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Why become an Akashic Academy member?

 This monthly membership option gives you the flexibility to study & learn about the Akashic Record on a monthly budget, at your own pace, with the freedom to learn from the comfort of home.

I will guide each of you through a program to learn about Creation & energy mechanics, akash, quantum, time-space matrices, consciousness, soul anatomy, reincarnation, we will be journeying into past lives, higher self aspects, etc.

Each training session will be streamed & uploaded in the member portal to watch as many times as you choose, or catch up on replays if you cannot join the live sessions.

Training Content includes: live monthly webinar sessions, a monthly Q & A, session pdf documents, meditations, decrees etc, visuals etc.

 Receive free remote healing sessions by practising & sharing sessions with other soul aligned trainee members. 

Cancel at Any Time

There is no fixed period, however, the training is ongoing, so I recommend to remain an interactive member & for at least 6 months to receive full trainee & transformation benefits, as each month we will go deeper into to clearing shadow core wounds, karmic blocks & patterns, soul/avatar /higher self attunements, light body template activations & DNA restructuring, realigning us with the higher cosmic frequencies, restoring our original multidimensional encrytption template/soul blueprint, so we return home to our true spiritual sovereign Self, & activate our unique gifts. 

To view Academy Training schedule & content & Terms & Conditions, go HERE

Training starts 14 January! 

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Akashic Ascension Academy £44.00 now and then £55.00 per Month for 12 more Months. After your initial payment, your first 2 payments will cost £44.00. Select

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