Protection From Dark Light Interferences

During this intense period of planetary & collective transformation, as the viels between dimensions progressively dissipate as a result of the planetary frequency accretions, it is vital we use spiritual & energetic discernment to ‘evaluate’ energy encryptions > to know/feel the difference between negative/heavy/dark/dense inorganic energies, & light organic expansive energies.

While there always has been the presence of dark energies due to millions of years of galactic/spiritual warfare, now more than ever there is a greater presence of false/dark light manipulation within the 3D matrix due to the accessibility of portal travel (quantum jumping), cleverly masquerading as ‘healing’ light.

These intrusions are actualised through different methods:

> intelligent software ‘thought broadcast’ programming (AI/Alien technology)

> black magic ‘hive mind’ control implants

> addiction/trauma implants

> 4/5D negative inter-hyperdimension Beings who surround themselves with holographic light masquerading as angels & ascended masters or even departed loved ones/pets, to ‘trick’ people in to contracting with them

> 3D physical Beings who are consciously or unconsciously (which is more concerning) working with dark hyperdimensional entities who manipulate their thoughts/energy, using them as hosts to drice their negative agendas & vampire/loosh life force from trusting, naive or desperate seekers who need the help/guidance of ‘healers’.

Here is my go to methods to eliminate any interference from the above mentioned:

I muscle test everything!

I ask if its of organic/eternal light & in alignment with my highest path & purpose/my soul path, if the answer is yes I work with ‘it’ if not I disallow it…

I do this with people too, to check for false/dark light distortions

I ask “is this xyz/person (or their program/healing/course/meditation/event/music etc) working with pure organic eternal living light” or “is this xyz persons’ encryption 100% organic & in alignment with the true spirit of eternal living light/life”

These are some examples of what I teach my clients/students to better discern energies/encryptions during my training programs.

NOTE: In order to muscle test & receive TRUTH ~ ACCURATE guidance/intelligence, one MUST be in an altered state of consciousness ~ a theta brainwave > the higher mind or super-consciousness, in order to bypass the beta brainwave – conscious ego/thinking mind which can manipulate the answers.

So, when I say I muscle test ‘people’ I refer to any teacher/facilitator/healer that I may be drawn to work with, regarding what they are sharing/offering.

** I do NOT muscle test ‘random’ people, that would be unethical.

If I find through my muscle testing process that said person is not running/working with organic/eternal, I ask if their intentions are pure, because many dont know they have dark light energies ‘hosting’ them, manipulating their energy or their thiuggts etc, so its not that they are bad its what is lurking ‘behind’ them, in their holographic field, & why ..

Also it is important to note that if an individual or a program they are offering muscle tests positive for dark light distortion, it may only be a temporary distortion from an implant/entity or even their own shadow/trauma entities showing up, so please do not judge or start any slandering campaigns against them, because if said healer/facilitator is aware of shadow work & this level of entity infiltration (sadly many are unaware or refuse to acknowledge this concept) once they become aware they have a negative entity or perpetuating a shadow distortion, they likely do their own inner diligence to clear their own entities.

This happens to ALL of us, if we are honest.

I know when I have entity manipulation, Im good at detecting the frequency & when my thoughts are being manipulated or when/if I have an implant etc so I work on clearing it, & while its present I dont work with clients, I take a pause.

To be honest, in my experience & what I have witnessed so far, most entities are just vampiring/looshing, & pretty harmless for the most part, they are just draining & can make us physically sick if not cleared, but some can be nefarious/malevolent & use an individual to drive their negative alien agendas, or to create collective distortions/mutations so its good to be aware…

We can also muscle test to see exactly what the entity is, what it is doing &/or how harmful it is.

Most importantly, entities attach to our fears, unresolved wounds/pains/traumas, worries, our shadow body etc.. they can also manipulate our unresolved issues & twist them to cause more pain & fear, causing us to become stuck in perpetual cycles so they continue their looshing, so it is fundamental to do your inner work & maintain energetic & mind mastery, conscious awareness of what you are engaging in at all times, your negative patterns, so you can make conscious choices to step out of & thus changing a pattern, which naturally shifts the associated negative emotion/energy, transmuting it..

“Energy cannot be cleared, it can only be transformed”

So alchemising our own energy is a fundamental part of doing our own inner shadow work. We dont need to go to healers, we just need conscious self awareness to make the inner changes, mental awareness, as this is what affects & influences our behaviours/interactions/beliefs/perspectives/fears etc, thus our energy.. working on the mental body is KEY 🔑

Hope this little article gave you some food for thought.

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