systems, opening ourselves up to limitless possibilities of expansion & growth in all areas of our life.

Light Body Healing & Activation – For Soul Alchemy:

The purpose of this healing & clearing work is matrix re-programming. It is an intensive process to activate & upgrade all systems within the bodies & fields, to harmonize, integrate & restore the Light Body – or Soul cellular body, & restore the physical body cellular memory system to optimum.

I work to remove discordant imprints, energetic interferences & entity entanglements, upgrading & re-programming your Higher Energy body matrix, activating your Merkabah shield – the Light Body Template – the Energy body’s cosmic geometry blueprint, which is a vehicle for spiritual alchemy & ascension.

The Merkabah is the body’s natural geometric field, & represents the sacred meeting of the Divine masculine & feminine consciousness. The upper & lower pointing tetrahedrons being portals or access points of both the Cosmic & Gaia Light, the Cosmic representing the masculine consciousness, Gaia the feminine consciousness, thus the re-integration & unification of the two energies humanity have separated through fear & ignorance.

Once I have completed this process, there will be an energy integration period which may actualize over a number of weeks, depending on your body. This is approximately how long it may take to adjust & re-program & restore the four body Systems. I will support & guide you through this, but it serves to sustain your personal evolution & expansion. You may need another session after 6 weeks to either clear any stubborn residue, or assist the re-integration process as the work may create dissonance as the energy body shifts into a frequency that you may not be used to.




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I created my Inner Alchemy program after years of doing my own deep, Soul level work.

The essence of this work is the re – configuring of our original (Atlantean) Light Body blueprint, our Soul memory system, to heal the layers of programming, wounding, trauma, & karmic patterning from lifetimes of persecution & indoctrination. It also serves to heal on an Ancestral level, as the re-programming serves to restore any discordant karmic imprints that influence & affect our current life experiences & relationships.

This is remote work, I do not need you to be physically present for this work, as I am working with your Higher Self Monad – Soul consciousness.

When the soul consciousness blueprint is dormant or not fully optimized, we can continue to repeat the same negative & low vibrational experiences, disruptive situations or energetic encounters, thus we may remain unfulfilled no matter what we achieve within our personal life, as the programs we are running in our subconscious form the foundation of our beliefs. We unconsciously perpetuate these beliefs throughout our life, & as a result we can self punish or self sabotage.

The human species at large has very little idea of our multidimensional abilities due to the conditioning, so we can also sabotage any spiritual expression of ourselves that we perceive is outside of the ‘status quo’, so that we are not persecuted for being ‘different’.

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“This session was a full system re-programming, as Mia says it is! I have shed so much old trauma baggage over the last 3 weeks since the healing session, so much has been unblocked & shifted. total re-birth! And I’m blown away with this session, so powerful!!

Being a healer myself, I felt drawn to explore deeper my own unhealed stuff so I can be more effective in my soul work. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information Mia accessed. Although I have done a lot of inner work, there have been several issues that I found I needed some guidance on as I couldn’t access the root causes.

Mia picked up on these patterns that had plagued me throughout my life and explained where they had come from and why I was experiencing them.
Listening to her reading, I had goosebumps throughout as it was so powerful. I experienced some lightbulb moments as she picked up on certain things.
Even though we live in different countries, the quantum healing and clearing session really was next level!
I could literally feel the physical sensations of exactly where Mia was working in my body, and had a very profound meditative journey.
She was able to rid me of blocks that had been holding my full potential back. I have already noticed my ability to connect deeper to source, and my intuition has become stronger and I feel much calmer and more confident.
I highly recommend Mia if you want to take your healing journey to the next level. I am so grateful for her guidance and support.
She is genuine, caring and you will be in the very best hands. I look forward to continuing to follow my calling knowing that I am now able to be more effective with those that I work with, and also benefitting my personal relationships too.
Thankyou Mia, your work is incredible! Keep spreading your light, you have transformed my life in ways you will never know! So grateful to you!”. Emma
Emma, Reiki & Energy Healer – England

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‘I feel so energized & much clearer after my session with Mia, I felt the energy very strong all the way from where she was in Vietnam, I’m in the USA. I felt so peaceful after the session. She is very gifted & amazing at what she does. I have a new zest for life, and am excited to delve deeper into myself as a spiritual being. Since then she has helped many of my friends & family too! My personal relationships have also improved so much! It’s great having a healer & coach on hand at a moments notice that you can message anytime for a re-balancing session when you need.

Thanks so much Mia, you never know how much you help us!. Deb x’

Deborah, USA