Master Elite Alchemy & Akashic Ascension Training Program


An Intensive Integrative 6 – 8 Month Mentorship



1) An Akashic Reading & Quantum Healing Session – a 21 day intensive healing & clearing

2) Alchemy, Mastery & Matrix Re – Patterning Program – an intensive inner journey – 4 part program over 6 – 8 weeks – with inner work processes in-between each session.

3) Akashic Records Training – certified –  8 – 10 week training program tailored to your needs – learn how to read the akashic records for yourself, loved ones &/or clients.




During this intensive & integrative deep dive mentorship training package, we will be working together over a period of approximately 6 months, taking you on an inner journey through your subconscious self, to heal & awaken you to your Divine Self & Soul purpose, to activate your pure potential.

I will guide you through a carefully structured step by step program to maximize your own inner intelligence. The sessions will be a combination of inner alchmey, self transformation, & training so that you can use these tools with your own clients & develop your own skills & signature program.

We will work together with at Quantum level, so you can first work on healing & re-aligning your Self, harmonizing your Body Systems – Celestial, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral & Spiritual, before teaching you how to present this work to your clients & read their Records.

Please view the Akashic Records Reading page for more info about your reading & healing session, the Alchemy & Matris re-patterning program, & the Akashic Training program so you can see what is involved & the depth of this super elite intensive mentoring program.

We will work at your level & pace, & work out a suitable schedule.




includes 2 – 3 hour webinar sessions, & support calls in-between each session as & when you need.

Can be paid in installments

Contact me via WhatsApp:  +44 (0) 7496454628 to discuss this program & if we are a vibrational match to work together.

Akashic Reading  £170

Alchemy, Mastery & Matrix Re – patterning program  £450

Akashic Records Training Diploma  £900



Many illnesses and diseases have been scientifically proven to be caused by anxiety & stress, holding on to negative emotion & trauma, & nutritional deficiencies or consuming products that are toxic for the human body.

Although genetics may play a small part in transferring some diseases from parent to child, the body has an incredible capacity to restore and heal itself if given the right tools & correct environment.

With the many variations of alternative and progressive medicines now available to us, and with the intense planetary changes and global shifts now taking place raising the worlds’ consciousness, there has never been a more significant time for healing and transformation.

It is vitality important in this fast paced & toxic world to give ourselves the time and space in order to grow, to honour our body & soul so that we can restore peace & equilibrium, & live a long, joyful & harmonious life.