Quantum Healing


Quantum Recoding: For Bio-Spiritual Healing & Regenesis


When we integrate & embody the intelligence of the Quantum field, the illusions & limitations of the 3D matrix dissipate & we activate our multi-dimensional abilities, & thus, the body/mind structures begin the natural process of eliminating the myriad of spiritual, mental, emotional & physical body distortions from within the bio-energetic/spiritual fields, facilitating total regenesis for alchemical advancement & expansion & activating limitless potential in all areas of ones life.



This is a comprehensive alchemical healing of the whole Light Body architecture to facilitate a natural transfiguration of our organic multidimensional blueprint templates, through the reconfiguration of the Merkabah fields, Kathara grid, axiatonal lines, the embodied & morphogenetic chakras, nadis, the DNA silicate matrix, & HU toroidal shields. This is a two step process to facilitate bio spiritual regenesis, for self liberation/empowerment, spiritual alchemy, advancement & expansion.


Step 1: The Reconfiguration Process – Merkaba Template Recoding:

During this first part of the healing I work to reconfigure the light body architecture through the merkaba vessel, which will facilitate the natural process of template ‘re-structuring’ of ones organic energy body anatomy, to improve the flow of spiritual/pranic life force, which will facilitate the removal & release of multi-level distortions caused by the myriad of karmic miasms – particle clusters from ancestral/inter-generational/collective imprinting, spiritual, mental & emotional body imprints, hyperdimensional entity attachments/implants, quantum entanglements/psychic attacks – chords/hooks/plugs, etc.

Reconfiguration involves making intentional changes to an existing configuration with the aim of enhancing functionality, efficiency, &/or adaptability. It entails a systematic process to achieve a desired outcome > to restore & improve optimal Spiritual or Divine Order within the body systems, so that natural transfiguration may actualise. This is a powerful process that will facilitate shifts within the bio energetic templates, & assist any pain & dis-ease in the body.

RECOMMEND 3 x WEEKLY SESSIONS for optimum reconfiguration & to prepare for the step 2 Transfiguration.


Step 2: Transfiguration Process ~ Maharic Core Template (Kathara) Recoding:

This second part of the healing involves working on transforming the Core template by process of Maharic embodiment – the kathara grid – through a natural transfiguration process, working with Mahara & Kundalini Plasma currents.
Transfiguration refers to the process of transforming something that alters the fundamental qualities or essence of something in order to optimise its’ systems. This is a natural facilitation process: I work with the body’s own core template to transform & thus restore the original Creation Blueprint, the energetic anatomy’s organic state prior to the distortional miasmic build up.
The core of the work is done during reconfiguration of any template mutations – the (dormant/distorted) Merkabah – Light Body shield, Kathara Grid – core embodied template, & DNA Silicate Matrix. The Merkabah Fields are part of our 15 dimensional Spirit body architecture, & holds our individualised encryption, the two interconnected tetrahedrons (pyramids) facilitate the sacred unification of the masculine (electrical cosmic current) & feminine (magnetic earth current) consciousnesses, our personal electro-magnetic frequency. The upper & lower pointing tetrahedrons are portals or access points for Cosmic & Planetary Light & the integration of the two energies the ‘frequency fencers’ have distorted through collective & planetary field manipulation, their goal, to keep humanity locked in to the limitations of the third dimensional frequency band. The kathara grid is stationed inside the merkaba field, it is part of our embodied energetic anatomy. 

This intensive healing will help to liberate you from hyperdimensional intrusions, the subconscious limitations & manipulations of the 3D matrix, & from the confines of your own pains & restrictions. It will facilitate what ever it is you are ready for. Your spiritual body wisdom will be your guiding light.


But what you can expect is to feel very differently about yourself & how you view the world at large, through the organic ‘re-birthing’ process.

** You will also be given GUIDED HEALING techniques to continue your inner work, & maintain homeostasis, balance & harmony. 



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Recommendation is to have 3 x weekly Step 1: Reconfiguration sessions to achieve optimisation of the whole Light Body architecture, followed by 2 x weekly Step 2 Transfiguration sessions.

* There will then be a recommended 21 days integration period between the 2 x steps to allow for template restoration. 

The whole process will actualise over a number of weeks, dependant on your body & how long it takes the bio spiritual/energetic bodies to re-program, adjust & restore the core templates. The body intelligence knows what you can withstand, & will adjust itself accordingly.

This process will upgrade & restore ALL the bio spiritual & energetic body’s, & cellular memory systems over an integration period of 2-4 weeks depending on the level of distortion in the pain & shadow body’s, however, it is an ongoing process as it will faciliate huge changes in the Spirit & Light Body Anatomy, so the changes will continue to occur over many months.

You may or may not need another follow up session after a few weeks/months to assist the embodiment of the transfiguration process. As such, I recommend to wait at least after 6 weeks after the Step 2 session, but of course there may be stubborn miasms/energy blocks/implants/entities etc that may need deeper work, particularly if you continue repeating the same negative patterns, as this will just create new blocks & distortions, & implants & entities can return …

You may also feel like you require a monthly rebalancing session to assist the integration process as the work can create energetic/emotional/mental body dissonance as the bodies shift into a frequency that you may not be used to. However, temporary dissonance is a very common part of the process.



* Recommended number of sessions to OPTIMISE Transfiguration: 

5 x Remote Healings – 3 x step 1 sessions + 2 x step 2 sessions  =  £555 (£111 per session) advance payment

* Minimum recommendation:

2 x sessions; 1 x step 1 session + 1 x step 2 session =  £244  (£122 per session)  advance payment

1 x session = £144

Duration – approx 60 – 90 mins each session

You will be required to lay down in a quiet un-interrupted space for 60 – 90 mins while I will do a body scan to see what needs clearing from your systems, & run the frequencies through your Kathara/Light Body Template. I will explain more on a video call once you have booked.


If you have any health issues or unprocessed trauma or any other concerns, please contact me to determine if this intensive process is right for you at this time, due to the intensity.

WhatsApp: +44 7496454628

Email: inner.alchemy@miarenner.com



“I have shed so much old trauma baggage over the last 3 weeks since the healing session, so much has been unblocked & shifted, it is a total re-birth! I’m blown away with this session, so powerful!! Being a healer myself, I felt drawn to explore deeper my own unhealed stuff so I can be more effective in my soul work. I also had an Akashic Reading with Mia & I was blown away by the accuracy of the information Mia accessed. Although I have done a lot of inner work, there have been several issues that I found I needed extra guidance with as I couldn’t access the root causes due to memory blocks. Mia picked up on these patterns that had plagued me throughout my life and explained where they had come from and why/how I was experiencing them.

Listening to her reading, I had goosebumps throughout as it was so powerful. I experienced some lightbulb moments & shifts just through hearing the details, & the quantum healing session really was next level!
I could literally feel the physical sensations of exactly where Mia was working in & around my body, and had a very profound meditative journey.
She was able to rid me of blocks that had been limiting so much potential! I have already noticed my ability to connect deeper to source, and my intuition has become much stronger and Im feeling so much calmer and more confident.
I highly recommend Mia if you want to take your healing journey to the next level. I am so grateful for her guidance and support. She is genuine, caring and you will be in the very best hands. I look forward to continuing to follow my calling knowing that I am now able to be more effective with those that I work with, and also benefitting my personal relationships too.
Thankyou Mia, your work is incredible! Keep spreading your light, you have transformed my life in ways you will never know! So grateful to you!”. Emma
Emma, Reiki & Energy Healer – England

‘I feel so energized & so much lighter & clearer after my session with Mia, I was really suprised that I felt the energy so very strong. I also felt so peaceful after the session.

Mia is very gifted & amazing at what she does. I have a new zest for life, and am excited to delve deeper into myself as a spiritual being. Since then she has helped many of my friends & family too! My personal relationships have also improved so much as a result, especially with my mum & my kids, which has always been testing! It’s great having such a great healer on hand that you can message anytime for a session when you need, & I love that I don’t need to go out 😉 

Thanks so much Mia, you never know how much you help us!. Deb xoxo’

Deborah, USA