Part 2: Quantum Recoding: Advanced Facilitator Masterclass

Multidimensional Master Healer & Implant & Entity Removal Facilitator 


This level consists of 2 x weekends of Master Healer Masterclasses, each going deeper & expanding upon what we have already created in the intermediate facilitator training, & offering deeper insights in to the trickery & intrusions that we may experience in this lifetime, from occult forces.

Weekend 1. 15 Dimensional Spirit & Light Body Anatomy/ Maharic Quantum Recoding

Weekend 2. Hyperdimensional Entity & Implant Removal/ DNA Transfiguration

This program is going deeper in to the Akashic Field to identify & clear the intrusions & interferences caused by occult & hyperdimensional forces: the psychic attacks & targeting of indigo’s/starseeds & light-workers: energy manipulation & trickery, black magic mind control – holographic false memory overlays,  Hyper-dimensional implants > A.I, alien, parasitic attachments/lower astral entities, etc. as the external implants are programmed to attach to our shadows, & create more trauma, hijack the soul, vampire our life force energy, & control the host.

It is fundamental to first work on one’s own internal issues & shadows, rooted in our own personal experiences, as occult/hyperdimensional intrusions attach to our shadow & pain body’s.
We also go deeper in to creaqtion mechanics, morphogenetic fields, energy & light body anatomy, strengthening the merkabic shields & DNA Silicate matrix, working with the 15 dimensional Core template anatomy.
The work we will do will help to further expand your psychic intuitional abilities, to read encryptions & see beyond the false holographic overlays held within lower density levels of the Etheric & Astral Body Planes.
See below for full details & Course Investment, then contact Mia to arrange.
You do not need to participate in both masterclasses, you may join which program most resonates with you, or you feel is more suited to your client niche.
However, if you join both, you will recieve a discount.

Wow Mia this first masterclass training was amazing! I’m still processing weeks on… I have had such amazing shifts, & pulled lots of implants & chords from my field! Also loved doing these implant removal sessions on my clients, so profound, & they have really felt the shifts! I have seen such powerful entities in so many forms, but was able to remove & neutralise all of them with your amazing techniques.

The second masterclass made so much sense, it is exactly what I have been missing, as you said, “the missing link”.. the creation mechanics is fascinating, & I love the advanced healing techniques, they are so powerful, & I have felt so much shifting as a result.

I love your work Mia, your are a godsend to us! My life has changed so much since I found you xx

Love Emma

Emma Lannigan

Healer/Coach/Akashic Practitioner

Mia I don’t know where to start, or how to even put in to words what I experienced as a result of the first masterclass. All I can say, is that its been a really deep journey, so many shifts, its been hard at times (ego death) but each time a wave comes, afterwards, I feel like I have upgraded to a whole other level. This things I can see now, a result of the amazing remote viewing, pulling implants out of people, & the land portals work is amazing, I have to say this is my favourite part & I feel this is my calling, doing grid work & clearing entities & curses from the land, peoples homes & businesses.. my last client told me her home & the aura around it is brighter, incredible!

Thank you Mia, I’m nervous for the second masterclass, unsure what to expect, but I also trust the path & know I wouldn’t be here if it wasnt.. I have experienced & learned so much from the level 1 & 2, I dodn’t think it could be any better 😉 See you in July!

Wow Mia the second masterclass! Intense, but I so resonated with it, it is truly fascinating work! I will go slowly with these advanced healing techniques as I feel they are very strong, but what an expereince! Thank you so much.


Florian Sekula

Healer/Mentor/Akashic Practitioner