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I’m Mia, Creator & Facilitator.

I offer more in-depth healing & training programs for Healers/Way-showers/Indigos ready to level up, both personally & professionally, & explore deeper levels of multidimensional alchemy & embodiment.

My signature is helping individuals liberate from the confines of the collective mind matrix so they may open portals to their own individuated pure potential & embody higher levels of their own dimensional consciousness, to grow, advance, expand, & step in to their sovereign power & spiritual authority so they may show up as leaders for their community. It is why we are here, & ‘the world’ needs us to level up!

The Akashic Ascension Academy niche programs are accelerator pathways to spiritually empower those called, so each may re-integrate the quantum ‘magic’ that is available to ALL, to re-calibrate, re-attune & unlock the individuated gifts & qualities, so we may collectively co-create & restore the harmonic resonance of the micro & macro unified fields, & eradicate the duality & injustices of the false matrix systems we are currently collectively enslaved within.


akashic record training

Akashic Record & Multidimensional Embodiment programs:

Akashic Record Training

Akashic Record & Quantum Recoding Facilitator Diploma

An advanced level wholistic & comprehensive alchemy for Healers called to step up & learn a more powerful body of work to attain a deeper level of multidimensional healing & embodiment for clients.

Learn how to ACCURATELY read the records working with a clients consciousness, working remotely & online so you may expand your client network, & attract more soul aligned transformation ready clients.


Next 16 weeks online immersion starts 18 & 19 May


Identify & release life blocking past & present life CORE programs: karmic contracts / entity attachments / implants / quantum entanglements / soul contracts / seal negative portals & much more! Learn about soul groups, spiritual archetypes, dimensional ascension, & my intensive Quantum Recoding: Light Body Reconfiguration technique, a more advanced healing method to attain deeper results for your clients. During this program, you will go through your own alchemical healing & embodiment processes through DNA & template activations / attunements, to help you attain higher level spiritual & advancement & expansion, so you may read the records accurately & professionally for your clients, thus creating more abundance.

Akashic Record

Akashic Record Training: Spiritual Alchemy – Beginner Level

An introduction in to the akashic record for spiritual beginners & level 1 healers called to go deeper in to their own spiritual alchemy. Access your soul records & clear the past & present life karmic debt that limits your inherent soul potential.

Next training weekend starts 29 & 30 June


A weekend program for spiritual & energy healing beginners called to the akashic records. This 2 days intensive guides you into your own Record, to re-attune to & re-embody your own soul consciousness, by clearing your negative karmas. In order to attain soul embodiment, we must do the deeper level of work to release the karmic miasms that causes template distortion / soul fragmentation/ energy loss / disembodiment / dissociation etc. This training intensive will help you to progressively attain a deeper level bio energetic healing, to facilitate bio spiritual regenesis, for personal expansion & advancement.


A 6 hours inner alchemy training intensive

Akashic Healing

Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Reading / Healing + Karmic Repatterning

A deep dive into your Akashic Record to identify & release soul & life blocking karmic blocks & shadow entity programs / negative soul contracts /unconscious agreements /quantum entanglements /implant intrusions & such, that create mental/emotional/physical & spiritual template distortions that prevent individuals living the life they desire & embodying their inherent gifts & innate creator potential.

All options include a remote reading + healing/clearing & karmic repatterning.

Choose from options below:


Past & Present Life Reading


Ancestral Reading


Reading & Space Clearing for homes/businesses/land


Occult Implant & Entity Removal


Relationship Reading

Quantum Healing Sessions

Quantum Recoding: Multidimensional Healing Sessions

An advanced Healing program to release/eradicate spiritual parasites/stubborn entities & implants, & restore multidimensional template distortions caused by metatronic reversals/soul hijacking/looshing/harvesting etc.


An intensive program working with the 15 - Dimensional Core Template Anatomy: Includes Reconfiguration & Transfiguration of the Kathara & Multidimensional Light Body Templates, for Bio Spiritual & DNA Symbiosis.


This advanced healing protocol will help to clear negative entity & implant intrusions & associated template distortions, & karmic miasmas, restoring the core templates: includes the antahkarana channels/15-dimensional chakra template & corresponding toroidal shields/DNA/kathara spheres, & merkabah fields

Quantum Healing

Multidimensional Healing Course

Multidimensional Healing & Embodiment Course Intensive: Online Program

A more advanced level study & inner alchemy course for healers & spiritual practitioners consisting of 13 x intensive webinars to restore the 12 – Dimensional spirit & light body anatomy, so each may overcome their own entity & implant attachments that keep them phase locked in the lower dimensional realms, stuck in fear & survival patterns that block their healer/leader or spiritual advancement/expansion & thus attaining their pure abundant potential.


In order to attract soul aligned clients, we must BE the embodiment of the transformation we are offering to our client community, otherwise we become lost in the imposter archetype.


This valuable advanced healing program is a combination of learning content + advanced healings, to help each release the past & present life blocking entity & implant intrusions that target we healers & indigos, causing multidimensional template distortions & such to keep us locked in the lower dimensional realms, blocking our full embodied potential as healers/leaders. This program will serve to liberate participants from the fear & survival loops that serve to keep humanity locked inside the confines of the 3D control matrix, blocking our sovereignty & soul work. This program is structure so each individual will progressively attain multidimensional embodiment so each may activate their inherent gifts & shine their magic in to a world that so needs us right now!

Quantum Healing

Entity & Implant Removal Course

Hyperdimensional Entity & Implant Removal Course

This program is open to all levels called to learn more about occult/hyperdimensional entities & implants. This is a self healing journey to learn how to locate & remove your own attachments & restore the bio energy body & DNA templates, that are ultimately the target point for these invaders/intrusions.


A weekend intensive, open to all Spiritual Seekers/Practitioners


Participants will learn about hyperdimensional entities & implants & how to remote view, locate & neutralise these intrusions that keep individuals locked in the lower dimensional realms of fear & limitation. You will learn energy healing techniques for DNA & Bio Spiritual Regenesis


Next Training starts June

Quantum Healing

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