Mio is still missing, its 18 days now 🥲

Im trying to stay positive & hoping he returns soon, however, I came in to some information over a week ago that pulled me in to a dark rabbit hole.

There are ‘stories’ here on the island, of ‘cat collectors’ .. Cats being taken (not strays) & locked in cages .. nobody knows why, some locals speculate for breeding/selling, or worse, meat trade! 🥲

Ive since talked to a few native locals who know of this, but nobody really wants to be involved, scared, or denial perhaps?

The information came to me from a lady who has lost her cat, she told me a local vet told her of the ‘cat collectors/cages’ & that her cat (Persian) has “sure be stolen”.. when she went back some time later to get more info, the vet refused to talk, scared (?) maybe due to the laws of ‘defamation’ out here, in place to protect the kingdom, or scared of certain ‘people’ … & hence why Im writing this news privately 😳

but this ^^ is pretty heavy stuff.

So I talked to people in the animal organisations here, all know of the above, cats being taken by collectors, yet we meet the same response.

I was given a cage location went looking for my boy, he wasnt inside. There were 9 cats in the cage 🥲 Im told of other locations, I have seen videos & pics. We have sent these vids to the animal welfare, but they wont help: “if the animal has food & water & on private land, nothing we can do” .. “if you trespass you can be arrested” .. 😳

Im told of others who have been to cage locations looking for their cats over the last weeks, Im told one lady called police for assistance when she found her cat there locked in a cage. Nothing! This poor woman still hasn’t got her cat back.

Ive spoken to a couple of other locals who’s cats are missing, trying to find out more & asking for their assistance, but its a slow process. Im told by one animal organisation that the number of cats disappearing has increased over the last 2-3 months, so there is suspicion aroused, but little action, or so it seems.

Long story short, Im trying to help these 9 cats. On Wednesday I went with my thai friend to talk to the family who own this cage, they were actually very sweet, the cats belonged to their father who died a year ago. I asked if we can adopt the cats, I offered them $300 but they refused, sentimental value, apparently. I learned that these poor cats have been locked inside cages their whole lives. I really cannot understand this. The family have 12 rai of land for these cats to roam free, but they said they cage them because of the dogs.

I just learned from another thai friend that Burmese eat cat.. she said with the many more construction workers here now due to the construction boom this may be why more cats are disappearing, but of course, no proof, & these are just their own ‘suspicions’.. but the locals talk, they hear things, & they are worried about this.

Cruelty to dogs & cats & eating their meat was officially made illegal in thailand around 2017, but sadly, it still goes on. To the poor people, animal is animal, no mater if its cow, pig, chicken, dog, cat, rat, snake. They need food, they will catch what they can.

We are talking now to Soi dog to ask for posters in burmese so we can put these up around the island. I

We are also trying to find out if keeping dogs/cats prisoner in cages with no exercise constitutes as ‘cruelty’, on their official ‘list’.

I cant unsee or unknow what Ive learnt over this last week. It has been a shock to my system, & why Im so concerned for my baby boy..

In the meantime, I will try & help these caged cats. A couple of them are sick, so Im trying to get treatment for them, but the vets out here dont do house calls. I cannot understand why this family cannot take the cats to the vet, they have money, they have approximately 20 rai of land! I have offered to pay for treatment, but the daughter rolled her eyes at me when I suggested them to see the vet..

As beautiful as it is out here, there is an undercurrent of darkness. The polarisation is very ‘felt’, its a rollercoaster of emotion, from the beauty into the depths of ugliness. I felt the same in India, Indonesia & Vietnam.

The darkness & distortion of the perpetual sex trade & the stereotypical middle age westerners who extort this. The Cruelty to Animals – poisoning, beating, torturing. I observe so much superficial ‘sweetness’ yet the undercurrent of very little compassion.

It is a very different mentality. Not sure for how much longer I will stay. Not much more I can do. Its a losing battle.

Our 5 dogs & a cat were poisoned 3 months ago by a neighbour (no proof). Im still processing this. My previous pup was poisoned in 2018, by a neighbour (also no proof). I watched another dog suffering death a couple of weeks ago, poisoned. Locals know who did it, but scared to talk. As always, no proof.

Elephants, monkeys, birds, cockerels, abused for sport & monetary gain. Worldwide this extortion continues!

I am in despair at the state of humanity. All I can do is release the pain through me, & from me as I feel it, & I feel all of it, the pain of the earth, the animals, humanity at large, so much beauty yet so much distortion.

I made the naive mistake of thinking our little paradise island was more forward thinking & thus ‘sheltered’ from this darkness … its been a bit of a shock to my nervous system to be honest .. But as always, these are wake up calls to just how much work we still have to do to educate & facilitate change, & just how ‘fucked up’ things are on the grand scale!

In my humble opinion, its important we observe with eyes wide open & acknowledge what needs doing & where, so we can anchor change .. we the people are the change, but too many bury their heads refusing to acknowledge the darkness, coz its too painful, (I get it, it fucking hurts!) but what they fail to realise by doing this, they are actually ‘part of the problem’.. ignorant bliss in the form of denial perpetuates the very darkness that many ‘claim’ to want to eradicate, however, these are perfect opportunities for us to go deeper as a collective, releasing pain from the personal & collective pain body’s, so we may transform this shadow from within our environments.

Anyway, I digress.

Thanks for reading.

** IMPORTANT! Please do not share this article with locals or anyone. It is a very sensitive topic as mentioned, due to defamation laws over here. I do not want to spread fear or start a negative movement, I merely want people to know the gravity of what is happening so they may open their eyes, protect their pets & ‘observe’ what is happening around us, so we can help to educate & bring this change, moving out of darkness. I am in a few thai groups, & when locals are talking about this, when they know, its time to pay attention 🙏

With love

Mia 🤍

My beautiful boy 🤍
The cage 🥲